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Publication numberUS1439289 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 19, 1922
Filing dateSep 15, 1921
Publication numberUS 1439289 A, US 1439289A, US-A-1439289, US1439289 A, US1439289A
InventorsGeorge A. Buttress
Original AssigneeButtress Manu
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US 1439289 A
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Dec. 19 1922. 1,439,289



FILED szrr. 15. 192]. 2 SHEETS'SHEET 1 INVENTOR'.

Gea ryeABu was,

2 SHEETS'YSHEET 2 l/ Q v l I! Ili'l' ll v Dec. 19 1922,.

. G. A."B UTTRF:'S!





Application filed September 15, 1921. vSerial No. 500,809.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GEORGE A. Bu'rrnnss, a citizen of the United States, residing at Los Angeles, in the county of Los Angeles and State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Drying, Curing, and Shaping Rolls for Wall Board, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to an apparatus for drying, curing and shaping wall or plaster board or like material that is formed in continuous sheets, the principal objects of my invention being to provide a relatively simple, practical and easily operated apparatus that may be economically employed in the treatment of newly formed plaster board and the like, and further to provide an a parat-us of the character referred to that Wlll be very effective in rapidly drying and ouring wall or plaster board and imparting thereto, smooth finished surfaces.

With the foregoing and other objects in view my invention consists in certain novel features of construction and arrangement of parts that will be hereinafter more fully described and claimed, and illustrated in the accompanying. drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a plan view of a wall or plaster board conveyor, and showing a drying and finishing apparatus of my improved construction associated therewith.

Figure 2 is an enlarged cross section taken on the line 2-2 of Figure 1. a

Figure 3 is a side 'elevational view of my improved apparatus with a portion of the housing broken away.

Referring by numerals to the accompanying drawings, 10 designate aligned endless conveyors that operate on suitably journalled drums or rollers 11, and which are utilized for handlin elongated or practically continuous sections of wall or plaster board B.

Arranged between the adjacent ends of the conveyors 10 and supported on a suitable framework 12 is the apparatus contemplated by m invention, and which includes a substantia ly rectangular box or housing 13, preferably formed of metal and provided in its top with a heated air outlet pipe 14.

The end walls of the box or housing 13 are provided with openings 15 which permit the passage of the wall or plaster board 13 lengthwise through the housing.

rollers 18.

Arranged between the open ends of the housing and the drums or rollers 11 are supporting brackets 16 having inclined top surfaces and adjustabl arranged upon the latter are journal b ocks 17 for the trunnions of wall or plaster board supporting These vertically adjustable rollers 18 together with similar rollers hereinafter described, provide means for determining the horizontal plane that is occu pied by that portion of the wall or plaster board that is positioned between the endless conveyors 10.

Arranged on support 12 at the center of housing 13 is a transversely disposed boxlike'member 19 having a smooth top surface over which the wall or plasterboard is adapted to pass, and projecting upwardly from the ends of this box are brackets 20 that'serve to support a transversely disposed tube21, the rear end of which is closed by a plug 22. i

Mounted to rotate freely upon tube 21 is a relatively heavy hollow roller 23, having openings 24in its ends, and formed in the tube within said roller are apertures 25. The periphery of roller 23 isspaced a predetermined distance above the smooth top surface of box 19 and this distance is equal to the finished thickness of the wall or plaster board.

Arranged for vertical adjustment on the sides of the box are brackets 26 in which are journalledshafts 27 and the latter carrying rollers 28 that co-operate with the rollers 18 in supporting the wall or plaster board in its passage through the apparatus.

Extending lengthwise through'box 19 is a tube 29 closed at its rear end, and said tube within said box being provided with apertures 30. Projecting upwardly from the sides of support 12 between the box 19 and one of the end walls of the housing 13 are brackets 31 that support a box 32 having a smooth under surface-and against which 'theupper face of the wallor plaster board is adapted to engage durin its movement through the apparatus. xtending lengthwise through box 32 is a tube 33 that is a counterpart of tube, 29, said tube 33 being closed atits rear end and perforated within the box. 7

' Extending through the lower portions of brackets 31' is a transversely disposed tube 34 that is a counterpart oi tube 2i, and arrangedto rotate f e ely upon said tubeis a hollow roller 35-t e periphery of which is spaced a predetermined distance from the underside of box; 32. The rear end of tube ill-is closed and perforated within the hollow roller 35. v

Projecting upwardly from support 12 between box 19' and the end of housing 13 having the opening through which the wall or plaster board enters the apparatus are standards 36 through the upper and lower portions of which pass tubes 37 that are counterparts oi the tubes 29 and Arranged to rotate freely upon these tubes are hollow rollers 38 that are counterparts of the rollers 23 and 35. These rollers are spaced apredeterinined distance apart and in operation their peripheries are adapted to make direct Contact with the upper and lower surfaces o'fthe wall or plaster board p sing throughthe apparatus. The rear en 3 of the tubes 37 are closed and said tubes, Within the rollers, are perforated.

Connected tothe forward ends of the tubes 21, 29,- 33 34 and 37 are housings 3 9 provided in their outer walls with openings that arejadapted to be closed dampers 40 and conneoted to each housing is a valve 41'. Connected to allofrthe valves 41 re br e h Pipe th t le d some mai pipe 43 andwhic "flatter leads a suitable source of steam'onheated air supply.

" In 0 eration the wall or plaster board is earrie through the apparatus by the endless carriers 1Q, a d inpassing'from-one'earrier to theother t ebo'ard passed between rollers 38, overth e smoothed top 'surfaceof box 19 and beneath roller-23, and beneath the smoothed under surface of box 32 and over roller 35. The boxes and rollers areheatekil to theproper' degree by 'theaidmission of i a a steam .or heated air to the chambers ithin sa d boxesiand"rollers, from the perforated tubes 2 151.29, 33, and 37 and which latter receive steam or heatedjair tram the branch Pi e 4 h a e c nnect d to m i pply pif' a ebate u f fi hu W l 1-" f l l oard'ar'e directly en aged by the eated bo'x esand rollersfwit the result said ea r 1 y qv sk ed ndl r d aiidfat the same] time said boardwillbe Dressed to the Dinn vthi kni sj' njd ot c'es er theboard vvillbe s oq bedaaa 7 the-f re ma m d h i hwas a ef r tefi the i j r e ena en ge uth'ithe rail; ervplast oa d urin as er- 1* rush he. ma hin The te abl 2 1911 5 ep' -1 W? h ea ahead with t me r i andifini h rollers" and boxes in "suppor in j the" w ile res n" h ush h and remand W e tta? were to thei'ollers and boxes may be very aceurately controlled by pro or tion.

of the various valves 41. Thus it Will be seen that I have provided a simple, practical and efficient drying, curing and finishing apparatus for wall" or plaster board andlike products.

It will be understood that minor changes in the size, formhndconstruction of the various parts of my improved apparatus may be made and substituted for those herein shown and described without departing from the spirit of my'invention, the scope of which is set forth in the appended claims.

I claim: p

.1. In an apparatus tor drying and finishing Wall and plaster board, the combination with a pair of endless conveyors of a boils ing arranged between said conveyors, a pa ir of finishing rollersjoin-nailed tor rotation within said housing, andmeans Eor heating a d mean fer treaties said he? d for operation Wthin the andlfie tweeii' which the boar ada ted to pas S.

4. In an ap aratiis or dryi" a d dish ing wall and plaster hoards a hgdgin through which the hoard adapted Poss;

rollers for supporting the board dililn .1. s passages tlir'cr iglrt l e housing, and eatin box" a n d' heatingroller "alien within the housing and spaced hpartto' i''ceive' the wall'of plaster boar l" l m i In an apparatus to" drying and finishing Wall or plaster board, a ho isiii heat ing bo t arranged n and"pr0vded with a smooth finishing surface, a hlea ted roll eji arranged for operation said housing adjacent to the ,s u aq f e c.

means for moying wall or pl ei', boardfbe- 6. In an apparatus for r lrviug and Qpislu' tain of which members are rotatirely mounted, and means for moving wall or plaster board between said heating and finishing members.

9. In an apparatus for drying andfinishing wall and plaster board, a housing, a series of pairs of co-operating heating and I finishing members arranged with said housing certain of which members are stationary and other members being rotati 'ely mounted and means for uniformly heating all of said members.

10. In an apparatus for drying and finishing wall and plaster board, a housing, a series of pairs of co-operating heating and finishing members arranged With said housing certain of which members are stationary and other members being rotatively mounted, means for uniformly heating all of said members, and means for moving wall or plaster board between said heating and finishing members.

I I l 11. In an appa 'atus ior drying and 111115311- ing wall board, the combination with means for imparting movement to a sheet of: wall board and combined heating and finishing rollers between which the sheet of wall board is adapted to pass and which rollers are rotated by frictional contact with said wall board.

12. In an apparatus for drying and finishing wall board, a housing combined heating and finishing rollers arranged for operation within said housing and means for moving a sheet of wall board between said rollers so as to cause the same to rotate as a result of frictional contact with said rollers.


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