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Publication numberUS1440883 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 2, 1923
Filing dateAug 17, 1920
Priority dateAug 17, 1920
Publication numberUS 1440883 A, US 1440883A, US-A-1440883, US1440883 A, US1440883A
InventorsMillice Paul S
Original AssigneeHerring Hall Marvin Safe Compa
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File container
US 1440883 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented dan. 2, i923,





,ippiieauon inea legua 17, 1920. 'serial No. 404,250.

accompanying drawings, .i"orming a part' thereof. i My invention relates more particularly 'to that type of file-containers having the usual adjustable interiors,vtor example, as shown in my U. Sjletters. Patent No.'1,207,066,

dated December 5,1916,` in which thereV is embodied a series of removable and adjustable Shelves and partitions `of varioussizes and shapes within the outer casing ot the file-container. As such shelves have no support except atv theirends, they, are. likely to bend or sag when the loaded drawer is `partially withdrawn, thereby causing thelpartition members to loosen, or disengage, themselves entirely from the coacting apertures formed in the upper shelf and subsequently allout if the ijle-container is placed in any other` position except an'u'pright position. v Such sagging also causes the coactingv parts ofthe shelves and partitions to bind.

The objects of my invention are, among other things, to provide a simple and .effective attachment to be secured to the parti tion members within such 'form ottllelcontainers whereby the several partition mem-- bers are not only looked in position, but also serve asa positive support to the shelf above wherever the partition may be placed; further to provide an improved device which securely locks all the adjustable parts within the le-container into a tirm and rigid structure, yet such parts 'may be readily released and adjusted when it is desired to readjust the shelves and partitions within the iilecontainer.

With the above, and other, objects in view,

as equipped in my fllepontainer and showing the supporting cam-plate;

liigure 2 is an end viewlooking from the right Vin Figure 1;

4Figure 3 isa sectional elevation taken on the line 33 of Figure 1, the supporting cam-plate being illustrated in elevation;

`Figure 4 is a sectional detail view or' lthe cani-platefthe section being taken on the line f-dofFigure 1; l' i' l. m

Figure 5 isa fragmentary detail view of a vertical partition; and A Figure 6 is aperspective detail view of the hook to operate the cam-plate. A

Similar numerals refer tosii'nilar parts throughout the several igures.`

Referring to the drawings, the interior oi the tile-container comprises a plurality'otadjustable shelves vand partitions,preferably formed of sheet metal, the separate shelves y and partitions having the same general forni and construction respectively. In Figure 1, the upper shelf, 7, encloses between it yand the lowenshelf, 8, the vertical partition, 9'; theupp'er partition, 10, isshown in 'frag- .mentary elevation resting on the upper shelf,

7. `The shelf is preferably formed with a curved flange, 1:1, bent over ,the ,trent edge, asshown in Figure 1Q rlthe top oi the shelt at the base o' the iiange,`11, has a transverse lseries` of apertures, or holes,'12, within which the lower'ends, 13, of the vertical i posts, 14, arranged along the iront edges ot the partitions, rest to support the partitions in vertical position. rlhe lower ends of the flanges, 11, have a series of transverse slots, 15, as shown in Figures 1 and 3, within which the upper front ends, 16, of the partition posts 14 are inserted to maintain the partition members in upright position. The height of the partitions, 9, and 10, are somewhat less than 'the vertical distance between the shelves 7 and 8, as shown in Figure 1, to enable same to be detached and adjusted relatively to one another.

The cam-plate, 17, is pivotally secured to the partition, 9, `by the rivet, 18, passing through the hole, 19, at the upper edge ot the partition, 9, such cam-plate, 17, being f head shelf, the projecting lug, 20,A is prel erably integrally formed therein as more particularly shown m Figures 3' andk i,

n which lug is adapted to engage with the horizontal corrugated groove, 21, formed along the upper margin ofthe partition`9,

v as shown in Figure 3. Then the lug 20 engages with themgroove 21",'the cam-plate 17 is held and looked against the under side of theshelf 7, and supports saine against'bend- `ing or sagging when loaded drawer is withdrawn thereon. Should itv provel desirable, Or advantageous, at any time to look the cam-plate 17 at intermediatestages between the dotted and full line positions shown in Figure 1,`I have providedthe holes 22 and 23 in the partition 9 so arranged that they may beengaged by the lug 20 in its upward movement to look the eamplate 17 vin an intermediate stage, which will support the immediate shelf against which the `cam-plate bears. a V a y i To raise andflower the cam-plate 17, I have vprovided asuitable hole 211 punched therein, which may be engaged by the point 25 of the hook 26, as shown .in Figure 3 to aotuate the Cam-plate 17 in either direction, One or a plurality lofthese looking attaohments may be .placed on eaehpartition member tosuit the requirements..

By my invention the different shelves within the file-container arel supportedby the subjaoent partition members andboth adjustable shelves and' partitions are locked into a rigid structure which eeetively pre;

. i ifiiasee any of said shelvesto support the latterV against sagging, and means to lool; said supporting means in any predetermined position. v a

'3. In la tile-container having coasting shelves and partitions adjust-able within the container, of an oscillating `eanrplate earried by a partition to swing upwardly to bear on the under sideoi' any ofsaid shelves to support the latter vagainst sagging, and means to loelr said Cam-plate in any predetermined vertical position against said Shelli.

4. In a tile-Container 'having eoacting having enacting` f shelves and partitions, Otan oscillating cama plate carried by apartition to swing upwardly to bear on the under side'of any of said shelves to support the latter against Saegngl l 5. In a file-Container having coaoting shelves and' partitions, `oi'means pivoted on a partition to move upwardly `in a substantially Vertical plane against any of said shelves to support the latter against sagging. 6 In a tile-container having jooaoting shelves and partitions, of means pivoted on aY partition'to move upwardly in a substantially vertical plane against'any oic said shelves to support the latter against sagging,and means to look said` supporting means in anypredetermined position.


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