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Publication numberUS1443313 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 23, 1923
Filing dateMar 24, 1921
Priority dateMar 24, 1921
Publication numberUS 1443313 A, US 1443313A, US-A-1443313, US1443313 A, US1443313A
InventorsPrank Pirro De Nobili
Original AssigneeFannie Pirro De Nobili
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Parcel box
US 1443313 A
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, 1,443,313 F. P. DENOBILI.

PARCEL Box. FILED MAR. 24, 1921.

Jan. Z3, 1923.

Patented im, a3, ieee, i'

Unirse stares Pregi-ENI orifice;



i Application ledMarch 24, 1921. p Serial No. 455,283. n i I TocZZ whom t may conce/M1,

Beit known that FRANK Piano DE Nonna, who' was a subject of the King ofltaly, and a .residentr in the city and countyA of Los Angeles, State of California, but who is now deceased, did invent new and useful lmprovements 1n aParceliBox, of which the `following 1s a specification; f

`Mv invention relates to improvements in" a parcel ybox and the object of my invention isto provide a device of this nature which 1s simple and vinexpensive in construction, and

in which provision is made to etfectually prevent the unauthorized (remloval {theretrom, or the destruction of or tampering kwith any object deposited therein, or its withdrawal through the vinletV opening once the same hask been deposited therein, and thus obviate the risk ot' theft or destruction of any object deposited therein, a possible occurencein boxes not so provided.

I attain this object by the construction illustrated in the accompanying drawing in i ivhich- Figure 1 is a rontview ofthe entire parcel box, as the box appears when the door of the receiving chamber is open;

Figure 2 is a side view oit' the entire parcel box; f

Figure '3 is a sectional viewon m3, ac3, which shows interior parts in their position when the door of the receiving chamber is Open; Q i

' Figure 4 is a plan view with cover of box removed, showing 4the revolving door turned to the position where the receiving chamber n is open for the receipt of parcels;

Figure 5 is a plan viewwith cover of box removed, showing the revolving door turned to the mid position where allv openings are closed; and y Figure 6 isa plan view with cover of box removed, .showing the revolving door turned to the limit of itstravel, where it has completed,` the depositing of goods in the delivery chamber.

Similar viigures of reference indicate similar parts throughout the several views'.

`My parcel box consists of a suitablyl formed casing 1 of any desired shape, vbeing shown substantially rectangular in the drawing, and it is closed on allsides and topl and bottom, except for an opening inthe iront which is closed by a revolving door 2.

The'froni epening 15 is closed by a revclvrj ing cylindrical door 2, which consists of a circular loor4 on which is erecteda cylindrical` wall 2a continuous except forthe opening A circula-rV top 5 is rigidly `secured to the top of the wall 2fL through the distance 2b, the remainder of it being unsupported as the wall 2a is cutl away to `torna `the slot 2C'in which the lever 9 works.

3, swings in the` receiving chamber 3a between the` partition l1 and the opening 3.

To the top yof swinging wall 8 is secured the lever 9 which is pivotedv at its outer end to lever 1'7 by the pinlO. The other end ot lever 17 is pivoted to the top of the box i by pin 18. The revolving door 2 is rotated bv means of the handle 13 which passes n through the slot 21 in the` outer wall.

Figure 4 showsthe door 2 with its open'- soy ing 3 opposite the opening 15 in the'ifront c wall ready to receive goods. There is no communication in thisy position between Jhe receiving chamber 3L` and the delivery chamber 16.` By drawing handle 13 to the iront and right the door 2 revolves to the position shown in Figure 5 where the opening 3 is entirely covered by the outer wall ofthey box la.` `The opening 15 in the front of the box is also closed by wall 2a of the revolving door, and the swinging wall 8 has begun its travel to the right. In this positionvthere is no communication between any of the three spaces, namely, the outsidefoi'1 the box, the receiving chamber 3a, and the delivery chamber 16. i

i Continuing to draw the handle 13 tothe right Jfurther revolvesthe door 2 to the position shown in Figure 6 at the limit of its travel. Here the openingl is still closed by the wall 2a of the'revolving door, but the opening 15 is nowentirely within theelelivery chamber 16. The swinging wall 8 `has now been turned out through the opening 3,

sweeping before it all articles originally deposited in the receiving chamber when the door was in the positionl as shown in Figure 4. .It is readily apparent that goods de- 'Sosited in the receiving chamber 3a when the oor 2 is open as in Figure4, will be transiro ferred to the delivery chamber l when the door 2 QiLs fi l 'yv turned to the position shown in Figure 6 Without at any` time permitting access tube, heidi-from thel outside .of-i the box to the delr`` eliainbekr;` 16.

AccessY to the deliveryY chamber 16 for the removal of goods can be had through theqordinary doors 19 and 20.

The essential elements Aofmy invention are: revolving` door 2 complete including floor 4l, Well 2?', partition l1, swinging Well 8. ,and top i, and lf-rvers)` and 17. These features may be'app'liech with equal facilityv to suitble openings in drawers, lockers, or-'any other. recep aclel provided' for the deposit therein off matten r Wiliatl claiinlis n A parcel; box ofthe character described, having anfinlet opening, a combination or" a revolving' door ivith' a"hendle,- a! circular floor,- av circular top,a cylindrical Wall7 a cylindrical partition, a swingable vfalhvand twolevers7 the cylindrical Wall beingI erected onthe'circular'lioor. and circular top continnous except at the opening, the inner end at 'ber frein Where the the top of the s egrable wall being extended into a; lever and pivoted to this lever being another lever, the cylindrical partition ei:-

tendi-ng from one sidey tothe other side of thepercel box beingV located between tle front and back of the boxrsaid cylindrical Wall continu ing to-traveli1ntil the goods-that beve been placed in thefreceiving chamber have been transferred tothe 'delivery chaingoods are abstracted through another door.

FRANK PIRE-'O DE NOBILl7 Eg] /lfrsFmm-ze Pirro-De Nobili, Enigmi/Wim.

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U.S. Classification232/41.00C, 232/1.00E
International ClassificationA47G29/00, A47G29/22
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European ClassificationA47G29/22