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Publication numberUS1441942 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1923
Filing dateNov 9, 1920
Priority dateNov 9, 1920
Publication numberUS 1441942 A, US 1441942A, US-A-1441942, US1441942 A, US1441942A
InventorsOwen Donham
Original AssigneeOwen Donham
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Adjustable desk
US 1441942 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Jan, 9, 1923,


FILED Nov.9,1`e2o.

@wom/Co@ Bonk am Owen.

m w w rented dan., tit llditiii..


anarus'ranitn nnen.

.application filed. 'ovember 9, 1920.

To all whom t 'ma/y concern:

Be :it known that l, Donrmiu @wrm a citizen ot the United States, residing at lierkeley, in the county of Alameda and tritate ot (Qaliiornia7 have :invented certain .new and useful linprovements in Adjustable lesks, of which. 'the li'ollowing is a speciiication.

My invention .is an improved adjustable desk.

My invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing which 'forms a part of this specification.

:teterring to the drawing:

liigure 1 is a side elevation oil" my desk partly broken away to illustrate certain parts.

livure 2 is a iront elevation of my desk.

Figure 3 is a rear elevation of my desk partly broken away to showt7 certain parts.

li`igure 41 is an enlarged side View of the upper part ol the desk 'partly in section showing the means ior adjusting the inclination oit the desk top.

lfigure is a `vertical section oi? the desk taken on line 5 5 of `Figure 3.

,liigure G a section taken on line (3-0 extending through the top of said post and.

through lugs 9 depending trom said top at each side oi? the post. @ne member of a ul-.shapml rod 10 reciprocatively mounted lun'iicontally in the top o'i post G While the other member oli said bar engages the under side oi: the desk top 7 to hold the top at the desired inclination. By moving said rod l0 inrnfardly and baclmfardly the inclination ot the top i' may be varied. A pawl 11 extending through the slots 5 and i is pivoted at 1Q in the rear part or" the standard 1 and provided with a slot 13 through which entends a pin 1-1 secured in the ylower end of post b. 11 ratchet 15 is secured 'to the rear or standard 1 at one side ot the slot 5 which Serial No. 422,329.

is engaged by paWl 11 to hold the desk top 7 at the desired elevation, said top being` raised and lowered by the paWl. Y

'lhe seat supporting member 3 is formed Wlth a `vertical slot 16 extending through the top thereof in Which is reoiprocatively'- mounted a seat post 17 on the top ol' which post ,a seat 18 is pivotally mounted by a standard seat pivot 19 in the usual manner.l

slot 28n through which extends a pin 241 onl the lower end of post 17. 11 ratchet 25 is secured to the seat supporting memberl 3 at one side ot slot 2O which is engaged pawl 21 to support the seat 1S at the desired elevation; the seat being raised and lowered. by said lever. .it vertical bearing` 2G is formed in the rear portion oit standard 1 in which a rod 27 is reciprocatively mounted., 'lbe lower end of rod 27 is bent rearwardly and entends througlil a slot 28 in the standard 1 and is connected to seat post 1T, said. post supporting the rody while the upper end oi said rod bent rearwardly and extends through a 'Vertical slot 29 in the upper rear part ott standard 1 and is connected to a seat back 30, supporting said seat back. Bolts 81 secured to the back entend into Vertical slots 32 in the upper rear part ot standard 1, said slots being` `widened at their inner sides to receive heads 3% on said bolts, thus holding the back straight upon the standard and preventing the back from inclining sidewise.

The teeth ot the ratchets and 25 are formed With notches 35 in which respectively rest the pawls 11 and 21 whereby the pawls are 'prevented :trom disengaging the ratcbets until lil'ted out oit said notches.

Having described my invention, .li claim:

A. desk including a standarh a vertical post mounted in said standard, a desk top pivotally mounted on said post, a 't-shaped rod one member of which is reciprocatirely mounted in said post, While its other member engages the under side of said top or adjusting the inclination ot said top.

In testimony whereof l ailizc my signature.

DONT-11AM Olli/7192i'.

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U.S. Classification248/371, 248/423
International ClassificationA47B39/02
Cooperative ClassificationA47B39/00, A47B2200/0043, A47B39/02
European ClassificationA47B39/02