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Publication numberUS144608 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 18, 1873
Filing dateAug 20, 1873
Publication numberUS 144608 A, US 144608A, US-A-144608, US144608 A, US144608A
InventorsWilliam Fields
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Improvement in dumping-wagons
US 144608 A
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Specification forming fart of Letters Patent No. 144,608-, dated November 1B, 1873; application filed August 20, 1873.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, WM. FrELDs, of Wilmin gton, in the county of New Castle and State of Delaware, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Carts or Wagons for Hauling Goal; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it pertains to make and use it, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which form part of this specification.

The nature of my invention relates to an improvement in wagons or carts for hauling coal 5 and it consists in the arrangement and combination of devices, which will be more fully described hereafter, whereby the coal can be transferred from the cart into the cellar withoutthe dust and dirt that usually attend such an operation, and without stopping the travel along the sidewalk while it is being done.

V shaft, g, having` a crank, fi, upon one end, for

giving it motion, and a pinion, l, upon each side of the frame, which gear with racks 2, formed on the under sides of the body c, so as to move it back and forth, the body being fastened to the shaft by means of strapsor chains 8, so that it can be drawn backward into position, to be moved by the pinions after .having been tilted back to dump its load.

Hinged to the rear end of the body, at the top, is a gate, 4, held shut by hooks or other suitable devices, 5, which is used when it is desired to dump the whole load at once into a yard or other place. Through this gate is made an` opening of any desired size, which is closed by the pivoted sliding door 6, which moves up and down inside of the guide 7 so that the discharge of the coal can be regulated at will. Secured to the inside of the gate 4: there'is attached a curved guide, 8, on each side of the opening, so as to guide the whole body of the coal directly to it when the body is tilted back, without the trouble of having to use a shovel to force it over from the corners.

When it is desired to run the coal directly Inside of the chute are placed a number of rollers, o, over which is passed an endless apron, n, made of canvas or leather, and which is provided with the buckets 'vl By tilting the body back, and regulating the speed at which the coal runs into the chute,

and then turning the crank u, the apron will carry it forward and discharge it directly into the cellar, without the slightest dust or dirt.

For transportation, the chute will be placed upon the top of the wagon or cart, and carried from place to place.

Having thus described my invention, I claim- 1. The combination of the body e, hinged gate .4, small door 6, and curved sides 8, sub stantially as set forth.

2. The closed chute 9, in combination with the endless apron having buckets for carrying the coal across the sidewalk, substantially as set forth. Y

In testimony that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand.




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