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Publication numberUS1441245 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1923
Filing dateJan 19, 1921
Priority dateJan 19, 1921
Publication numberUS 1441245 A, US 1441245A, US-A-1441245, US1441245 A, US1441245A
InventorsMiles J Ryan, George F Jones
Original AssigneeMiles J Ryan, George F Jones
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Advertising device
US 1441245 A
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1mg, 1923. 1,441,245v


DvER cE. Flu-:D JAN. I9` 1921.

' TToRN Patented Jan. 9, T923.


anvnnTisrnel DEVICE.

application 'fileaaanuary 19,1921. sei-iai No. 438,426.

TovalZZ whom t may concern.'

lie it known that we7 MiLns'J. RYAN and GEORGE F. `JoNns, citizens Vof the United States, residing at Springfield. in the county of Hampden and. State of Massachi'isetts7 have. invented certain. new and useful lmprovements in Advertising Devices, ot which the following a ispeciiication. reference being had to'the accompanying drawing.

This invention refers to devices tor attracting attentionand more particularly to that class known in the commercial world as advertising devices. It has among its objects to provide such a .device that will be particularlyk attracting; that will have facilities for self-contained illumination; that will .be arranged -for use on tables, lighting fixtures and the like that are suitable for the purpose in stores and other commercial locations; and to be arranged such that it will be adjustable and more definitely designate the thing that it isjintended to attract attention to, and many other objects which will become apparent as the invention is more fully set. forth.

In'the past the attractiveness of an advertised medium depended on features contained within itself or embodied actually on it in some way or form. The means used are of indirect significance, they attract the eye and attention and hold ysufficient view to make the observer take in other details in connection therewith. The action is plural and indirect. Tt assumes that the party will look further than the arrangement that attracts his attention and thus enable the goods connected therewith to receive the desired commercial consideration. It should benoted that the secondary ,attention of the observer is non-compulsory or actually suggestive. This invention goes positively .into the phase of the commercial transaction and compels by an unmistakable suggestion that the observer look where it intends that he should. The psychological diierence in the two systems is remarkable and has very practical results tothosethat use this invention over the older systems. Tn. the past the means used consisted mainly oi' printed cards, ribbons, pictures and other devices of more or less remote connection with the article to be advertised. `They attract and then require reading to understand that which they want the observer to see. This device consists of a hand or arrow which is so conventionally compelling that the obmade at any time and without moving'the device out of its general location.

In the drawings appended herewith., which illustrate modications of this invention Figure l' represents a lighting ixture embodying this'invention.

Figure 2 represents a modiiied construe tion applicable to table use and with an arrow indicator.

Figure 3 is a modification using a. hand and arranged for table or counter use.

Figure 4 is a modilication using a combination swivel and flexible arrangement for adjustment purposes.

Similar reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the drawings.

In the construction shown in the draw ings, the reference character 1 represents an indicator which is either of a hand or arrow form. This indicator is made of glass or other translucent material and is hollow or provided with a recess therein arranged to tor. The glass is also preferaby colored or.

arranged to have `the illumination spread throughout the indicator. The indicator is provided with a. lbase portion 3 adapted to be held by a type ot shade holder 4. This holder isjmounted on. a socket' 5 that holds the lamp bulb. The socket is held by a iiexible member which preferably consists of conventional flexible tubing and this in turn is connected'with an attachment plug 7 that enables the fixture to be attached to any socket or lighting fixturel v In Figure 3 the socket is connected to a swivel connection 8 which permits the socket to be turned in two planes, one being up and down in an oscillating way and the other in a horizontal rotating plane. The swivel ismounted on a stand 9, andv this in turn on a box adapted to contain a battery for providing the current for the lamp, as shown at 10 The base l0 shown in Figico tires and 4- are adapted tor plug connection. ln Figure 2 :in arrow indicator is used. and in Figure it the swivel and {ieXible tubing are provided The nianner of Wiring is notindicated as it is ot conventional arrangen'ieiit and generally understood. Any general means can be iised for increasingor decreasing` the tension or frictional resistance ot the swivel, so that the device will sta)T in the position in which it is moved.

The operation ot' the device is simple; it consists in the attaching ot the device to a source ot current, and then flexing the indicator to the position that will point out the goods or articles to be designated. By reason or' the 'flexible tiibe or the swivel7 the indicator can be placed in any position that Will make it point to a direction that the article is in. The 'form of the indicator is such that it will attract attention and all the more if colored red or some other distinguishable color. rlhere is room on the hand or arronv tor seine short slogan to be attached such as the term Bargains. etc., as shown in the drawings. lt is a compact device and free from confiplicateiil mechanism or other :,irrangenient that would interiere with its practical installation.

It is not desired to liinit this application 'to the particular constructions shown in the drawings or in any other Way otherwise than limited by the prior art as it is iinders'tood that man)7 vother constructions could be made that embod5T the same principles and come Within the scope of the appended claim.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed is An advertising device comprising,` a hand indicator of translucent material and with an interior recess therein, a holder for the indicator, a socket for the holder, having a lamp therein adapted to tit in said recess and illuminate the indicator from the iii-- terioi, and means for enabling the socket and indicator to be turned and directed in verticaland horizontal planes.

In testimony whereof We 'hereunto aliiX oiir signatures.


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