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Publication numberUS1441948 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1923
Filing dateApr 7, 1921
Priority dateApr 7, 1921
Publication numberUS 1441948 A, US 1441948A, US-A-1441948, US1441948 A, US1441948A
InventorsDavid Schrag
Original AssigneeDavid Schrag
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Combination tool
US 1441948 A
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Jan. 9, 1923.

FILED APR. 7. 1921*.

ini rr it t i rr te lr l. itt itil mit if .i a C,


Application filed. April 7,

To all w hom t may (2o/acera Be it known that l, DAVID Soi-mae, a citizen of the United States, and resident ot' New York City, in the county of New York and State oi New York, have invented certain new and useful lmprovements in Combination Tools, of which the following is a specilication.

My invention relates to combination tools and has for its object to provide a simple and el'licient tool ot this class in which a plurality of elements of special utility in connection with the ignition system of an. internal combustion engine are conveniently combined. Other more specific objects ot my invention will appear from the description hereinafter and the `features ot novelty will be pointed out in the appended claim.

ln the accompanying drawings which illustrate an example of my invention Without detining its limits, l41 igure 1 is an elevation oi. the combination tool, and llig. 2 a cross-section thereoi" on the line 2-2 o'i Fig. l.

.its shown, the combination tool comprises a main section or shank 5, the free end ot which is fashioned in the -form ot a Wrench. 6 dimensioned with special regard to the customary hexagonal or similar elements whereby, for instance, the breaker points of distributing blocks included in ignition systems ot the well-known type are generally secured in place. The shank 5 is 'lfurther provided with continuing members 7 spaced apart in parallel relation and having their tree ends turned inwardly to constititue an end member 8 and thereby term a closed recess in which an abrasive device, preferably in the form oi a composition stone 9, is secured in any convenient manner. ln the prefered arrangement the stone 9 is grooved to fit the inner surfaces ot the members 7 and is held against removal by the inturned ends 8 thereof, as shown. rlhe transverse thickness ol:l the stone 9 corresponds to the Width oi the members 7 and 8, said stone being oi a size and shape other- Wise to iit the recess formed by said meinbers Z and 8. rlhe tool further comprises gage plates 10 and ll constructed oi sheet metal having a thickness corresponding, tor instance, to the distance between the spark or breaker points of a distributing block or. in other Words, to the spark gap thereoi, the plate l0 being, for instance, of an inch in thickness While the plate ll is, for

instance, of an inchthiek, these two dimensions representing` the distances apart at which the breaker points oit such dis-` tributing` block provi-de the most ei'iicient spark. rlhe plates 10 and ll are o'l a sii/5e to completely cover the opposite iaces ot thev stone and are movably incorporated in the tool, for instance by being` pivoted at l2, so as to be capable of covering and uncovering said stone as desired.

'lhe plates l0 and 1l in addition, therefore, to serving as gages to correctly gage the spacing or the breaker points, serve 'further as protectors whereby the eilfective faces ot the stone 9 are protected when not in use. rlhis is of importance to prevent in-` jury to or breaking of' said stone when the 'combination tool is carried in a tool box with numerous other tools and implements. The stone 9, it will be understood, is useiful for rubbing oil all rough and projecting spots from the spark points and 'for adequately and eitlicieutly cleaning` the same. Furthermore, the plates l0 and ll, when in their normal positions, constitute continnations ot the shank 5 and torni a handle therefor or complete the handle structure whereby the wrench may be manipulated. rlhe wrench b is ot a size to readily tit the nuts olf' existing ignition devices and may be eiliciently utilized to adjust the same for securing breaker points and the like in position and to disconnect the same.

The combination tool provides a serviceable implement which may be readily carried about and in which a plurality oi? instrumentalities are combined in a single structure; in other Words, the tool in its illustrated form provides a Wrench, a stone, and gages adapted particularly :tor adjusting the breaker points ot Delco, Bosch, and lsman ignition systems, and in tact all `electric systems in which plat'iuun'i and tungsten points are used.

rlhe tool makes it 'unnecessary to remove the breaker points or their equivalent i'roin the ignition system when it is desired to clean the saine and at the same time guarantees a proper adjust-ment thereof in a simple and ecient manner.

`While the tool is intended primarily for use as herein indicated, it is obvious that it may be otherwise utilized to advantage it desired.

Various changes in the specific torni 10 pivotally mounted upon said shank and normally lying in registry with said stone to cover the opposite surfaces thereof, said plates being pivotally movable to positions transverse to said shank to uncover the snrfaces of said stone.

Signed at the city of New York in the county of New York and State of New York this lst dav of April, 1921.


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U.S. Classification451/557, 7/138, 451/552, 7/168
International ClassificationB25F1/04, B25F1/00
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