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Publication numberUS1445891 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 20, 1923
Filing dateDec 5, 1921
Priority dateDec 5, 1921
Publication numberUS 1445891 A, US 1445891A, US-A-1445891, US1445891 A, US1445891A
InventorsJohnson Charles A
Original AssigneeJohnson Charles A
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US 1445891 A
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Patented Feb. zo, 1923.

orarie lerares mmm PAT SENT' oHARLEs A. JOHNSON, or DETROIT, MICHIGAN.'

Appn'caaon fnedfneecimbe 5, 1921. serial in). 519,813.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, CHARLES A. JOHN- soN, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Detroit, in the county In the drawing the game board is'shown in plan View. i

form and having arranged'thereon 'a` series of concentric circles. Within a. vplurality of the outer circles are arranged representations of the cards of a standard deck. As shown, the outer circular zone B hasv the whole suit of spades and a part of thesuit of diamonds. The second circular -Zone C has the remainder of the suit of diamonds and all of the suit of clubs. The third letter designating a particular spot or facei card and the outer portion G of each seg ment is divided in sub-segments with representations, hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades, of the different suits. At the center of all of the circles is a pivot H for a spinning hand I, said hand extendingwith its point over the zone E. The segments F and G are divided from each other by lines .l which are not exactly radial but are at an angle to the radius so that it is impossible for the spinning hand to rest eXactly'on a division point. Outside of the outermost circle and in the corners of the rectangle are spots K, K, K2 and K3, on which chips maybestacked in the playing of any gaine requiring the same.

l/Vhile a board of the construction above described may be used for the playing of of Layne and State of Michi@m1 have in live-5.

' A is a board,l preferably of rectangularv circular zone D hasall of the suit of hearts various games, one game for which. it is adapted is as follows: u l The paola- Full .pack .of 52 cards.

Num/ ben 0f playera-Four, (partners, two'` j against two) or one against one. i

1 Range of @mida-'Trump rank fig-"40, K- 25, Q-B, 'df-35, right rbower,A tenel() Two of trumps doubles your' hand no'matter when drawn. L 'f i vtene-10` five-5.

Two of opposite color as trumps, yadd one half total number of points' of ,your hand tol the numbery of points infyour hand,

, y e5 Suit of the` same color yas trump, rank` 5011111211161 is equal to one halfits value.

Opposite suits, both colors, A4-2O1K15 Q*10 J-p-io cen-,40.A ff l Nines of opposite colors in trump, when` either 'oneis drawn,- the player forfeitsfone jhalfd'of the total number ofpoints in'his 1an when drawn in the same hand, Iplayer forfeits total number of points in his hand. The joker counts 100 points. First, spin the hand for trumps. `Each player spins alternately until each player has siX cards. y f

' `The player spins for a card and places a chip on his card, the player onhis left spinsl for theV next card 'and places a chip on hiscard. After each hand' is con1pleted,`each player adds the number of points-in his hand lto the score card. No two players can have two cards alike; theymustspin until each player has`a clear'hand of cards.

Both nines yof opposite color in truin'p, f

ywith numerals and initial letters therein vdesignating the individual cards of one suit, each sector being subdivided and having in the subdivisions a representation of the difvferent suits and the-outer Zones being divided into sectors with representations therein of allthe cards'of the deck arrangedin order andin suits. l

` 2. A game .comprising a board having a seriesv oit concentric circles thereon dividing the saine into a series of circular Zones) a K spinning hand pivote'dfat the center of said circles and Zones, a zone divided by nonradial lines into sectors, numerals and iiiitial letters in the several sectors representing all of thecards ot a suit, subdivisions ol: each sector with representations therein of the `-difl'erent suits and outer zones subdivided into sectors with the representation of all of the cards of a deck in said sectors, being arranged in series and in suits.

3. A game comprising a substantially rec of a single suit, subdivisions of each sector With characters therein representing all ot the suits, and representations oi all of the cards of the deck in the zones surrounding said )central Zones, said K cards ,being Yar- .ranged in order and in suits.

4l. A game comprising` a board having a series oif concentric circles thereon dividing the same into a series of circular Zones and radial lines dividing the outer of these Zones into sectors, a lrotating indicator mounted Within the inner of said circles and Zones, representationsA of an entire deck of cards consecutively arranged with respect to their knumber and kinds in said outer Zones.y and zones divided by non-radial lines into sec- Vtorsprovided With numerals and initial let-- ters representing all oi the cards ot' a suit and representations of the diiiei'ent suits in connection With said sectors.

5. A game comprising aboard having a series of concentric zones thereon. linesdividing the` outer of these Zonesv into sections, an indicator pivotally mounted Within the inner of said Zones, representations oi an entire deck of cards consecutively arranged with respect to their number and kinds in said outer Zones, and numerals and initial letters representing all of the cards of a deck andrepresentations of -the different 1 suits` disposed Within said inner Zones. l

In testimony whereof I affix myA signature.`


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