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Publication numberUS1447265 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 6, 1923
Filing dateApr 28, 1921
Priority dateApr 28, 1921
Publication numberUS 1447265 A, US 1447265A, US-A-1447265, US1447265 A, US1447265A
InventorsAsa R Purdy
Original AssigneeRuberoid Co
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Means of identifying prepared roofing
US 1447265 A
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may. e, 1923. Y 1,441265 A. R. PURDY MEANS OF IDENTIFYING PREPARED ROOFING Filed Apr. 28, 192i Patented. Mar. 6, 1923.

narran s'Ares raraar carica.




Application ale@ april 2e, rsa1. serial no. teams.

To all wlw-m, it 1mg cof/wem.'

Be it known that I, ASA R. PURDY, a c-itizen of the United States, residing at Boundbrook, in the county of Somerset and State of New, Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Means of iden tit'ying Prepared Roofings, of which the following is a specification.

The invention relates to means of identitying the origin of manufacture of prepared roofing products, and it may be used on any of such products as roll roofings, strips, and shingles.

The larger manufacturers of prepared rooings generally have several plants located in diii'erent sections of the country, and it has been found desirable to provide the products with some means whereby the origin oi' manufact-ure can be readily established so as to enable the manufacturer or other interested person to determine in which of the plants any particular product was made.

Attempts have heretofore been made to accomplish this object by stamping markings on the coating of the prepared rooting material but because of the nature of the coating, which consists of bituminous compositions, the markings are very easily efaced or become obliterated through the action of the weather or from other causes.

repared rooings are usually sold with a guaranty as to their durability and accordingly it is highly desirable that the manufacturer or dealer have some means of read.

ily identifying the product as to the time or place of its origin.

According to my invention l accomplish this object by providing an identification mark consisting of a thread imbedded in the coating of the product, which thread provides a permanent means of identification and can be easily and cheaply applied to the product in the course of manufacture.

In the accompanying drawings illustrating an embodiment of the invention,

Figure l, is a plan View of a fragment of a sheet of prepared roofing showing the identifying means,

Figure 2, is a conventional cross-section thereof, and

Fig. 3 is a plan view of a fragment of a.

' web showing an arrangement of the identifying threads and indicating by dotted lines the manner of cutting so that one thread will ap ear on each element to be cut.

eferring to the drawings, 1 indicates a sheet of prepared roofing material consisting of a foundation or backing (a) of felt or other suitable fabric saturated and coated with bituminous compositions. lf desired the material may be provided with the usual facing of crushed slate or other mineral particles. In the manufacture of the material of the coatings (b) and (6') are applied in melted or plastic conditlon by means of heated coating rolls or other su itable means. Such prepared roofings, and the methods of making the same, are well known in the art and are referred' to herein merely for the purpose of describing the invention.

In carrying outthe invention I apply one or more threads 2 to one of the coatings, preferably to or lower`surface, while the coating composition is still in heated soft condition. The threads may be applied by means of rollers or in other suitable manner so as to become imbedded in the coatin When the coating cools and hardens the t read will rmly adhere to the coating and form an integral part of the product.

Threads of di :erent colors and arranged in a variety of di'erent combinations may be used to identify the various products either as to the time or place, or both, of


ln using the identifying means on shingles vthe threads are so arranged on the web or sheet from which vthe-shingles are cut that at leastone thread'will appear on each completely severed shingle. Y

From the foregoing description it will be seen that in invention provides identifying means w ich can be applied readily during the course of manufacture and will form a permanent part of the product. In other words my invention provides prepared roofing products with` inherent identification marks.

While l prefer to employ threads for the identification marks it is to be understood that various other substances, 4such as cords, ribbons, tapes, o r the like, may be used, and


the coating (b) of the under 'pared roofing of a thread of distinctive color imbedded in the coating of the underside of the element. 4. The process of providing bituminized Lea-7,2m

rooiing fabrics with manufacture identification means, which consists in applying a thread to a coating of the fabric while the coating is soft and sticky under the influ-l ence of heat, and cooling the fabric so as to cause the thread to firmly adhere to the coating.

5. The process of providing roofing elements with manufacture -identification means, which consists inA applying a plu-` rality of threads to the coating of a web of bituminized fabric While the-coating is soft and sticky under the influence of heat in such arrangement that at least one thread will lie within the outlines of each element to be cut from the web, cooling the fabric to cause the threads to adhere firmly to the coating, and cutting the web into elements of desired size and shape.


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