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Publication numberUS1443565 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1923
Filing dateMar 10, 1922
Priority dateMar 10, 1922
Publication numberUS 1443565 A, US 1443565A, US-A-1443565, US1443565 A, US1443565A
InventorsFrank J Dolan
Original AssigneeJoseph M Price
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US 1443565 A
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F. J DOLAN Jan. 30, 1923.

Box. Fl LED MAR.

gnou/toe 3312* @llc/hmmag@ pwgcd; www* Patented dan. 30, 1923.



Application led March l10, 1922. Serial No. 542,636.

To u?? whom if may concern: y Y Be it known that I, FRANK J. DoLAN, a citizen or' the United Sta-tes, residing at Brooklyn. in the county of Kings, State o' New York, have invented certain new and uset'ul Improvements in Boxes; and I do hereby declaret-he following to be a f ull, clear. and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains, to make and use the same. v

My invention is an improvement in boxes, and relates particularly to boxes 'of the tubu lar type. Certain kinds of merchandise, as for instance confectionery and cosmetics such as it is desirable to display, while at the same time protecting the same Jroni danger ot contamination by foreign matter,`and from handling by prospective purchasers, are usually protected by aA sheet of thin paper. held above the merchandise, to shield the' same when the box isopen. Such paper covering is toi'n away by the purchaser and it is an assurance ot the cleanliness of the merchandise. The coverings are sometimes vlaid loosely over the merchandise, in which case they offer no protection against handling, and are liable to accidental displacement. In addition the cover does not pre vent leakage, as when used with pulveruleiit material. wrapped in the protecting sheet. being formed into a package shaped to fit within the box. and the exposed portion of the coveringis torn away by the purchaser. Such procedure isrelatively expensive, decreases the capacity of t-hebox, and there is liability to waste of the merchandise during the removal ot' the covering. Gluing t-he cover to the box is objectionable` for many reasons, and adds to the cost. In cylindrical boxes, it is especially objectionable. Such boxes are customarily made Afrom rings tit-tino closely one within the other. and it is dificult to attach the covering sheet without interfering with the fit of the rings. y

`In the present invention, I providea box;`

having a covering sheet so connected withthe box, that it is held across the body` of the box, above the merchandise, without glue or i other adhesive, and in such manner that it does not fin any manner interfere with the 'fit' of the rings of which .the box is composed. I also provide a box which may be filled aff In other cases the merchandise is ter the covering sheet has been secured in place, without requiring the removal or disturbance of the said sheet.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a diametrical section of the improved box,

tubular member'which connects the box body and cover, and which carries the papersheet,

with the parts separated and in inverted position,

Figure 3 is a similar view showing the parts of the cover separated,

Figure 4 is a diametrical sect-ion showing the method of illing the box Without dis- Aends of the box. The box body is composed of an inner ring 1, an outer ring 2, and a head The box'cover is composed of an inner ring 4, an oiter ring 5, and heads 6 and 7. The tubular member is composed ot an inner ring 8 and an outer ring 9. In practice the rings are cut from a tube of suit-- able diameter, which is 'formed lay-windingl strips of suitable material spirally upon a form or mandrel. Customarily each tube is composed of an intermediate l'aver of cheap material` as for instance cardboard, and facing strips of finer material, as for instance ornamental paper, -either white o r colored, las may be desired. All of the strips are wound spirally, and preferably the abutting soV edges of the several strips are staggered.

`Ixings so out have raw edges, which are objectionable, for aesthetic reasons, and because they are liableto be scuii'ed and torn in handling, especially by the placing of the -cover on the box. VThe several rings of which the box is composed .are 'of a size to fit tightly one Within the other, and the heads 3, 6

and 7 are preferably held in place, between beads 10 at the outer ends of the rings 2 and 5, and the outer ends of the inner rings 1 and 4:. As clearly shown in Figi'irel 1 these beads 10 are formed by inturning the free edges of the rings 2 and upon the inner faces of the said rings, The head 6 is dshed eo I Figure 2 is-a diameti'ical section ofthe f or cupped, as shown, the arrangement being such that the highest point or center thereof is substantially flush with theplane at the adjacent end of the box. At the adjacent edges of t-he rings 2 and 5, the outer facing layer is turned in upon the inner facing layer, as clearly shown, providingthus a finish for the said edge of the ring.

The tubular member 8-9 abuts at one end` Y adjacent end of the inner ring 8. As shown in Figure 2, the sheet ll, which is circular,

is held on the end of the ring 9 remote fromv the bead412. The inner ring 8 is now set v upon the sheet, and the sheet is forced down been placed, the tubular member forms .-1

into the ring 9, until its rests against the bead l2. When the protective sheetk has cup into Which the merchandise may be placed, as indicatedin Figure 4. Still in inverted position, with the merchandise asupported by the sheet 11, the bottom of the box is placed over the tubular member, and pushed down thereupon, until the head 3 abuts the end of the ring 8. When now the body, With the tubular member and the merchandise in place, is returned to normal position, the merchandise Will be held with` in the body, beneath the protective sheet, and the cover may be placed upon the body, to provide a complete box. Since the bead l2 is inward, and Wholly Within the external surface of the ring 9, it serves as a guide to center the cover, and facilitate the placing of the same on the box. In addition it eliminates the raw edge, providing a pleasing and ornamental nish forthe free edgel of the tubular member.

relates I/"claim:

1. A box comprising a body and a cover, and a tubular member over which the body and cover fit to connect said body and cover, the said member carrying at the end adjacent to the cover `a transverse partition forming a protective cover for the contents of thev box, the tubular member consisting of inner and outer rings, the outer ring having an internal bead, betweenwhich and the adjacent end of the inner ring the sheet is held.

2. A tubular member adapted' to be enclosed Within a box, said member consisting of inner and outer telescoping rings, the outer ring having at one end an internal bead against Which the inner ring abuts, and a transverse imperforate partition ot thin sheet material held between the bead and the endof the inner ring.

3. A tubular box comprising a body and a'cover and a tubular member fitting Within the body, said tubular member consisting of inner and outer telescoping rings, the outer ring having a bead at the end adjacent to the cover, and a protective sheet tor the merchandise held between the bead and the adjacent end of the inner ring.

4. A boxl comprising a body and a cover. and a tubular member disposed within said box, said tubular member being formed of inner and outer rings, the outer ring extending beyond the inner ring and having a bead overlying the edge of said inner ring.

5. -A box comprising a body and a cover, and a tubular member to support said cover in relation to said body, said tubular member being formedlof inner and outer telescoping rings, one end of said member being concealed Within said body and the outer ring having a marginal bead to overlie and conceal the edge of said inner ring at the exposed end of said member.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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