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Publication numberUS1446082 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 20, 1923
Filing dateMar 13, 1922
Priority dateMar 13, 1922
Publication numberUS 1446082 A, US 1446082A, US-A-1446082, US1446082 A, US1446082A
InventorsApplegate George H
Original AssigneeAnnie D Dalrymple, Halvar Tisell
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Combined locket and watch or clock
US 1446082 A
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, Feb. 20, 1923. G. FLAPPLEGATE COMBINED LOCKET AND WATCH R CLOCK Filed Mar. 15, 1922 EIEEIF E Phagaha mm muf fit therewith. The flange 15 can be provided with bendable tongues 17, which are adapted to be bent at right angles into engagement with the watch crystal 7 so as to prevent outward movement of the frame. The flange 16 can have formed thereon intermediate the tongue 17, the bendable tongues 18, which are adapted to be bent into engagement with the picture held by the frame, in order to prevent movement of the picture from out of the frame. clearly shown in Figures at, 5, and 6 of the drawings, a circular piece of celluloid or mica. 19 is inserted in the frame in engage ment with the flange 14- and with the flange 16. After the piece of mica, celluloid or other transparent protector has been placed in position, the pictureQO is placed in facial engagement with the transparent protector. After the picture has been placed in position, the tongues 18 are bent at right angles into engagement with the picture as heretobefore stated, and as clearly shown in Figure 6 of the drawings. Thus it can be seen that the picture 20 and its transparent protector 19 are confined respectively between the flange lt and the tongues 18. This forms an extremely simple means forv holding a picture in position on a watch crys 'tal, which is somuch desired by the public, and eliminates the necessity of placing the picture within the watch cover as is now the usual custom which necessitates the opening of the cover every time it is desired to view the picture.

Changes in details may be made, without departing from the spirit or scope of this invention; but,

I claim:

1. The combination with a watch or clock crystal having a central opening, of a picture frame fitted in the central opening.

2. The combination with a watch or clock including a crystal having a central axial opening therein, a picture frame fitted within the opening including a flange for engaging one face of the crystal, and bendable tongues for engaging the opposite face of the crystal and the picture to be placed with in the frame.

3. The combination with a time piece, including a crystal having an opening therein of a picture frame, means for detachably associating the frame with the wall of the opening, whereby said frame can be removed when the crystal becomes broken to permit the same to be associated with other time piece crystals.

4. The combination with a clock or watch crystal having a circular opening therein, of a frame for holding a picture including an annular body including inwardly extending abutting flanges formed on its opposite edges, inwardly extending parallel annular flanges formed on the second mentioned flanges for engaging in the opening and bendable tongues formed on thelast mentioned flanges for engaging respectively one surface of the crystal and the picture to be held in position.

5. The combination with a watch or clock crystal having an opening formed therein, of a frame for holding pictures shaped to conform to the configuration of the opening including a body, inwardly extending flanges formed on the opposite edges of the body, one of the flanges being arranged to engage the outer face of the crystal, and the other flange being adapted to extend toward the central portion of the opening, inwardly extending right angularly disposed abutting flanges formed on the first mentioned flanges and arranged in said opening and in engagement with the well thereof, a transparent picture protector disposed in the frame and in engagement with one of the first mentioned flanges which extends toward the central port-ion of the opening, a picture disposed in the frame in facial abutment with the transparent protector, and bendable tongues formed on the last mentioned flanges for engaging the inner face of the watch or clock crystal and the inner face of the picture, the bendable tongues lying with in the plane of the first mentioned flanges.


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U.S. Classification40/790, 368/278, 968/393
International ClassificationG04B45/00
Cooperative ClassificationG04B45/0092
European ClassificationG04B45/00P2