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Publication numberUS1444131 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 6, 1923
Filing dateOct 3, 1921
Priority dateOct 3, 1921
Publication numberUS 1444131 A, US 1444131A, US-A-1444131, US1444131 A, US1444131A
InventorsNelson Charles
Original AssigneeNelson Mfg Company C
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Brick-ice-cream container
US 1444131 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Feb. 6, 1923..



Q ...MR mw Fetenteol eb. 6, i923..

entren stares Parent ortica.

onnnnns nnnson, or sr. Leurs,


anion-roepnaam conrernnn.

'- Application led `llctober 3, 1921. VSerial' Ilo, 505,143.

useful improvements in brick-ice cream con-` tainers, and has for its primary object the construction of a container and a detachable connection carried by the container for preventing the container v"from .iioating when empty or-partiallyempty, and-also has a means for holding the container in a fixed position within the. refrigerating chamber ofan ice creamV cabinet. rThis invention is an improvement on a invention previously patented by me May 8th, 1906, Numbered 819,789.,

ln the drawings, Fig. 1 is a vertical line 1-1 of Fig. 2. v l

Fig. 2 atop plan View of an: -1ce cream sectionv taken on the cabinet with the lid removed, and the improvements applied to the container.

Fig. 3 a fragmental side elevatlon of a. container showing 'my improvement applied thereto, with the retaining wing removed." Fig. 4t a sectionl taken on the 11ne lit- 4V oFigS. j

-. ig. 5 a perspective view of the retalning wing-which l employ.

Fig. 6 Va' top plan view of the pocket 1nwhich the retaining win is located. v

Fig. 7 a bottom plan view ofthesame. Fig. 8a vertical section through the retaining wing anda lside view-of the blockin which it is located, and a hook for holding the retaining wing in osition.

Fig. 9 a. similar v1ew{s owing a modi-- .ed-construction for holding the retaining wing in the cabinet in place.

Referring to the drawings, c

. 10 indicates an ice cream cabinet of the l usual construction.4 provided with a lid 11 4titl and ya draining Ltube 12. 13 indicates the icecream container which is used prefer' ably' fr brick ice cream and which container is provided with a lid 14. Secured on opposite sides of Vthe container 13 -are pockets 15 which are formed out oi a single .16 overthe portion 17 and leaving an openlng. 18 therein. 19 indicates a vertical flange which 4is spaced apart'irom the portion 16. leaving an opening19a. The lower end of theU portion 16 is riveted to the portion 17 by means of' a' 'rivet 20,- thus closing the lower end of the opening 18. The upperend ofthe,y portion 17 is riveted to the contailler-.13 Aby means of` rivets 21 passing through an opening 22.

rlhe pockets l5' -are permanently secured to the sides of the piece of sheet metal by folding the portion v container 13,` and being secured to the container directly opposite each other. Secured to the cabinet 10 on opposite sides thereof and centrally on each side, are blocks' 23 lnvvhich is formed a vertical channel 24E. 25 indicates a retaining wing which is formed out of sheet metal andhas a right angular portion 26 adapted to be inserted in the opening`18, and a.l portion 27 adapted tobe inserted in the opening 19a. The retaining wing 25 may be inserted and removed from the pocket, and the portion 27 isadapted to be positioned in the slots or channels 24. In order to retain the por-, tion 27 of the wing in the slots 24C, lemploy books 28 which are pivotally secured to the blocks 23 by means ofv a. screw 29. These hooks are adapted to be inserted over the top edge ofthe portions 27, and thus secure the retaining wings within the channels 24. ln'F ig. 9 I have shown ay modified form for 'holding the portion 27 in'the slots, wherein l secure blocks 30 tothe sides of the cabinet,

and a removable block 31. The removable block 31 being inserted between the blocks 30 and block '23. As previously pointed out j one become broke or bent, it can be removed and another inserted.

ltlaving fully described :my invention,

what l claim is:

' 1. An ice cream container comprising a container. proper, a pair oi3 pockets perruanently secured to the container, one of which being positioned directly oppositethe other,

said pockets being provided with closed lower ends and .a vertical channel,channel blocks, removable wingsv seated in the pocli- 'ets and in said channel blocks, and a hook ends and a. vertical channel, mldA a, angc, for holding the wings in position Within the channel blocks; removablev wings seated 1n 10 blocks. the pockets and in said channel blocks, and 2. An ic cream container comprising a a hook for holding the wings in'position 5 container proper, a; pair of pockets permit-' Within vthe blocks.

nently secured to the eontainer,'one of which In testimony Whereof,' I have signed my f :being positioned directly opposite the other, name to this specizin.

said pockets being provided with closed lower RLES NELSON.

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U.S. Classification220/592.14, 220/DIG.800, 217/128
International ClassificationA23G9/22
Cooperative ClassificationA23G9/227, Y10S220/08
European ClassificationA23G9/22J2