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Publication numberUS1443836 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1923
Filing dateDec 21, 1921
Priority dateDec 21, 1921
Publication numberUS 1443836 A, US 1443836A, US-A-1443836, US1443836 A, US1443836A
InventorsDigby Emmet B
Original AssigneeDigby Emmet B
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Egg crate
US 1443836 A
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Jan. 30, 1923. 1,443,836


FILED DEC. 21. 1921.

////f /nL f" .5. W/ f// 4f l '57 21 2a .L i @Br 1f 21 9 ,21 J6 10 w /6 J2 l 7 f 1:1/ AL 25 l 16 g Patented Jan. 30, i923.



Application led December 21, 1921. Serial No. 523,878.

To @U10/lam z5/may concern: y

Be it known that EMMn'r B. DIGBY, a citizen of the United States, residing at Atlanta, in the county of Fulton and State of Georgia, has invented certain new and useful Improvements in Egg Crates, of which the following is a specification. l

My invention relates to new and useful improvements in crates and especially to collapsible crates to be used for the shipment of eggs.

One of the objects of the present invention is to provide a collapsible crate that maybe formed of wire, that may be readily collapsed, or on the other hand, readily assembled, and when loclred all of the parts will be compressed to form a rigid crate.

The crates that are ingeneral use today for the shipment of eggs are formed of wood and provided with cardboard divisional strips which crates, after being used for one shipment are generally discarded or broken up.

With the present crate the same may be used any number of times and although the initial cost will be more than a wooden one, still the economy of a long life crate will be readily seen.

Still another object of my invention is to 'provide a wire collapsible crate having a central partition that may be readily inserted which is designed to strengthen the entire crate and also to provide means for supporting the adjacent ends of a plurality of wire trays which trays are also provided with a fabric or canvas sheet which is made up into a plurality of pockets for the reception of the individual eggs.

Still another object of the invention is to rovide a collapsible crate formed of wire that may be readily and cheaply manufactured, quickly and readily assembled and strong and durable in service.

With these and other objects in view the invention consists of certain new and novel arrangements and combination of parts as will be. hereinafter more fully described and pointed outl in the claims.

Referring now to the drawings, showing a preferred form of the invention*-1 Fig. 1 is a top plan of the crate, the same being shown in an open or unfolded position.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view showing the top swung back, the center partition in place, the racks or trays however, not in position.

Fig. 3 is a top plan view of the crate showing the same in its closed and locked posi tion, the racks and eggs being in place.

Fig. i is a side elevation of the racks or trays showing the canvaspoclrets.

Fig. 5 is a top plan view of a rack showing a few of the egg pockets, and

Clig. 6 is a detailed View of the locking ro s. v

Referring now to Figs. 1 and 2, it will be seen that the entire crate is formed of wire of any desirable size and thickness and consists of a bottom Y1, a front 2, a rear 3, top 4f, and the two ends 5. of a rectangular frame 6 with the cross pieces 7 and the longitudinal strips 8, any desirable number being used to provide sufficient ystrength to the crate.

rlhese cross pieces 7 and the longitudinal strips 8 are bent orI curled at their ends around the frame 6 and are so curled or crimped that they will .remain in their placed position.

Each of the sides 5 comprises a frame having the two side pieces l0 and the outer bar 11, to whichl are fastened the cross bars 12 The bottom 1 consists and the longitudinal bars 13, while the in ner ends of the pieces 10` and the longitudinal bars 13 are provided at their ends with a small. open loop. to freely encircle the end piece of the rectangular frame 6 of the bottom. By providing these small loops the end piece can freely swing upwardly into position or be quickly folded when desired.

This form of construction applies also to the sides Zand 3 and the top i so that the sides, top and ends may be readily folded or opened when desired. j

Referring now to Fig. 2 there is shown certain partition 14C which is provided with Q the crossA bars 15, the ends of these bars dile .l'iihrie to torni individuel pockets 2l) which ure ot milio depth to suiiiuort the j: j seen troni Fig'. 4.

.lilong the outer edge ot' the ruoli 1T are rovi iled the little hof'fs or u ius whioli ure clearly shown in l* L which :l e dejlned to he euirported on the cross wires o'l" ie central partition nud longitudinal Wires oit the end und sides ot the crete7 when ussenihled. lt ivi-.l he noticed troni Figi. 2

t there uro 5 longitudinal here or eure' in euch oil the ends and side pieceel so that one ruoli will be eupporte above the other7 tive being used on each side ot the control partition.

y To' tightly dreu the Crete ta in it@1 set up position l 'oro 22 on the outer edge ot eyelets L3 on each ot the e ifiront .1.

Faesing through these Q5 which have the leent ends und o larged portions Q7 on their other exids in which are provided the holes th which is passed the Wire with leed seal Q9.

the o rdin zuv rei it died tov'zu'de the Strong". tight md rig l eet-ting up ot the umili siiiugle :is Ywill le frerulily onderz; when placed in the position is shown in ll 15J. Q. the ruche will he 'placed in trl in the hetn toni ltud utter the crate is lull, it 'will he pulled together lo;7 the use olE the rods Tdlhen the crete is returned die; end center partition mov he removed end the ou wooden and ros that they though the Grete he inve ...thorn/1ere. the looking` u illy constructoafl. the egveleu` eouliumrtious ot the wires used While the wire rods pessimo througr eyelets ure easily termed une rend i :'nff simplv in the treme u three o steudi-.f'

und strengthen the traine who: losl iid.

l am aware that it i5 not new lo torni ooh lapsible Crates ot Wire and l. do not elaiin the ove hroedlv :is auch. but what l do Gleim :di uno demie to simule li) Mettere Patent 1s.

collapsible (brute having swinging sides, ends und top portions, o central vertiml vvire partiti-ou har-:ingr hooks Atermed ou edges and said hooks adapted to be supported by the u'ires in the trout und rear portions ot the Crete, :i wire 'zich provided with supportingY means around its tour sides. adopted to he supported on the wires ot the central vertical partition, the wires iu .no side portion. and the trent und rear 9ersuid reel; having e tehrio secured and extending lielouY the Wires ot' the to torni e plurality et pockets, ineens 'l'or tightly drawing" the several parte et the crete together und hold said crate in e loled Qosition.

2. l collapsible Crete having fdl ot its ts termed et Wire and said parts being;-

igedly Connected, e, central vertical perti- Jion also formed et .vire und having' supper hools termed about its edges to cooperate 1h the Wires in the bottom and forward and rearward portions ot the Crete to hold the saine in position, e plurelitj;r ot Wire reeks provided with hooks around their sides tor supportin/ the reeks in @oid crut@ seid raalte having' :i plurality oit veuves pockets, eyelets infined ou the top, end :uid :trout portions :and rods eid-endin@- through :luid eyelets 'lol' `i tl ,i holding the crate in its sel.. up poelother to thereliv forni e rigid Crete.

l. eollzipsi i i effe' 'rute having ell of its formed o" u' fe. u romovulle central 'uwlitiou itoruied ot xv e. und n, reel-rs :deo lioriueil f. Wire. a, id

sockets oruied theiein. f 4\\'ii"o:--1 of' the ei i z it i z'idepted to f-:u )port 'wid reeks. I 1' 'l vuil :Viol o. ol tl vertical wires olY the eno inflliorined into eyelets. rods hor-- rassure through sold eyelets portion ius;y lient ends Y l ot the creto towurd l l lo' drew :xll ot tue por s wel; other to thereby form o rigid Struetm'e. lu testimony whereof l ellis: my signature.

Eh/ llllld'l B. DGBY.

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