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Publication numberUS1441273 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1923
Filing dateApr 13, 1921
Priority dateApr 13, 1921
Publication numberUS 1441273 A, US 1441273A, US-A-1441273, US1441273 A, US1441273A
InventorsFuller Franz A
Original AssigneeMergott J E Co
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Combination calendar and pad holder
US 1441273 A
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Jan. 9,1923. 1,441l273.



FILED APR.13| 1'921.


5902 A/wer Patented Jan. 9, 1923..

FRANZ A. FULLER, or NEwAnK, Nnw an'asnv, AssIe on are THE n. MnReorr COMIPANY, or EWARK, EW JERSEY, A conronA rro or DELAWARE.

oo'MBrNA'rIoN CALENDAR AND: rAn-notnnn.

* Application filed April 13,

is to provide a desk device capable of sev--, eral uses including that of a substantially perpetual calendar in which the pad representing the months is interchangeably engaged, the calendar carrying elements being:

tiltingly connected with the base.

A further object is to provide, in the base of the structure, a chamber capable of con taining a plurality of independent blank leaves conveniently accessible for memorandum and like purposes. I I I Still another object is to provide an attractive appearing device of essentially inexpensive construction and which may beused'as a paper weight as required;

These and similar other objects of a like nature are attained by the novel design, construction, combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter described and shown in the accompanying drawings, forming a material part '01: this disclosure and in which l i v Figure 1 is a perspective view showing the apparatus in an extended position as normally used.

Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional view showing the cover and calendar element.

raised in order todisclose the invention.

Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view taken through the apparatus 7 when in a closed position.

Stated briefly in general terms, the device comprises an oblong rectangular box having a sectional cover hingedly engaged at.

one GIRL-H16 other section of the covering being similarly, engaged to the first section which, together with-means provided on the sides of the box, are adapted to maintain.

ing legends indicative of the days ofthe 1921. S erialNo; 461,004.

I 5 month may be inserted, there beingsufii A; FULLER, a

cient room on the cover plate to receive inscript-ions advertisingmatteri and the like.

Such inscriptionsmay also cover the first named hinged section which'isso arranged as to stand vertical when the calendar bears ing section is raised. The inainportion of the box is adapted to receive slips of paper or cards, easily removable through the open frontend of the box. 1

; Referring now more specifically to the .drawingsin' detail, the numeral 10 designates an elongated rectangular I plate forming the flooring of the box, the same being indented. downwardly forming concave knob-like feet 11 adjacent the four corners of the structure I 7 Integral with the plate 10 are raised side walls 12 bent at right angles'toward'each other as atfM, these; elements having between them' an openjspace in which the fingers of anlope'rator. may be readilyinserted,

the elements 14 being curvedlat their upper inner/corners asshown and provided with extending lugs 15 upturned and clenched as at 16 afterpassing through suitable .apertures formedgin the bottom plate 10 near its front edge, thus firmly unitingthe front .wall elements 14 to the base plate.

This base plate is turned at a right angle upwardly at; the rear, forminga wall 17,

while-Hthe'sicle elements 12 are bent at an angle overlying the ends of the rear wall as at'18'and provided with lugs 19 clenched upon the inner side of the rear wall 17 'per corners of the sidewalls 12 are cars piercedto; receive apin 21 passing entlrely across vthe box and acting as the inner element of the hinge-22 by which is connected a platev 23, which when folded downwardly extends one-third the length of theboxsv a The plate 23 isprovided with downturned lateraledges 2 1, adapted to engage with the exterior of; the. side walls. 12 and the ex treme frontlongitudinal edge of the plate s .b edt orm, th outer l m nt; 25 of a,

second hinge, the bead enclosing the wire 26, carried in the rearward projections 27 of the front cover plate element 28 which when folded downwardly extends over the remainder of the box structure.

The plate 28 is turned downwardly on each of its edges, the front element 29 engaging over the front wall elements 14; of

the box, while the side elements 30 fit in a similar manner over the side walls 12. The extending ends of the hinged element 26 are received in recesses 32 formed in the side walls 12 so that the cover sections lie in a level plane when the box is closed.

-For.1ned with the front portions of the side flanges 30 at their front ends are flap extensions 31 adapted to guide the front may be raised. An opening 42 of considen able magnitude is formed in the rear portion of the plate 39 and secured on the under side of the plate is a transparent panel 4-3 by the rivet d4.

The main cover plate 28 is stiffened by rib elements 46 and closely adjacent its side edges, extending up from the plate, are opposed lugs 47, formed by shearing the stock, these lugs acting as guides for a calendar pad 48 adapted to be covered by the supercover 39 when closed, this cover being held by a spring clip 49 formed with the cover plate 28 and engaging the super-cover within and immediately adjacent the finger clip 40.

The rear wall 17- is carried vertically up to a level with the surface ofthe rear cover element 23 and acts to prevent the hinge 22 from being raised beyond a vertical plane, while the edge 29 engages in the recesses 33 holding the cover elements iirn ily extended and allowing easy access to the papers 51 held in the main portion of the box.

Thus there has been shown and described a device the entire structure of which is comprised of only four main elements and it will be apparent that the same are easily amenable toorr 'nfary procemes of shop construction in for ation and assemblage".

Due to the practical nature of the invention it is one which will be appreciated by business people as constituting a valuable medium for advertising purposes which, as is clearly obvious, may be impressed upon the cover in, such manner as may be desired.

i While a certain pn'arrea embodiment of this device has been shown and described it will be understood that changes in the form, arrangements proportions, sizes and details thereof may be made without departing from the scope of the invention as defined in the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, whatvl desire to secure by Letters Patent and claim, is

1. A device of the class described comprise hollow base entirely open at its top and at the center of its front wall, supporting projections formed with the bottom of said base, a sectional cover hingedly joined together and to the rear wall of said base, a supplemental cover hinged to one of said cover sections, means formed with the rear wall adapted to prevent the rear cover section from being raised more than vertical, and means in the edges of the side walls of said base adapted to support said covers when raised thereabove.

2. A device of the class described com prising an open rectangular box, a rear sectional cover hinged to the rear wall of said box, a front sectional cover substantially twice the length, of said rear section and hingedly engaged thereto, both of said sections having depending flanges overlying the edge of said box, lugs formed with the lateral flanges of said front section adapted to act as guides in adjusting the sections, and means for maintaining said front section when adjusted at an angle with said box.

3. A device of the class described comprising an oblong rectangular metal box open wholly at the top and centrally at its front wall, a sectional hingedlyconnected cover disposable over said box, said cover provided with depending flanges overlying the edge of the boX, a flanged cover plate hinged to one of the sections of said cover, and a transparent panel in said cover plate.

4. A device of the class described comprising an open box adapted to contain paper sheets and having a partially open front through which the sheets may be manipulated, a cover overlying said box, said cover being made in sections of unequal length hingedly connected together and to the rear wall of said box, ribs formed. adjacent the lateral, edges of said longer section, lugs extending upward. adjacent said ribs, said lugs being receptive of a calendar pad,

a cover hinged to said longer section adapted to enclose the pad, a snap fastening for said cover, and a transparent panel in said cover through which the pad is disclosed.

A device of the class described (2011M prising an open box adapted to contain paper sheets and having a partially open front through which the sheets may be innnipulated, a cover overlying said box, said cover being made in sections hingedly connested together and to the rear Wall of said box, flanges formed with each section'adapted to extend over the front and side walls oi. said box, means co-operative between the side Walls and hingeinterinediate said cover sections for holding the cover when in a. raised position, a supplementary cover hinged to one of said main cover sections, means carried thereby for maintaining a calendar pad, and a transparent panel in said supplementary cover through which the cal 10 endar pad is disclosed.

This specification signed and witnessed this ninth day of April, 1921..


. Witnesses: v


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