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Publication numberUS1439365 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 19, 1922
Filing dateMar 16, 1921
Priority dateMar 16, 1921
Publication numberUS 1439365 A, US 1439365A, US-A-1439365, US1439365 A, US1439365A
InventorsStanley Hazell John
Original AssigneeUnchokeable Pump Ltd
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Centrifugal pump
US 1439365 A
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i upon the y I T 0 all whom it may camera:

, rovements in and Relating to Centrifugal charge.

Patented Deg. l9, EQZZ.

Un t, star images as rarest otter-ca.

i JOHN sran'anr HAZELlL. or ronns'r earn, ioitnon, ENGLAND, Assrenor. 'ro

I ononoanaarn r-mar LrMrrEnor LONDON, ENGLAND.

fcnn'rarrnear. PUMP.

Application filed March 16, 1921. Serial No. 452,799.

be it known that 1, JOHN STANLEY HAZ- ELL, a subject of the King of Great Britain, residing in Forest Gate, London, England, have vinvented certain new and useful Imumps, of which the following is'a' specification.

This invention relates to centrifugal pumps in which the impeller is provided with a single port or passage, through which the liquid is drawn and; passes to the dis- It, will be obvious underfthese circumstances that when working there will be discharge side of the impeller a body of water the weight of which will act to destroy the balance of said impeller.

The present invention has for its object to provide means designed to overcome balancing of the impeller whereby the strains which would otherwise be set up updn the impeller and upon the shaft and bearing thereof are avoided.

According to this invention the impeller is provided with a closed chamber so placed and of such dimensions as to permit it to contain a body of liquid of such weight as to secure the balance-of the impeller.

. llnorderjthat the. invention may be the better understood drawings are appended in which l Fig. 1 is'a vertical section longitudinally of the shaft of a centrifugal pump embodying the present invention,

Fig. 2 is. a section to a larger scale" on line A A Fig, 1.

Referrmgto the accompanying drawings a indicates the pump casing provided on each side with covers b, b 'one of said covers I I) being open for the-entry of the liquid.

The impeller d, to which is secured in any convenient manner the inner end of the spindle c, is provided with a passage or port 3 one end of which communicates with the entry or suction whilst the other communicates with the discharge.

lhe body of the im eller is formed hol low as shown, the ho low portion thereof.

being provided with partitions e, c dividpassage or port. By this means the strains which would otherwise beset up in the impeller, causing unequal wear of the bearings for the impeller shaft, are avoided.


' 1. A. centrifugal pump comprising anoutercase, an inlet to said case, an outlet from said case, an impeller having a single passage, means for ensuring the balance of the impeller when in operation, comprising.

.a closed chamber formed in the body of the impeller, an opening for filling said chamber and a closure for said opening.

2. A centrifugal pump comprising an I outer case, an inlet to said case, an outlet from-said case, an impeller having a single passage, means for ensuring the balance of the impeller when in operation comprising a closed'chamber formed in the body of the impeller, an opening for filling said chamber and a closure for said opening, the dimensions of the chamber being such that it may contain suflicient liquid to secure the balance of the impeller. i

3; A centrifugal pump comprising an outer case having an inlet and an outlet; and an impeller in said case having a single. passage provided with means for insuring the balance of the impeller when in operation, said means comprising a closed chamber formed in the impeller and having an opening for filling said chamber and a closure for said opening.

"In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two witnesses.



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U.S. Classification415/227, 416/144, 415/204
International ClassificationF04D29/22, F04D29/18
Cooperative ClassificationF04D29/2266
European ClassificationF04D29/22D2