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Publication numberUS1444189 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 6, 1923
Filing dateNov 24, 1920
Priority dateNov 24, 1920
Publication numberUS 1444189 A, US 1444189A, US-A-1444189, US1444189 A, US1444189A
InventorsJames F Key
Original AssigneeFirst Trust, Savings Bank
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Valve stem
US 1444189 A
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Feb. 6, 1923.

VALvE STEM. FxLE Nov. 24, 1920.


Patenteel Feb. :6, 1923. i

TED -STATESQ- :mans r. xnr, or'smnnh MADRE, cAIFoRNIA, assrenon, BY Dinner Annmnsnn viissremnmms, 'ro mns'r 'rnus'r AND sevmes nam; or' rnsennmm'es rnn'srnn.


Application filed November 24, 1920.' eralt'o. 426,117 f To aZZfwkomz'tmag/concem: Be it known that I, JAMEs F. KEY, a citizen of the United States, residing'at Sierra' Madre, in the county of Los Angeles and' State vof California, have invented a new and useful Valve Stem, of which the follow;-v ing'is aspecification. -l

This invention relates tovalve stems and is particularly directed to a sectional' self-' Packing valve'stem.

The object of the invention is 'tof provide 'a self-packing valve stem in which the stem packing constitutes apart of .the Vstein and transmits all the powerappli'ed to the stem.

Another object to provideva v'valve stem which is particularly adaptedpfor construc tion in very small sizes and which o bviates the necessity of stufling boxes, packing glands, or other screw threaded elements;

Various lother objectsv and- 'advantages will be more fully apparent from the 'fol-d lowing vdescription of the 'accompanying drawings, which form a part of this dis'- closure, and which illustrate' la preferred form of embodiment ofl the invention.

The drawing is a 'Vertical section -illustrating a self-closing ball valve operated bylthe valve stem of the present invention.

Referring to the'drawing, 1 designates the body of the valve, having an inlet port 2, an outlet port 3 and an intermediate valve chamber 4 formed to provide a valve seat 5.' A ball valve 6 is positioned within the 85 valve chamber and is yieldingly maintained in closed position by a valve spring 7 engaging the valve and a closure plug 8 screw/ threaded into the lower end of the valve chamber. The upper portion of the body is 'bored to accommodate the valve actuating stem and said bore' is enlarged between the valve seat and Outlet passage to establish. communication therebetween. The valve stem is of three part construction comprismg an inner valve actuating *rod member 10, an outer rod memberll, and an intermediate motion transmitting packing unit I 12 formeol of-I relatively pliable packing material, such as 'leatherI to Operating handle 13' is .pivoted at .body to provide an opposed seatv 19. The

.on an ear-plrojecting from the body, and extends'over the top of the valve stem, a stop lug 15 engaging the body to limit the up- Ward movement vof the handle'.

' 'The packing unit 12 is an imperforate cy- 'lindrical plug, preferably comprising one or more discs of leather and-in the translation of the 'valve stem all" the power applied. to the Stein in-e`ither direction is transmitted entire'ly by said packing unit which pis compressed between the two'rod' members 10 and'll and .by being so compressed will engage the wall' of the bore with suficient force to form a perfect air orliquidftight seal against escape of said air or liquid past th'estem.

Preferably the borein the upperportion of the body is venlarged to provide a seat 17 and a plug 18 is screw-threaded into the packing portionv off'the valve steni is 'slid-.

able lbetween. these opposed seats and in this instance consists of two imperforate leather discs 20 land an intermediate'metal vdisc 21; In the operation of this type of valvexstem,I the lou'ter portion of the lower surface of the lower disc 20 'engages the seatl? when i the valve .is fully opene'd, thereby forming an additional seal against leakage, and likewise when the'stem is in its uppermost posi- `ltion the outer portion of the upper surface of.- the upper. disc 20 engages the seat 19. The' disc 2,1,serves to'v stiifen the peripheral portions of both discs 20. w

The abovev described valve stem "will be especially advantageous in devices of small size and can be, Produced at a minimum cost. Further a valve stem of this character will be practica ly indestructibleJJ and voperate with a maximum eficiency. `llclaim devic'e of the class described combining a body 'formed to provide a valve seat and .bored to accommodate a valve stem, said bore havingan enlarged portionl providing w a packing chamber defining' a packing seat,

a "bushing engaging: into the packing chamber and providing an opposite packing seat,

a 'valve cooperating with the valve seat, a spring yieldingly maintaining the valve WE eoi ` 5 b'er and adapted to alternately engage the Witnesses:

-clo sed, a valve Stem slidable nthe bore and Signed atl Los Angeles, California, this comprising an inner rod member, an outex' 16th day of November, 1920.' rod member and an intermediate compressible packing slidable in the packing cham- JAMES F- KEY- opposed packing seats, and means for trans- I CLARENGE B. .FOSTER, lating the val've stemto unseat the valve. i L. WEAVER.

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U.S. Classification251/238, 137/901
International ClassificationF16K41/18
Cooperative ClassificationY10S137/901, F16K41/18
European ClassificationF16K41/18