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Publication numberUS1443734 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1923
Filing dateJan 20, 1921
Priority dateJan 20, 1921
Publication numberUS 1443734 A, US 1443734A, US-A-1443734, US1443734 A, US1443734A
InventorsCraig Clyde L
Original AssigneeCraig Clyde L
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Folding chair
US 1443734 A
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Jan. 30, 1923. 1,443,734

C. L. CRAIG. Fowme CHA FILED JAN- 20. 21.

Patented Jan. 3 3 1923.

cLYnnL. snare, or WASHINGTON COURT nocsn, onro,


Application filed January 20, 1921.

T his invention relates to a chair which when folded will lie compactly in substan-.

tially a single plane, and which when adjusted for use will remain rigidly in open position, and will be so balanced in respect to its center of gravity that it will not be easily tipped over.

lVhile the chair shown and described is designed more especially for the use of children I do not wish to be limited to any particular size. 7

The invention consists in the novel features of construction hereinafter described, pointed out in the claims, and shown in the accompanying drawings, inv wh1ch:-

Figure l is a plan view with the chair 1n open position.

Figure 2 is a section on the line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Figure 8 is an folded.

In the drawings 1 designates the chair back, constructed in any desired manner and of any desired design. The-back lis proedge view of the chair vided with side members 2 which extend.

downwardly below the back portion and also below the seat portion. Pivotally secured to the inner faces of these side members, and just below the lower end of what may be considered the back portion of the chair are curved or angled metal brackets 3, the point of connection between said brackets and the side members being indicated at 8. The chair is provided with front supporting legs 4: and rear supporting legs the legs 41: and 5 intersecting and being connected by a pin 6. The rear legs 5 are also pivotally connected to the side members 2 as at 2.

Special attention is called to the fact that the pivot pins 6 are off center with respect to the rear legs 5, being in advance of the major axis of said legs, while the pivotal connection at 2 is to the rear of the central longitudinal line of the legs 5 and in advance of said line with respect to the side members 2. This not only allows the chair to fold very compactly, as indicated in Figure 3, but gives a firmness Serial No. 438,632.

and rigidity to the chair when unfolded for use not obtainable in the folding chair of struction. I

The front supportinglegs & are connected adjacent their lower encs by cross braces 7, and the rear legs are connected by cross braces 8 adjacent their upper and lower ends respectively.

A'rod ,9 connects the upper portions-of the legs l said rod also passing loosely through the brackets 3. V

seat 10 is pivotally mounted on said rod the sides of said seat fitting between the brackets 3and being fastened thereto.

When in position for use the seat 10 rests on the upper ends of the legs 7 ofthe usual construction a child climbing on to theseat will in most cases overbalance the chair and it will tilt forward, often causing it to slide backward throwing the child to the floor. Or if, in the case of the full size adults chair, a chair of the usual type is stood upon itv is likely to tip over. By my construction all tipping tendencies of the chair, or small size is avoided. This is due to the fact that the front edge of the seatis'in the same perpendicular plane as the forward ends of the front legs, the said legs resting on the floor in a vertical plane with the front of the seat. At the same time the rear legs extend farther back than the seat. The points of the floor on which the legs rest form thecorners of a substantially square base and the entire seat lies What I claim is 1. In a folding chair having'a back, intersecting front and rear legs, and a seat,'means for pivotally connecting the rear legs to side members of the chair back, curved metal brackets pivotally connectedrespectively to said back and to the front supporting legs, and a rod connecting the upper ends of the front supporting legs and forming a pivot for the seat. g g

' 2. In a folding chair comprising a back having downwardly extending side members, intersecting front and rear legs, said rear legs being pivotally connected to the lower end portions of the side membersof the back, angled metal brackets connected to said necting the front legsandpivotally conordin'ary con in either large within this base,

pivotally' side members, a rod eonmembers basin said means being located off-centea' with respect to both the rem: legs and said side members. angled metal brackets pivotally connected to the side members of tie chair back a seat mounted between and :hzsl'ened to said bmcket-s, and

common means for pivotally connecting the said seatanel the said brackets to the :lront legs.

ln testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification297/46
International ClassificationA47C4/14, A47C4/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47C4/14
European ClassificationA47C4/14