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Publication numberUS1439881 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 26, 1922
Filing dateApr 11, 1921
Priority dateApr 11, 1921
Publication numberUS 1439881 A, US 1439881A, US-A-1439881, US1439881 A, US1439881A
InventorsFontaine Oscar C
Original AssigneeFontaine Oscar C
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Disinfecting device
US 1439881 A
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Dec. 26, 1922. .Y 1,439,881.



man APR. 11. 192|.

wuentoz 8 050cm" :Z7704 nee. ae, 'ieaay l reassi- Appiicafion'iiiea Apen 11,1921'.- seriai ivo. 460,465.

y To all wfwm fit/may concern.'

Be it known that. L 'OSCAR FoN'riiiN-n,

. a citizen ofthe UnitedStates, residingat Durant7 in the countyof Bryanaiid State of *Oklahoma7 have iinvented certain new 'and useful Improvements in Disintecting Devices, .of which thefollowing is a specilicat-ion. ,I My invention relates to disinfecting de- /Myl object is to provide ra device iofidthis. Y character adapted to beheld infront of an electricfan, so that thecurient of air troni the fan will catch upthe-disiiifeetant,r

vaporize ityand diffuse it throughthe room.

AAnother object is to provide a device ofA ,I this cliaia ` two forms, one forinbeing ing provided at its open endwith a tlaied providedwithashell or casing enclosing the disinfectant,y and so constructedthat it can be opened to the current ofairvv when the fan is running,andclosedjwhen it isstopped .and the otherform dispensing rwith?thercasing andleaving the disinfectant fully yer posedl totheopenA air so that it willrimpregnate the air in a room togan appreciable ldegree even when the fan is not runninggy and, which may. ytherefore be used" in "small rooms without afan. v

Still `another object isto providega-:ldevice of this character adapted to carry a massgof of the ball; to which ball. if desired, may

be added a casing enclosing ythejloall and adapted to be removably secured to the .see

curing means of the ball, said casingbeing formed of two hollow shells, with the in- `ner shellv secured to the ball, and the outer shell rotatably mounted on the` inner fshell, said shells being provided with registering inlet and outlet openings for the 'current of air from the electric fan, the outershell .be-

.the inner yshell of the casing.

annular flange for .directing the air into the yinletopenings ofthe casing.

The inventionfconsists in certain novel "p-ffeatures i of construction and arrangement of parts as will be hereinafter described and claimedreference being had to. the accomf panying drawingain which f Fig. 1 is a side elevation of my device at# `ftached to an electric fan. y.

vFig. 2 is sectional yviewof the device Lremoved from the fan.

Fig. 3 is ar view lof 'the 4; is a `sectional viewy ofa` box containing the ballv asl stored therein when not in use.

'lfhemnunieral 1` indicates an electric fan having a protecting shield2 forfthewings suitably'secured at one; side to almetallic band 4:, `said band surrounding anopening in the side of the ball, andprovidedwithL c a reticuiatfed bnr.. `removed from the casing and sereni" ferrite@ osceno; ronfriiiivn, or Dunant, oKLeiroii/re.

yof the fan. v'The ball 3 yis formed yof reticulated material, preferably line wire,"

an internal thread to-,receiveva screw plug 5 having` Vhook 6 for'engaging theshield 2 of the fan.

The ball 4has a `r shallow pan. 7, sofi cured lto .its under side preferably by means of ascrew 8 rigidly secured to the insidcof said drip .pan 'by means ofjsoldering or otherwisey and `screwed in vthrough the meshes of they wire. But ifdesiret, the drip pan may be'pei'inanently secured `to the ball by a few drops vof solder instead of by theV screw.

, vrihe inner shell@ ofthe casing isinternally` threaded at its entrance end to remov` vably receive the flat band y10 which hasa central threaded opening` for the reception of the screw plug 5 of thefball. This bandol() thus forms a connection between the ball and.v

The outer shell 11 of the casiii'gis rotat- 1 i-ilolypheld. on the inner shell by means of a i The two shells suitable plug or rivet 12. l of the casing are provided with theregisterling inlet openings 13 and the registering outlet openings 14 forthe passage of air' fromthe fan over the ball. v y

' The outer shell 11l of the casing is vprovided around its open end with an outwardly aringyiiange 15 for directing the air from the fan thioughthe inlet openings 13 into the casing. n


The ball 3 is lilled with a suitable absorbent material andthe plug,` 5 screwed in: the absorbent material 1s then saturated with the disinfectant, and the ball, byY means* of the hook 6, is hung on the lnotectinf.;` shield 2 oi T'he tan, `where it *will be to the blast ,oi' air froinfithe tan. lt' the absorbent material in thebzillphas been eX- cessively charged with the liquid disinfectant, the drip pan Twill catch the surplus liquidhand,keep it rtroni dri,pping,and will retain it till it is used up by the current of air passing` over the ball.

When it is desir-edt@ use the casing in connection `with the ball, the casing is 'connected to the ball byineans ofthe band 10, as shown in Fig. 2, and then the flared iiange 15 will catch the current of air 4troni the fan and direct it through the inlet openings 18 into contact with the ball as it passes toward the outlet openings 14 in the ,end of the casing. v t

The quantity ot' air passing through the casiiig'inay be regulated .by a suitable rotaitable adjustrnent ofthe outer casingll` to the inner casing, hso as toregulate the inlet and outlet` openings. i

lVhen not in use the inlet and outlet openings are, entirelyA closed.

The Inoveinentot the outer shell upon lthe inner is ylir'oited lby a small screw or pintle 1G rigidly secured -tothe innerfshell,

and projecting` out through a slot 17 oi' the outer shell. 7 v f l/Vhen ythe casingy is not employed, but the ball 3 only is used, I provide a boi; 1,8 'tor the reception of the ball when not in use,y

so that the saine will not be exposed to the exposedv air: for it will be seen that my ccnstrucH tion is such that the ball can be used pa.- rately, land the casing added it desired. f ln this Way, the device consistsessentially of three parts when disassembled-the ball 3, the' two shellsQ and 11, and the ilat band lO for connecting'the ball with the inside shell.`

`Having thus described iny invention, what l clainiy as new and desire to protect by Letters JPatent is l. ln a device ot" the character described` e hollow ballitorined oit' reticulated material and having inside thereof absorbent inaterial adapted to be inoistened with an evaporable Vfluid, said ball having an opeijiing for the insertion thereinto ot said absorbent .material and being. provided vith a drip pan for excess Huid; a band secured. in said opening; plug adapted to be received-into said band; and ineans carriec `by said;l plug 'for Aengaging;Y the 4guard. of en electric an.

2. Inl devicesv oit the character described, a perforated container for absorbent material; acasing for said container, and means for supporting' the sainein front of an elece tric fan with the end or" the casing next the tan closed, said casingvhaving peripheral openings in its portion adjacent said closed end for the entrance of air from the fan end having` openings at its other end tor thel escape of said ',air,.said peripheralopenings being'disposed at ey sharp angle to the natura-l line of travel if the current oit air escaping` `troni the fan; said casing being provided at the rear or said peripheral openings with ailared ,annularl flange' opening "tini'ardf the vfen Yfor directing the air from the fan into said inlet openingsoilr the casing. i


' osceni c, romains,

.in testimony whereof ,l a'lliX nir signa-

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