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Publication numberUS1441345 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1923
Filing dateApr 12, 1920
Priority dateApr 12, 1920
Publication numberUS 1441345 A, US 1441345A, US-A-1441345, US1441345 A, US1441345A
InventorsHeacock Nathan A
Original AssigneeHeacock Nathan A
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Stock feeder
US 1441345 A
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Patented Jan. 1923.

A Appnaaon mea April 12,1920,

To r/,YZZ whom .it may cout-ern Beit known lthat I, NArriANl A. Hniioooi,"

f a'citizen of the United States, residing at Sullivan, in the county of ,;Moultrie and .State of Illlnols, have invented certain new.

r and useful Improvements in Stock Feeders, of which the followlng 1s a specification.

'This invention relates to. an improved stock feeder and has as its primary. object to provide a device of this character par" ticularly adapted for feeding hogs or sheep.

The invention has as a further objectv to provide a stock feeder embodying a trough having` a hopper swingingly mounted thereon and wherein guards will be provided to extend between the hopper and trough for normally holding the hopperagainstswinging movement.

And the invention has as a still further object to provide a feeder wherein th trough may be readily cleaned.

Other and incidental objects will appear as the description proceeds and in the drawings wherein I have illustrated the preferred embodiment of theV invention and wherein snnilar reference characters des1gnate corresponding parts throughout thek Figure 1'is a perspective view of my iniproved feeder, and

VFigure 2 is a transverse sectional viewr more particularly showing the mounting of the hopper.

In carrying out the invention, I employ a trough 10 provided with sides 11 and the ends of which are extended upwardly to form standards 12. The trough may, of course, be constructed of any suitable ma# terial and varied in dimensions as desired. In connection with the trough I provide a hopper 13 having downwardly converging side walls which merge into a spout l141 at the lower end'of the hopper. At its upper lend, the hopper is equippedfwith a top wall 15 and hingedly .connectedvto this top wall is a lid 16 normally closingthe'hopperat its upper extremity. The hopper is of a length to be freely received between the standards 12 of the trough, as shown in Figure 1 Aand detachably supporting the. hopper upon the trough is a pivot rod orfhanger 17. This rod is arranged to extendv horizontally through the hopper adjacent its upper extremity and, at its ends, projects beyond the end walls of the hopper to engagey in suitable slots 18 formed in the upper edges of Abeing adapted to be swung seriai tramanda. 'A i ing'the khopper against swinging movement upon,thefvrod 1.7, areloclring pins Aor keys 19. These pins are 'removablyjiitted through thestandards 12 ofthe trough Ytoengage, at their inner extremities,`in suitable openings in the end walls of the hopper. Consequently, nect the hopper with the trough. Hinged to the side walls of the hopper adjacent the lower extremities thereof, are guards20 each ofwhich preferably includes parallel side rails and a suitable number of spaced cross slats. The guards, when innormal po-` sition, are arranged yto Lextend between the lower extremity of the hopper and the'sides 11 of the trough and, as particularly shown in Figure 2, the outer side rails of the said guards are arranged to snugly engage over the said side walls of the trough for preventing accidental upward ldisplacement of the said guards. i u

The trough and hopper. as thus described, are, 4when assembled, particularly designed to provide a feeder for hogs. By opening the lid 16 of the hopper, feed may be intro- Normally holding the -K hopper against displacement as well aslockthe said pins will act to rigidly con` duced therein to be Adirected through the spout 14 in'to the trough and, of coursethel guards 2O are designed to prevent the hogs from climbing into the trough. When it is desired toclean the trough, the said guards may `simply be swung upwardly and the pins 19 removed when the hopper may be swung upon the rod 17 in v'either one d1- rect-ion or the other to projectl laterally from 'the trough and permit easy access thereto. Qbviously, lthis provides a very advantageous arrangement andfor supporting the hopper, when thus swung laterally, one of the pins 19 may, if desired, be connected with one of the end walls of the hopper to engage an adjacent edge of one Aof the trough standards.

' Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

1 A stock feeder including a trough having standards, 'a hopper pivotally supported by the standards therebetween, and a pin tting through one of thestandards to engage the hopper normally locking the hopper against pivotal movement, the hopper ioo laterally with y respect to the trough and rsaid pin being removable "for engagement with the hopper to ooactwith an edge of one of the 'standards for sustaining V`the" `hopper when'` .swung laterally. f

In a stock feeder, the combination of'y atrough provided With,standards,' a hopper, a' hanger ooaeting with said" standards swingingly supporting the hopper between the standards over the trough', and gua-rds extending between the hopper and trough npoiniallyholding the hopper against swinging movement. A y

3. ln a` stock feeder, the combination with a trough provided With standards having slots opening through the upper ends of the standards, aL hopper, a hanger engaging in` said slots swingingly supporting the hopper between the standnrdsoverthe trough, and means normally locking the hopper against swinging movement as -well as upward movement whereby to limit the hanger againstdisplaeeinent from said slots.

it. In a stock feeder7 the combination of a s trough ham/'ing standards and provided with 's1des, a 'hanger swinging-ly supporting the i hopper upon the Standards over the trough, and guards plvoted upon `the 'hopper at oppos1te sides thereof and having rails nor- `niavlly engaging yover the sides of the trough enacting therewith for holdingfthe guards `zigziinst `accidental upward displacement ns Well :is holdlngthe hopper against swinging movement. n

In estnnony Whereot I aixiny signa-ture.


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