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Publication numberUS1444108 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 6, 1923
Filing dateMay 9, 1919
Priority dateMay 9, 1919
Publication numberUS 1444108 A, US 1444108A, US-A-1444108, US1444108 A, US1444108A
InventorsCarr Edward G
Original AssigneeCarr Edward G
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Road machine
US 1444108 A
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Feb. 6, 1923` MAY 3,1519- eww llatented Feb. (i, i923.

fi. e mire tilitlliiiei Sli/Missie EDWARD G. CARR, OF MLUIAUKEE, VJZCSCGNSXN.'


Application flied Mey 9.

T0 aZZ whom it may concern.'

Be it known that I, EDWARD (l. Tann, a a citizen of the United States, residing at Milwaukee, in the county of Milwaukee and State of iVisconsin, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Road Machines, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming a. part thereof.

This invention relates to road' machines and the object of the invention is to improve the construction of road machines in the manner to be hereinafter described and claimed.

Referring to the drawings which accempany this specification and form a part hereof, which drawings illustrate en embodiment of this invention, and on which d the same reference characters are used to designate ythe same parts wherever they may appear in each of the several views, Fig'. 1 is it perspective view of a. road machine, all parts not essential to an understanding ot' the invention being omitted; Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the machine; Fig'. 3 is n crosssection on an enlarged seele of a. part ci the machine, the section 'being taken on the line 3 3 on Fig. 2, looking in the direction indicated by the arrows; and Fig. iis'e side elevation ot' a part of the machine on an enlarged scale.

Referring to the drawings, the reference numeral l designates a frame or base which serves as e support Jfor mechanism or material or both. The frame or base may be constructed in any suitable or preferred inanner, that illustrated bythe drawings including side members 2 end 3 und transverse members 4 and 5. Additional side members 6 and 7 afford convenient means for supporting the inner ends of short axles upon which wheels 8, 9, l0 sind ll ere mounted. The Wheels are illustrated es provided with gears, and pinions on shafts i2 and 13,-

meshing with the gears on the wheels, serve to rotate one wheel from another on each side of the machine. The machine may carry a power element, not shown, from which power may be teken for propulsive purposes to whee s as, for exemple, thro-ugh driving members 14 sind l5.

Adjustable skid-jacks 1li-end 17' are prenq vided et each side of the machine and e. simple form of construction is iiiustrnted by the drawings which consists of e roller 18 on a shaft 19 connected with links l20 end 1swings 1919. Serial To. 295,947.

2l. In the specific construction illustrated by the drawings, the links 2() and 2l consist of pairs ot' sepa-rate but parallel links, es clearly shown by Figs. l and 3 ot' the drewings, and the links 20 are pivote-d to the side members` while the links 21 are eccentrically connected with pivots or shat'ts so that roller 18 cnn be raised or forced down by rocking a pivot or shaft 22 by :i handle or lever 2. 'l he handles orlevers :.3 may he retained in any desired position by any suitable mechanism, not shown, but the ple expedient of having; the shaft i9, the pivot or shiit 22 and the crenlnpins ell lie in e straight line, when the handle or le 23 has forced the relier 18 down, ch viates the necessity of any special retaining' mechanism for the handle or lever diagonal bruce link 9.5 cooperates with the ifi link 20 to prevent sidewise movements oi the roller sind the link mecha-nim.

The. term road machine es used in this specicntion and the claims is intended to include all kinds of vehicles or structures 9 tol which the invention is appiiceble. There are machines now in use for constructing roads which are moved upon' teinpcrery trecks, supports or terms. Some @if these machines are self-propelled sind others not, but they all have to contend with po track conditions, and with curves. These machines are awkward in that' their lengths, crosswise ofs road, are excessive as com.- pered with their wheel bases longitudinally ot' a road. Their tendency is to move in e straight line end to disregard curves.

Pressing; n roller i8 down egeinste, resist ance lifts e side of the m'schine up so that roller becomes thesnpport for that side of i the machine and, if a. roller is pressed down on the side ot the machine cornesponding to the inside of a curve,: the machine cnn skew around the curve in e manner which will he readily understood. ln rounding' e.

curve, the roller nie-y he pressed down inter-- mittently to prevent teo ranch skewing ot the machine. li the machine is selipro` pelled, the wheels on the sidevfhich is ii ed .need only be relieved :rein the weich o the inechine sufiiciently to decrease n r trective effort. The roller-sere mede oft e. goed width to catch on form end hold the side of e machine if the wheels run on from the forms 26, sind the rollers provide @jood skidding surfaces to work the wheels hack into position on the forms,

Fig. l of the drawings illustrate the parte in izheir positions with the roiiers elevated, andthe otherI iig'nres of che drawings illuscmiic the paris in .their positions with n miler forced clown to lift a side ci the mel. The combination with :i road machine provided* Wi'ih supporting; and driving wheels it opposite sides thereof, of e skid- 'jack 'for decrceing rile reactive eilor in,

the tractiveeforc at either side ci' 'the inw chine.

3. The combination with the frame or base ifi/ninos oiE ii rond machine of a. roller, links connected with said roller and said frame orbese, and ineens for changing the position of 'seid roller with respect to said frame or base.

4. The combination with side members of the frame or base of a road machine of a pair of sepnreed but parallel links connected with seid side members and with a. roller, said roller, a, pivoi'J or shaft, another pair or' sepa-levied but parallel links connected with said roller and eccentrically connected Wih seid shaft, and a diagonal brace link cooperafbingwith e, pair of seid links to prevent sidewise movements of the roller und the link mechanism.

In witness whereof If. hereto ax my sig# nature.


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U.S. Classification404/83, 33/523
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