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Publication numberUS1440046 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 26, 1922
Filing dateOct 29, 1920
Priority dateOct 29, 1920
Publication numberUS 1440046 A, US 1440046A, US-A-1440046, US1440046 A, US1440046A
InventorsZiplinsky Henry E
Original AssigneeZiplinsky Henry E
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US 1440046 A
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Patented idee@ Z6, M922,

r yep fr A l Halli v HENRY El. ZIEUJNS e i in t" i Iil" REGEPTACLE.

Be it known that L v` citizen oit the lfnited Lancaster. in the county oi State ol` Pennsylvania, have invented certainnew and useful lmprover f i. ceptacles, of which the following;` ication.

rlhis invention relates to receptacles especially adapted i'or contaimingI small articles such as parts of Watches and the like.

ln the receptacles non' in use for contain` ing small Watch parte and the like, the cover is irictionally held in plat d is difticult to remove 'when it is desired to lgain access to the parts within the receptacle. Owingto the sniallness oit the receptacle, it is diflicult to grip the cover thereof and when the cover is iinally removed, the parte contained Within the receptacle are, in a great manycases, spilled.

'lheretore7 an important object of this in.- vention is to provide a receptacle especially adapted 'for containing small articles and having simple means whereby the articles mayv be removed Without the. necessity ot detaching the cover.

A further object ol the invention is to provide a receptacle of the class prescribed which is neat in appearance, edi-cient in use, and cheap to manufacture.

Other objects and advantages et the iuvention will be apparent during' the course ol the following description.

ln the accompanying; drawing terminata part of this application and in which like numerals are employed to designate like parts throughout the same:

Figure l is a perspective vievv ot a square box or receptacle embodying the inventionq Figure 2 is a perspective view ol a round box or receptacle embodying the invention,

Figure 3 is also a perspective vievv ot a hexagonal box or receptacle embodying; the invention7 Figure 4 is a perspective view of around box embodying the invention, the cover oit the box being shown with a hexagonal opening, i

Figure 5 is a vertical transverse sectional view through the receptacle illustrated in Figure 4,

Figure 6 is a vertical transverse sectional view through a slightly modified form ot.


In the drawing, wherein for the purpose ol" illustration are shown several preferred embodiments of the invention, the numeral 5 lgenerally designates a receptacle which is adapted for the recep fonot small articles such as parts of Watchesy rho boi: is preferably of metal vand is provided with a metallic cover 6 formed with flanges which engage the side ivalls 9 of the box When the cover is applied. @Wing to the smallness of the box it is ditlioult in a great many cases, to remove the cover 6 Without spilling` some of the parts contained within the box and7 therefore, l have provided the top 6 with a round opening l0 through which the parts may be removed by means oic smal l implements such as suitable tweezers. It Will be observed that the opening l0 is dis posed adjacent one end or the box so that when only a eiv parts are left in the box, the same may be readily removed by tilting` the box and inserting the tweezers into the lower end of the box and gripping the parts,

ln the form of the invention illustrated in Figure 2, the receptacle is designated by the numeral l2 and is round. A disc-like cover la is applied to the receptacle and is provided with a depending annular Hang-e 16 Which frictionally engages the side of the receptacle. ln this case also7 the top er cover la is provided with an opening f7 which is arranged at one side of the oentei` of the boi; so that all ot the parts contained Within the boX may be removed.

In the form of the invention illustrated in Figure 3, the boi;w which is designated by the numeral 18, is ot hexagonal formation and is provided with upstanding side vvalls 2O which are engaged by dependingflanges 22 formed along the edges of a hexagonal cover 2li. The cover 24 is provided With a hexagonal opening 26 by means of Which the contents ot the box may be singly removed. rlhe opening` 26 in the top of the box is spaced from the center of the box.

As illustrated in Figure 4L of the drawing, the round cover 14 of the box 12 may be provided vvith a'liexagonal opening; 30 through which the contents ont the box may be removed. Of course, the opening in the i cover o the box may be square or any other desired shape Without departingfrom the spirit of the invention.

With reference to Figure 6 of the drawing, it will be observed that the opening in the cover of the boi; may be surrounded by e plurality oir radial fins 32 which ect to cover being provided With en opening` therethrough relatively close to its periphery and the adjacent side wall of thebody whereby tilting of the receptacle toward the Side et which the opening is located will Cause the contents of the receptacle to shift to a position in proximity-to the opening to provide for their ready removal through the oper1 ing', and means on the under Side of the` cover to prevent crowding of the contents under the opening When the receptacle is tilted.

ln 'testimony whereof eiiix my Signature.


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U.S. Classification220/796, D09/418, 131/242, 206/540, 206/301
International ClassificationB65D47/04
Cooperative ClassificationB65D47/04
European ClassificationB65D47/04