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Publication numberUS1447145 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 27, 1923
Filing dateOct 20, 1917
Priority dateOct 20, 1917
Publication numberUS 1447145 A, US 1447145A, US-A-1447145, US1447145 A, US1447145A
InventorsMorell Harold W
Original AssigneeMorell Harold W
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Shoe case
US 1447145 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented Feb.` 27, 1923.

suon onse.y

Application led October 20, 19.1-7'7.l Serial Np; V19Z,76 `6l;

especially adapted for domestic use, and

which also forms a. taboret, stool,` or other similar article of furniture, the object of the invention being to provide an improved case or cabinet of this kind which is simple in construction, is ornamental in appearance, which can be made in a variety of designs and in which shoes can be kept out of the way and protected from dust and dirt.

The invention consists in the construction, combination and arrangement of devices hereinafter described and claimed.

In the accompanying vdrawings Figure l is a perspective view of a shoe case constructed and arranged in accordance with my invention and showing the same closed and adapted for use as a stool or taboret.

Figure 2 is a similar view of the same, completely open and displaying the shoes.

Figure 3 is a sectional view of the same.

My improved shoe case is here shown asl hexagonal but may in practice be of anyk suitable shape and may be constructed in any of a variety of designs. The bottom l and top 2 are connected by standards 3,

which are arranged in the angles or corners 1 and base bars 4.- are also employed which are secured on the bottom, near the sides thereof and are arranged between and secured to the lower portions of thestandards. Preferably the topor seat is upholstered as at 5 and casters 6 are also preferably provided', on which the case is mounted and which facilitate moving the case from place to place. The sides of the oase are formed by doors or members 7 which are of the size and shape adapting them to flt and close between the standards andthe top and base bars, said sides or members 7 being hinged at their lower sides to the base bars as at 8 and the hinges adapting said members 7 to be readily closed or to be opened. Each member 7 is provided near its upper end with a centrally arranged lmob y10 and is also connected to the top by a cord 11, the said cords serving to hold the members 7 in an inclined position when the members are opened. outwardly, as shown in .Figure 2.

A pair of shoes may be placed on the inner side of each member 7, toe downward, as shown, andeach member 7 is provided with a cord loop 12 to engageover and varound the shoes and retain them' in place. Each cord loop is preferably of two pieces of cord, l

secured at their outer ends to one of the members 7 and tied together by a single knot. Hence the cord loops may be adjusted according to the size of the shoes to be held thereby on the member 7. By closing the member 7 the shoes are all arranged in the case, out yof sight and o-ut of thevway and are kept in order and protected from dust and dirt. By opening any one of the mem`l bers 7 the shoes thereon are ldisplayed and may be readily taken therefrom.- f

Suitable locks or catches such as indicated at 18 are preferably employed at the upper placing them on the central portion of the bottom, as will be understood.

While I havey herein shown and described a lpreferred form of my invention, I would have it understood that changes may be made'in the form, proportion and construction of theseveral parts', without departing from the spirit of my invention and within the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, I claim Y v l. A shoe receptacle and stool comprising a bottom, a top, standards connecting lthe bottom with said top, base bars secured on the bottom and connected at their ends with the 'adjacent standards, the standards and said top and bottom'respectively combining to define openings at the sides of the'struo ture, the openings thus 'deinedall extending unobstructedly vto the vertical center of the structure,` doors hinged at their lower edges to the said base bars and having upper free ledges adapted to close beneath the top of the receptacle, and means on said bars for supporting engagement with the vamp portionsvof the shoes whereby when the respective doors are closed, the uppers-of all of 2. A combined receptacle and stool oomprising an enclosure embodying a plurality of spaced standards defining intervening openings therebetween, the central portion of the enclosure being in direct communicetion with all of said openings, closures hngedly mounted in the openings and flening the sides of the enclosure and means on the closures for supporting shoes so that HAROLD W. MORELL.

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U.S. Classification312/235.2, 312/328, 211/35, 297/188.13, 206/748, 312/285
International ClassificationA47B61/04, A47B61/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47B61/04
European ClassificationA47B61/04