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Publication numberUS1443753 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1923
Filing dateSep 30, 1918
Priority dateSep 30, 1918
Publication numberUS 1443753 A, US 1443753A, US-A-1443753, US1443753 A, US1443753A
InventorsMcclure Harry W
Original AssigneeMcclure Harry W
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Shower-bath apparatus
US 1443753 A
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.Fan. 30, 1923. 1,443,753



FILED SEPT. 30. 1918. 2 SHEETS-SHEET 2 lwuemlioz 3% Ms W w mm. 3&1 WWW wud d/fw b m HARRY \V. BEGCLURE, OF ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN.


Application filed September 30, 1918.

all whom it may concern:

' Hanna ll s ioCLUni-s,

n Arbor, in the county of ll ashtenaw ite ot' h'lichigan, have invented new and improved liorier-liath Apparatus, oi? which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to pivot-ally mounted parallel supporting bars for a pair of curtains adapted to rest -ct the tall of water of a shower bath and to the mounting oi said bars on the supp y pipe, and to the mounting of a shower head on the supply pipe and to the construction of this shower head.

This invention consists in a novel connection between a supply pipe of a. shower bath and the usual tub fitting which connection is so constructed that the supply pipe may be secured at any desired angle from the vertical.

It also consists in a novel shower head pivotally mounted at the upper end of the supply pipe and provided with novel means for preventing water from running back down to the lower end of the head. It also consists in a pair of pivoted curtain bars, and a novel supporting member on which the bars are mounted, the supporting member permitting thebars to be swung from vertical to horizontal and being itseli mounted on the supply pipe.

It also consists in the details of constr .ction illustrated in the accompanying drawing and particularly pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings Fig. 1 is a perspective view of this improved shower bath apparatus mounted in operative position and with one curtain swung back. Fig. 2 is a perspective of a connection to support a curtain bar. Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section of this connector and the curtain bar supported thereby. Fig. i is a detail of the curtain support. Fig. 5 is a cross section of a side of the shower head. Fig. 6 is a perspective of one type of connection between the supply pipe and a bath tub fitting. Fig. 7 is a central vertical section thereof. Fig. 8 is a view partly in section of another connection for this purpose. Fig. 9 is a section on the line 9-9 of Fig. 8. Fig. 10 is a detail of the pivot for the shower-head.

Similar reference letters refer to like parts throughout the several views.

This shower apparatus is intended to be TY L I en ot the L'lllbtjfl totates, and residin Serial No. 256,186.

mounted on the fitting of any ordinary bath tub A. An upright supply pipe may be connected to the b th-tub iitti g B in several ways, one of iich is shownin 6 and 7. The fitting h handles 2 and 3 to control the hot and colo. nter and a discharge nozsale at formed \Vidll a round hollow knob 5. l. clamp (3 extends around the pipe 1 and on the bolt 7 carried thereby is "mounted an arm 8, formed by bcnd u a strip of metal upon itself, which arm t on this knob 5. In the end of this arm 8 is a bolt 9 which screws down into a threaded hole in a lug 10 on the bracket 12. This bracket is recessed to receive the washer 18, preferably of leather, and its passage 14 connects to a cylindrical portion 15 in which the small valve 16 is vertically slid-able. The pipe 1 fits into a recess at the upper end of this part 15 and may be secured in any desired manner. The valve 16 may be moved up to permit the pipe 1 to be drained.

At the upper end of the pipe 1 is a T 18 whose arms fitted with stulting bones and glands 19 which prevent leakage around the ends 20 or the shower head 22. These ends turn freely within the arms or" the l' and the shower head may be positioned at any desired angle.

The sides and ends of the shower head are perforated in any desired manner but preferably by cutting grooves 24 (Fig. 5) across the tubing forming the head and then punching small holes 25 through the thin metal. To prevent water running back along the shower head and falling outside or the tub A, small inclined plates 26 may be attached to the sides of the head to cause the water to tall into the tub.

A. curtain support consisting of a. cross bar 27 is secured to the pipe 1 by means of a clip 28 and toe bolts 29. Its ends 30 are bent at right angles to receive connections 31 to hold the ends of the curtain bars 32 to wiich the curtains 33 may be secured by means of ordinary thumb tacks. The connectors each have two sides provided with inturned lips 34 and 35 between which the end of a curtain bar may extend to be held horizontal, but which will permit the bar to be swung up to vertical position on the bolt 36 which also secures the part 31 to the end 3 This end has holes 37 into which small projections 38 on the connector 31 eX- tend to prevent this connector from turning. These projections are preferably on both sides 01 the connectors so that they can he mounted on either end of the cross bar :27.

The nozzles d0 of the bathtub fittings are not always vertical, in fact, they may extend at any angle. But they are almost invariahiy provided with a reduced portion ll which may he employed to support the pivoted head d2 of the bolt A connector is formed of two parts and 45, the latter havin a conical hcz-tring Q6 and the other a cor esponoing seat. The pipe 1 fits into a socket in the part L5 and a screw t? serves to secure the two parts together. The part 2- has E, recess to I'QCQlVQ the washer 4:8 and "he nut ah) a; it was ier :30 serve to hold the iart a l iirnd; in position on the nozzle 40. lfh s connection permits the supply pipe 1 to extend at ai'iy desired angle.

It will he noticed that this shower at-h apparatus may be readily and easily attached to the fittings o't most hath tubs without changingany part thereo'i and that the crntains will he supported independently of the walls of the bath room. As the curtains may he swung down until their lower ends are within the bath tub, no water will he splashed onto the door at the sides of the tub.

The details and proportions of the various parts of this apparatus may all be changed without departing from the spirit or" this invention as set forth in the following clai'm.':

I claim:

1. In a shower hath apparatus, the com-- bination with a-hath tub and bath tub fitting, a supply pipe extencing upward from said fitting, a rectangular shower head pivotally connected to the upper end of said pipe, at cross bar secured intermediate its ends to said pipe, a connection secured to .ach cud oi? the cross bar, a curtain supporting bar pivoted on each connection, and :1 curtain secured to each bar and adapted to he swung up to vertical or down to hori zontal position with its supporting her.

2. In a shower hath a 'iparatus, the 00111" hination with a bath tub and bath tub titting, a supply pipe extending upward from said fitting a at he upper end (it said pipe, a shower head formed of a who heat to iectangulat term and having its ends pivotally ll'lOll 'G in said i', ea. head hepcrloratcd to permit the discharge oi water, and a pair of inclined plates secured the side portions of said head.

3. In a shower hath apparati'is, the coin hination with a hath tub and the bath tub fitting, a connection mounted on said fitting and COl'i'lpllSlilg two parts pivot-ally joined, a supply pipe mounted on said connection, a shower head adjustahly mounted on said pipe, a ci'irtain support, a curtain our pivoted at one end on said support, and a curtain secured to said bar.

4-. In a shower hath appa 'atup, the coinhination o? a supply pipe and a shower head attached thereto, a cross bar secured to said pipe, a second bar secured to the first cross bar, and curtaii relatively iDUZ'lOE lbl'j secured at its upper edge to said second bar.


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