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Publication numberUS1442463 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 16, 1923
Filing dateApr 17, 1920
Priority dateApr 17, 1920
Publication numberUS 1442463 A, US 1442463A, US-A-1442463, US1442463 A, US1442463A
InventorsLevi M Bowman
Original AssigneeFinis W Henderson
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Light-modifying means for headlights
US 1442463 A
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Hansa-."...w'gfl aisne-ouais To allmbqmt may Cement: v

Be it known that -t, LnrI* M. Bowmnja citizen of the United States, residn at Tulsa, county of. Tiilsa, and State of klahema, have invented certain new and' u-s`,e- Improvements in Liglit-lifodifyingv ad'acent toor within the lens ofthe head-' lig tLand when the latter fonnis used, the

light modifying means constitutes means for reinforcing the lens. A further object f of my invention therefore, is to provide in' ai-vlieadl'ight., light modifying means which' shall also constitute lens reinforcing means.- (lther objects will appear hereinafter.-

With .these objects Vin view my :invention consists gen'erall in a plural-ity of substantially parallel, orwardly and doWr-iwardlv inclined non-transparent members arranged either within the lens or adjacent 4the same,

,whereby light ra s from the headlight are1 prevented frorn eing rejected above the horizontal but which -wi lperinit .the rays tu Y pass freely and nnobstrueted below substan tially the horizontal.z lily invention further consists in a. device as mentioned 'in .which 40 members .are nonrellecting". Prefera ly,` the under and inner faces are reflecting surfaces;

.' My invention further consists' in a 'device as mentioned 4in which the said parallel mem 15ers are connected by `'nernloers` extending.

transversely thereof. My invention further -`'-oonsists in a headlight lens of transparent Vitreons material, 'in-combination with a pli;-

' rality of. 'substantially pamlleldownwardl'y and wtwardipimimed membersmolded '5o ihezer., My myention further eonsistsin varioxs'detail's-o construction and arrange.

Y ments of-,partsall as fully described hereinateand particularly eatin.

o fmnnaso'z, or enamora. i *men-lounge :ron-mansiones; 'i runnen-andina 11, im. hrm n: 3144,51.;

by te-ference to the acoompan, .drawiv form-ing a tion yan in which-- Fig. 1 `is ay diagramma-tical, 'vertical lo'n- A ,gitudinal' section vof a hea'dli-ghteqnipped in its' preferred form,

with m'y impro-ved light modifying'mns'- r.. er

ifs v i' part of A'this apecilcil Fig. 2 is a front elevation of thesamie,

Fig. 3 is a 'detailed' sectional viewfof thelensshown in ig, 1 upon' an enlarged scale Fig. 4 is. a similar view of' the modifie form', and e Fig. 5 is .a similar sectional view of a modi-flied fom. wherein' the light,- mpdfying' -means is arranged adacentthe lens.

Referring now to the drawings, 1 indientes aheadligh-t of which 2 is the rellen-tor and 3the`light bulb.. These portions of the f l I device, .which form no p'rt of :my invention of` themselves,v may be of 'any' desired or preferred 'form and for this :rea-.son they 'are illustrated foiafnarnmatieelly only.

vtra'nsparent 'vitreous material -sueh as glass; and inthe preferred fono of .my lnventivon, vthe light modifying'means is Jcast within the lens when the lat-ter is molded, asillustrated rThe light ,modifyling means l--eompai-ses. a

W plurality of substantially parallel members 5 which are ')referahl'y arranged horizontal within the'. l downwardly and outwardly as clearly illus-l trated in the drawings and am so lposition-ed 'that the outer lower edge of each meinsligh-ty below the upper inner edge of u "fifi 4 indicates the lem which is )termed of i in Figs. l to.4 inclusive .of the drawings.

ens. These mem-bers incline i 1w i -ber is ysn'hstantiall'y .on a level' with, or

'the member 'directly beneath the members are. made of non-'transparent material,- a-nd by the arrangement shown andl described all light raysabom the horizontal arefobstructedbut those below' the horizontal are Iraetieally*anoljstru-ctedl, b,

To avoid undesira e *reflect-ing 'of .the above the' horizontal, the outer' npipefr sm-i faizes 6 aremade .nonf-reilectng. Preferably,

the lower surfaces p7 :ofthe me'nxlers are lect-ing surfaces, which increasethe mag mtud'eof the lghtzthro'wndownwardly upon the roadway. The members ed lay-.thin vani-calmes a'whihhsid mem. A. 5; bers 5 Vin position 'while being v mioldeill withf i Kin the lens .and which also ,constitute-:reim Y Vas j My wenn@ wia se more many analiv 11n .t

s fam-fases Figs? 1 no

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U.S. Classification362/342, 359/613
International ClassificationF21V11/16
Cooperative ClassificationF21S48/145
European ClassificationF21S48/14D