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Publication numberUS144539 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 11, 1873
Filing dateSep 12, 1873
Publication numberUS 144539 A, US 144539A, US-A-144539, US144539 A, US144539A
InventorsGeoege E. Hates
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Improvement in racks for dental tools
US 144539 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 144,539, dated November 11,1873; application filed September 12, 1873.

l' racks which are designed to enable dentists,

while engaged in filling or otherwise operating upon teeth, to exchange one tool or instrument for another, as they may need to do, without removing the hand that holds the patients,

mouth. To effect this, the improved rack consists in a plate or bar constructed or provided witha series of elastic jaws having recesses in themfor the reception of the tools or toolpoints, as they are often called. The tool is thrust between the pair of jaws intended to receive it, and is held therein by the elasticity of the jaws, while its handle is unscrewed from it, and the tool which is to be substituted for it is held in its pair of jaws, while the handle is screwed on it.

l In the accompanying drawing, Figure lis a perspective view of a corner portion of a table or bench having two of these racks applied to it, and Fig. 2 is a section through one of its pair of jaws.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in both iigures.

The racks are shown, one applied to the under side of the edge portion of a table or bench, and the other to the upper side. They consist of metal plates A A, slitted at regular intervals from the outer edge inward, far enough to form a series of elastic strips, a a', each two of which constitute pairs of jaws. Near the outer end of these jaws there are in their inner opposite sides recesses c c, shaped in arcs of a circle. They receive the tools and gripe them so rmly that the handle in which they each are used may be screwed on or off by simply turning it round by the hand in which it is used, leaving the other free to hold the patients head. These racks are fastened in place by means of screws passing through them and screwing into their support.

To substituteone .tool for another the dentist, without removing the hand that holds the patients head, thrusts the tool that is in the handle into the pair of jaws in the rack designed to hold it,-and while it is held thereby he turns the handle round with his fingers and thumb, so as to unscrew it from the tool, then, in the same manner, screws it onto the tool which he desires to use, which, being tapered toward the point, is instantly loosened from the v jaws by the rotary motion, when the screw is driven home to its place.

One great advantage of this rack is, tl at tool-points are so firmly held that any sudde 1 jar does not disarrange or throw them out of place another is, that it does not require tools to be made especially for it, as it operates equally "well, whether round or with flattened sides or with a hole through the body, in all of which ways tool-points are now made. And still another advantage is, that the points are brought into plain view, and may be more readily seen than when lying flat.

What I claim as my invention, is-.-

The rack, composed of a plate or bar, constructed or provided with a series of elastic jaws formed of the same piece of metal as the plate, and recessed on theirinner sides to receive and hold the tools, essentially as for the purpose herein set forth.



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