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Publication numberUS1443633 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1923
Filing dateFeb 17, 1921
Publication numberUS 1443633 A, US 1443633A, US-A-1443633, US1443633 A, US1443633A
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Assiqnob to newabk watoh oase
US 1443633 A
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Patented Jan. 30, 1923.

certain new.A and -Imp 1U NITD? ummmorrmnwnngmmnsm, AssmNonT'o Nn'wnnxfwnron (msn m'rnmnns comm, or 'minieme www nus-Ey, nrconronn'nonfor 4ismw JERSEY.

W-.ATGEI HOLDER application man um 11. mi. semi iifmail To all whom it conce-m:

Watch Holders,'of.wl;i1cl thebllwin's' 'a My invention relates; 1to a, `vafetch'holder and particularly formed of sheet'. instal, Vwill be inexpensive no make, and is fs-imple onsnuetibn, new

end attractive PPQlance, and will-,securely and eflicimitlyihold ewntchin upon a supportngeurfxice suh `:is t e dashboard 0f, n eeimehllesorheldemlflppor 'a watch on dem, e este my( wed-iin the piece ofthe ordinarvrzandimoreexnensive clocks.

A further object ieto provldetnjervetch holder as fabove outlinedmhich is composed of e nullnber pf, parte, entirel formed oisheetginetmh and so :designed an constructed as to prevent the wntchjrom being meliciously removed from theholder und stolen(` A further obectfis tprpvicle @watch 'holder which while so deslgnedliy t0 :Pl'e' vent the-theft of the'wntoh, is so armn ed that when desired, the watch may. be ily removed from the holder anda,A new watch inserted in place.

.A further object 1s to provide e watch vholder wherein the watch is securely held in proper ition and the clamping action to which t e watch is exposed will be distrib uted over a considerable portion of the watch case so as to prevent the distortion of the case, which would interfere with the timekeeping qualities of the watch.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, my invention consists in the im roved watch holdin device illustrated in e accompanying rawing and hereinafter described and claimed, and in such variations and modifications thereof as will be obvious to those skilled in the art to which my invention relates.

In the drawing accompanyin and forming Figure 1 is n, view iu front ,elevation of my improved watch holder having e e ,Wbh therein; ,f iFi ure12 isn sections.1- ,view taken on the Yline "'2 ofFigure 1;' l

Figumls ,e rearviow or miv improved A'holdelj Figure 5 a', fragmenterylview inflection a, casing.hnv1ng -a somewhpt fromr the inner periphery 11-. of which rojects thernam 'l1pus1ng4-or,c.sing}12 'x he casing 12 1s provided rel; its rontextremitly withA the curved annularfrmli ,which is adapted to receive theQbeiel om'a wetch lthereaguinst and thus 'hold-the :watch on -displny and in position fwithin .the housing or. caslng. The casingnm be'suhstantally cylindrical in outline, es usi-.rated in Eig.: ure 2. or may be in the netureof thefrustuni of a. .cone,:as illustrafedrn Figure5: l`hi casing is provided atitsfupper sindjront portion with the opening '11i-adapted .to receivegrthe stein-of a. watch15 therethrough.

;Themth1 whih may wirr Smih. in size und shape, is of the popular a'indlinexpensive type, as it has been found that this type of time-keeping instrument is particularly adapted to withstand the jars and shocks to which it will be necessarily exposed when in use upon en automoblle or other vehicle. In order tosecurely hold and clamp the watch in position, I have provided e how spring 16, Athe same being made up of the bow-shaped body 17 and outstanding or offset retaining ends 18. The upper retaining end is provided with the tongue 19 which is adapted to extend into a slot 20 for-med in the casing 12, while the lower and offset end of the bow spring is adapted to interlock behind the upstanding lug or projection 21 struck up from the bottom wall of the casing 12.

I have found that it is most essential that the forces upon the watch be brought to bear `adjacent the periphery of the wat/ch cese and that should Athe stresses be applied either at or near the center ofdthe cas-ehe certgin distortion ofg-.thef Works 'ill causing inaccuracies in the 'time-keeping qualities of the watch or perhaps the com- .pleee stoppaguthere M35. lsrtlxus `particularly adaiptedtoenga the watch casing adjacent the periphery t 1er-eci and securely hold and clamp the wtolr'fiz position with the benelinrgn .contact with the bezel-engaging 'ring 13; VThe' spring clamp is designed 5 0 thet wewhes ef simens thcltnesesmaybe'e n *iin holder and slight variations in Athensf" ibr disnietr' of'th'e' case nity 'nls'obe tken c are of.

"Tire bese-fn mniirhxl Hinge 10`is ploirided with suiteble openin 22 through whihftxtend 'thefholding bo ts"orscrer vs 23, thus reventing the mitch from 'being renioved rom the holder without first entirelyfremoiing'the 'holder from its sujiporting face. Thisfeehrreprevents the llnft 'of the griech-hy the lnulicimisly .inclined and gntithe sn'me'time siiloivs u new wtclvto lie'ensily inserted in p'lxcc when fcsire'shby first-removing the holding bolts onniembers'23, forcinf1r the clamping'sprngto one side so asA toc eartlic npstnndingpr'ecton 21,' releasing the spring clump and fr lowing it-anrl the watch to-be withdrawn from( 'the holderwlercnpon'the mitch may herepaire'd or 'n new mitch Vinsertd'in yi!noe,"ns desired.

Mi? im roi-ed holder :\s thus'constnlcted is forme( entirely of sheet nietnl,"rin be lacquered, enn|neledor in other ways finished .so :is to present n' neat :md pleasing appearance. und may be 'economically 'manufactured in large quant-ities. A

Having'thus described and explained my invention- I clnim and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

l. 'A Watch holder comprising;r n holov.' casing having zi curved annularrim adapted to receive the front of a watch thereageinstt an annular Hnge remote from said rim and ted to a. support lng'surfwe,'and a. spring lamp huvi c arms 4outwsudl dverging from the centra por- 'tiono f'- clmnpiwthihez'ende thereof adapted-,to -engithefside wellslof the caslng and with le inner ends-of said arms kdap'd to impine a ainst the back of the ent y hold it againstthe saldxinner rhng-sad'spring clamp thereby adapted to accommodate watches of clilierv ent thicknses 2; A devioe f'the'classdescribed for holdin Hndj'displaying n ,watch comprising :i `ho' o w hevmg'n curvedannular rim adapted to'ieoei'i'e'thefront-of a watch thore- I xigzngiiginmune"fr vhereby the hollow casing maybe's'ocrcdo n sup rting surface, un o in the side wa Is Qfsuid' 'eusing`r ep I'toreeeiv'e the 'stem df n watch therethrough; a. 'spring clamp comprising spaced gu'ms with 'the inner extremities of suidixrms` cnne'ctedby'noi'r'sctportion, the said inne:- oxtrentis'ndapted to 'bem'. :iguinst the beck of dI i'vntcli'fatrcmote sides of the center oT' the baci: of snid watch, sind means -nssocinb'd rwith theside walls'o said casing; 'adapted to receive and be engaged by tlic fren and outei' extremities of said clamp, tln various rtions of said spring clamp being tloctedilnifrotfof'the rezr surface of said casilgfso as 'to nccommodntenatches of dif- 'ferent' thicknesses without intererenc(l o.' the snpfio'rting surnoe'to which said casing is secnred.-

"Signed fitNew 'Yorin borough (if Munhnttan, in the county of New ork'rnd Sinti* of 'New York. this 14th day of February.

A'. D. '1921. Y


Bron-Ann F. OLnAnY, ANNE V. Wenen.

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