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Publication numberUS1443520 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1923
Filing dateApr 20, 1921
Priority dateApr 20, 1921
Publication numberUS 1443520 A, US 1443520A, US-A-1443520, US1443520 A, US1443520A
InventorsBeckett Arthur L
Original AssigneeBeckett Arthur L
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Baseball calendar
US 1443520 A
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Jan. 30, 1923.

Patented dan. 3G, lQZB.

unirse ses lated,

P Pl fi.


Application filed April 20, 1921.

To allw/lom t may concern:

Be it lmown that I, ARTHUR L. Baonnrr, a citizen of the United States, residing at Ulrmulgec. in the county of Olrmulg'ee and citate of Oklahoma, have invented certain new and useful Improv unents in Baseball Calendars, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawings.

rllhis invention relates to a base ball cilendar and the object of my invention 1s the production of a wall, desir, or counter calendar,- which will be an object of `continued interest throughout every day of the month for which it is prepared and which` will also be referred to and cared for by the owner, and always lrept where it may be easily seen by him and others.

lVith this and other objects in view, my invention comprises certain novel combinations, constructions and arrangements of parts as will be hereinafter described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, and more particularly pointed out in the appended claim.

In the drawing:

Figure l is a plan view of a calendar or advertising novelty constructed in accordance with the present invention.

Figure 2 is a fragmentary, perspective view of the device, showing how I designate a double header, or when two base ball games are played on the same date.

Referring to the drawing by numerals, l designates a. sheet of paper, cardboard, or any suitable material which is preferably provided around its marginal edges with advertising spaces 2. In the center of the sheet l is formed the calendar 3, that can be quickly cut out or removed from sheet l, on perforated lines 4, for the purpose hereinafter described. In the space 5 of the calendar 3, I generally print the name of the league bearing the name of the town in which the calendar is to be used; also in this space 5 appears the name of the town in which the calendar is to be distributed` the date of the opening and closing of the season, and the month for which the card is prepared. The plan is to distribute the card for each month of the season, and in each town in the several different leagues. The space 5 might be designated as the general designating space of the calendar. The spaces 6 contain the abbreviation for each day of the week. The

Serial No. 462,824.

played each dayv of the weel. In the spaces 8 will be exposed the date of the month.

The "spaces 9 are provided for writing in i the score of the game for that day under which each. two sets of spaces appears and a complete reco-rd can thereby be lie-pt of the games played on all of the days ofthe month.

Apertures l0 are provided in the calendar 3 at its upper corners for the purpose of allowing the calendar, after it has been torn or cut out of sheet lfon lines -,`to be filed away in a temporary binder for ready reference, and the permanent record for all ef the `games for a season.

The date numbers appearing in the date spaces 8 will preferably be printed in two colors, for instance, black and red; referring to the drawing; the days May lst to 8th are shown in red and indicate the days on which the ball team which name appears in the space 5 (@lrmulgee) will play at home; black letters, as May 10th to 12th, will indicate when Olnnulgee.plays away from home, for instance, a person in Ol mulgee looking at the calendar on May 4th, as shown in the accompanying drawing, would readily understand that the Olrmulgee base ball team was playing at home the Ft. Smith base ball team, whereas', on May '11th the Olrmulgee base ball team would be playing' the Springfield base ball team at Springeld.

A solid circle ll around any numeral date indicates no game as, for instance, when the Uhmulgee team is traveling between tivo peints.

A star l2 (printed in any desired color) after a date means a double header7 and in such case I provided a plurality of sets of spaces Safor the score marking. y

In the space around the calendar, suitable advertisements are to be placed or exposed, and this space is to be sold for this purposeA to business men andk firms of the town or vicinity, if desired, of the particular town` which naine appears in the space 5.

It is to be understood that this base ball calendar and advertising novelty contemplates the placing of the same in each town and city which has a league ball team.

it is intended to prim monthly calendars earrin r matters suitable for he town, 'the name 0I the town and the dates So prinerl ne lo conform to the Schedule for Jche month in hnt town and league Showing` the opposing` cenni playing each Clay and inVeeting the home games in reel7 as above Stated, und then sell the advertising space. The elnh to distribute the caros among the fans of the city for their use, ei'her in thei places mf? lmsiness or their homes.

.l have ueefl the terni sheet l *io nele the eurlaee or holly upon 'which t vice is psel'lneefl and ii will he \2 iif.zi.;ao l tlmt the device could he vix'eifiueeal upon i wood hoard, or zarflboaml n or noon other Suitable materiel, so thai in i ifollovi. Q1 elninie' use the Word filiee .in :i hromil sense and lo not limit injfse lo zhe strict meaning of e Sheet of material, :is White Cotton 'fa-brie, or io a Sheet` of paper; the Jerm sheet is used in e Sense Synonyme-ns to che Word hofly. l

kl/Vhile have deecribecl the preferred enihodnientv of iny invention, and have illustrated Jche saine in the accompanying drawesigl e (leings, certain minor Changes or alterations may appear to one Skilled in the ar'e to which this invention reizies, during the e3- lensive manufacture oil? the saine and therefore, reserve the right to mel-1e such :1lrerations or Changes as shell fairly YFull Within the Scope of the appended clziiin.

What claim ie:

ln L base hull calenderu the combination of uv sheet, seid sheet having' series of peroratione to form a removable Central p0rlioii, the upper portion of eeifl central p0rtion has/'ing home eem dem ffl/renin mi elsipropiiaelf designated lioriwnml dage of the Weel: ron' extending zufrf'sfss ihn eenizral porion below :seid heine lezmi dirle, :Lpproprietely deeignfied. epneee on seid central porizion having fue dnte o'if the eenah therein, :relelineired munie eprice (lirectly above eeeh dateL enforce, :incl inflekienn'lent ble-nk delineated Score speeee below each clete Splice: es nel 'for the purposes set forth.

ln testimony whereof l hereunto alli); my signature.


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