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Publication numberUS1446577 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 27, 1923
Filing dateDec 17, 1921
Priority dateDec 17, 1921
Publication numberUS 1446577 A, US 1446577A, US-A-1446577, US1446577 A, US1446577A
InventorsNix James L
Original AssigneeNix James L
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Golf club
US 1446577 A
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Feb, 27, 1923 J. L. NIX.


Patented lileloD 27, TQZS,



i ,Application 4fillet?. December! i7, 1921. Serial No. @2,97%

.which the following is a specication, reference being had therein to the accompanyin drawing.

ity invention relates to improvements in golf-clubs and has for its object to provide means for adjustably weighting and balancin a club-head.

y means of my invention ,the player, employing only a screw driver as a tool may himself alter the weight and shift the center of gravity of the club, to the end of adjusting the club to the particularrequlrements of the player.


Fig. l is a median vertical sectional view of the head of a golf-club, embodying my invention.

Fig. 2 is a horizontal sectional view of the same taken on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a transverse vertical sectional view of the same. y

Figs. lf and 5 are perspective views of the weights or inserts employed.

Descrip tion.

As indicated in Fig. 2, for the purpose of this description, the golf-club head has the usual fac/e A, back B, heel C, and toe D, its top and bottom faces being contoured as illustrated in Fig. l; and the problem dealt with in this invention is to shift the balance of said head by means of removable wei.ghts,wthe weights themselvesV having characteristics hereinafter described.

To this end ll provide a metallic. back plate 6 removably held in place by screws 7 7, and serving to close the outer apertures of the pockets 8, extending into the club head as shown. Y

For use in said pockets '8 ll provide metallic insert 9-10, contoured to lit exactly in said pockets 8,=and punched out at one side of its normal center of gravity to form the apertures 11, for the purpose of'having the bulk of the weight at its-top, bottom, front or baclr when seated in the pocket 8. The weight 9 for example, is situated in its pocket with the aperture 1l uppermost, in order to add weight to the club-head at a peint beneath its normal center of gravity, and said weight 9 will he reversed Vwhen desired to shift its weight above said normal center of ravity. Similarly, thev insert l0 is reversib e end for end within either of the pockets 8, in order to shift the balance of the club head.

lt is obvious that the club head may be used if desired without inserts, or with in- The club head is provided with a groove l2 hold said plate accurately in position when secured in place by the screw 7.

.lln the commercial production of the club of my invention the club itself unweighted should preferably weigh about 9 ounces. rllhe back plates 6 may be furnished of various weights in aluminum, brass or other metals, to obtain a wide range of weight therein, and ,the inserts 9-10 may be furnished in a wide range of weights so as to provide for delicate adjustments ofthe weight of the club, by any desired fractions of ounces, to makethe total weight of lthe club precisely as desired, from the minimum weight to sixteen (16) ounces or more, at the same time providing the capacity of shifting the balance of the head of the club as desired, according to the dimensions of the pockets and the characteristics vof the weights.

While l have illustrated as the preferred form -of my invention rectangular pockets receiving the tongue 13 of the plate 6 to and rectangular inserts, either pockets or A inserts may be of any desired conformation provided that the inserts it accurately and in the tial object of my invention will be accomplished by the use of any form of pocket with an insert closely'iittin therein (so far as weight-adjustment of t e head is concerned), and (forkbalancing purposes) employing an insert so constructed that its weight may be `shifted lrelatively to the pocket (and therefore relatively to the clubhead) by reversing said insert, top-for-bottom or end-for-end as its construction may call for, Within said pocket.

While my invention requires a plurality of the pockets 8, they may be arranged and grouped in series or otherwise; said pockets eing of uniform contour and dimensions,

and the inserts being uniformly of a. size and comformation to lit precisely in, and completely filly either of said pockets.

. Claims.

Having thus described my invention, what l claim as new and desire to have se'- cured to me by the grant of Letters Patent, 1s v 1. In a golf club, a head provided with a series of pockets; an insert having an aperture formed at one side of its normal center. of gravity and arranged to be removably seated in either of'said pockets; and means for securing said insert when so seated.

meas?? 2. In a golf club, a head provided with a plurality of pockets of uniform contour and dimensions; an insert formed to coinpletely fill either of said pockets and having an aperture at one side of its normal center of gravity; `and means for removably seeurin said insert in place Within either of sai pockets. l

3. In a golf club, a head provided with a series of pockets; and an insert contoured to fit either fof said pockets and whose Weight may bel shifted relatively to the pocket by top-for-bottom or end-for-end reversal in sald pocket, said insert' having an aperture formed at one side of its normal center of gravity.

In testimony whereof I hereunto aix my signature.

, JAMES L. NIX. Witnesses:


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