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Publication numberUS1445593 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 13, 1923
Filing dateNov 25, 1919
Priority dateNov 25, 1919
Publication numberUS 1445593 A, US 1445593A, US-A-1445593, US1445593 A, US1445593A
InventorsIsaac Iscowitz
Original AssigneeIsaac Iscowitz
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US 1445593 A
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Peb. m, 11923. 1,445,593

l. IY$COWITZ i BOX Filed Nov.' 25, 1919 2 sheets-sheer 2 Q ,f d/

ATUmm-V "partments,

l Patented helft,` llt,

Application led `November `5 `ffitate of NewYork, have inventednew" and i usefulImprovements in Boxes, oit which the i following'is a specification.

M'lhis `invention relates tol receptacles or boxesembodyingl commodity carrying comi Someiofthelobjects of the invention are ze#y `todesign a receptacleor box .in` dnplication or simulation of a book,\whichreceptacle or boX` embodies compartments which may con- "tain candyor anylothercommodity such as cigars tor instancefthe,design and `constrnction ofthe receptacle or-box beinggsnch that," asin the closinpgof: an ordinaryfboolg the saidcompartments mayl be brought tol ygether so that each compartment will be "held closed ,and-so that `the commodities fthereinwill be completely enclosed; togcon-r strnct'areceptacle ot this `charactery in which i each commodity `carrying` compartment -Mprovided with a swinging cover having,`

\ `preterably,` transparent panels, `and which y covers" carry linger tabs for the qniclr and easyswinging ofthe' covers to` give access to the contents of the compartments; to

provide i a :receptacle which embodies side y t .members andI a Vflexible connection `therebetwee/in saidylside" `members each supporting `a commodity carrying con'ipartment and also l embodies l securingv means lfor securing;r the l side members with their compartments closed upon each other in compartment closinpjconditionto completely enclose the commodity within the compartments-the receptacle or box having; the appearance of an `40 ordinary book to its shaperbnt it is to be made up of .material preferably ol paper of properquality and color such as tomalrc the box attractive and pleasing; to the eye.`

lith thev above and other objects inl view t5 the invention lresides inthe particular con-- striiction and arrangement oi"- partsliereinafter more fully described Iandillustrated in the accornpanying` drawings. 'n 'which q `Figure l is a perspective view.

Iet `Figi'nre 2 is a transverse sectional view and Figurel isa perspective view, the receptacle or bei: in closed condition.

Fure 4c isa Jers Dective view oit another (D l l :form of box.

i i M' ,f p rsaitoisoowrra or new Yonienrf 25,1919. semina 340,519. f l

" Figure is a transverse sectional. view.`

Finire` 6 lis .a detached perspective view oli the slide member.

snitableartistie designs` llndand side folds are passed along; `corresponding edges oli y members llwhich torni the sides `ol `the box.

These members ll are of snch"` width. and the wrapper 'lOl is ot sach width to provide a central intervening` portion l2. Amember 13 whoseends lllhave cnrvcd edges 15 `is arranged between the 'members ll at the central. vportion 12 and said member V13 is held 1n place by asheet ofmaterial 16 which 1s pasted thereto, as well as to side members @ne side wall 21 ot each compartment being` v ll.-`The memberl formsuthe baclr oi" the l l curved to simulate the ordinary pages otra l boolr as will bennnlerstood. Flach conipartment ,1 8 is providedwith a suitable cover` 22,

with their ends protrlulingmthe covers being` trictioinilly held closed and may be readily opened by exerting' a pull on the end ot either one ot the tabs. l

OFrom the foregoing; it will be nndcrstooih that the side members lil with their com` pertinents I8 may be brought together and .in this rond ion each compartment will be held closed and the commodity therein` sneh as candy orcipgarsiv may bewcompletely en-l closed within the box. Securing; means 2l comprising a 'flexible element 28 which has one end secured to the tree edge of one of the side members lle carries at its free end a fancifnl element29 which-is adapted to be inserted in a pocket 30 provided by the comvided with a cover having a transparent panel but no limitation is necessarily made to the use of covers of that particular type since in some instances it may be found desii-able to use covers or closures for the commodity carrying compartments as shown in Figures 4 and 5 of the drawing. As shown in the mentioned figures the commodity carryin'g' compartment 35 has hinged ask at 36 to one wall thereof a one piece Cover 37. This cover has attached thereto a finger tab 38 similar' to the linger tabs 26. rlhe other commodity carrying compartment 39 is provided with an inner liner 40 which is of less height than the sides of said compartment and provides a shoulder 4l which extends entirely around the inside of the compartment 39. A cover 42 comprising jointed or hinged sections 43 and 44 serves for the compartment 39. The section 43 thereof being hinged to one wallof 'said conrpartment as at Section 44 of Asaid'cover being provided with a mirror 46. AThe cover 42 is provided with a linger tab 47. By referring to Figure 5' of the drawing, it will be seen, that the sections 4S and 44 may be folded upon each other and both sections may then be moved to be supported by the shoulder 4 formed bythe liner 40 to closed position. lhen this particular box has served its uscfulness as a container for candy or for any other commodity it may be used as avanity box, the mirror being particularly useful in this connection since the ksections 43 and 44 of the cover may be moved to the positions shown by dotted lines in'Figure 5 of the drawing, one edge of the section 44 bcing brought into engagement With that portion of the shoulder 4l. formed by the por tion 4S of the liner 40.

Janother feature of the box shown in Figures 4 and is the slide element 49 shown in Figure G of the drawing. This element 49'is receiif'ed by a member 50 similar to the member 13 shown in the other form of the invention. The element 4) may be found useful for containing dillierent articles or there may be placed therein a inoisloned sponge in case the compartments of the box are iilled with cigars. The box shown in. Figures 4 and 5 like the box shown in Figures l, 2 and 3 embodies similar means for holding the compartments closed upon each other in closed box formation. l't consists of a heart shaped element 5l which is insert able in the pocket it is to be understood that the side inem bers of the box may be covered with any preferred material such as velvet or leather or any other material so that a variety o l" different boxes may be produced to suit different tastes.

lVhat is claimed as new is:

A receptacle comprising a hollow back member. sides, covering material attached to said hollow back member and said sides` the said material holding the hollow bark member disposed centrally of the sides and pro\f*iding a hinge connection between each of the sides and the hollow back member. a slide. `unit embodying a. compartment adapted to be received by said hollow back member, a compartment forming bottom. end and side members attached to carb of said sides, the compartments l'ormed by said bottom, end and side walls being spaced a distance equal to the width of said hollow back member, a closure having a trailsparent panel for earh of said compartments. and means for holding thc sides with their compartments closed upon each other, as and for the purposes specified,

In testimony whereof l have allixed :ry signature.


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