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Publication numberUS1447358 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 6, 1923
Filing dateSep 13, 1921
Priority dateSep 13, 1921
Publication numberUS 1447358 A, US 1447358A, US-A-1447358, US1447358 A, US1447358A
InventorsJr William Seguine
Original AssigneeJr William Seguine
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Golf score card
US 1447358 A
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Mar. 6, 1923.


FILED SEPT-13, i921.

THE BLUE RIDGE GOLF SCORE mMmI lllllll A TTORNE Y addition if A, Fi'Qr exainp'leyshould. have the low strokes ii'or the FfiHoleQf ,:A and B as a 1. tea-n1; a I eMgr'anted another point. It is thus possible to win two poihtsdoneeachFHole? in, this manner, which can-. be regarded by two the pOintbf the card-Which may.

ried by a player Withdut' having 130 carry pen 7 v 01? pencil 101' jbtheii mai'1ti11gdexiice While he I 'egtp 'ession is xised' eolloquially in thegarrie .01 golf t0, designate the j winner of'the H 7,. "g V Provision is 1n the Nassau system of scoring wherem a point i'sallotted for each'Best ball?" and an additional point .fof each Low total]? Thus; if A andB io posqc and Das teams, and if the strokesof A plus B are less than (1 plus D; A'and B are, granted a point. In

pricks," or punches, in the appropriate square;

givinfandgthus 'previding. a 1 .6 Very convenlentl y caris playing. t 1 Q, Theiscore card, ofthe; type of the imPITO YB d ca'rclqof the inventiongoffeif's great ease in correcting errors. r:In1,.the'- score cancl lkept with a pencil, an error in recording thescoreV callsffor. erasure when possibly no means,- for erasur e a're convenient, Anerror in r'ecoidg ing the score withthe improved card ,o-ftheinventiozi'can be easily rectified by punching:

, neMQrmoreadditional 110198; in'the square made for recording the poilits tance ii ebrreetlypunjched and then pimching fthe f con ect ,scere in the appropriate square 7 4 A ili j eliadv t eeiqi thehimpf d e d 0f the invention isthat'it' provides a permanent legiblelfeco rd zn ot subject to the i111- conveniencesaficlillegibility uch as attend the use of a pen or pencil.

Ic1ai'hi:-, i g01fsco1 e .car jd cdmprising' asheet ruled taprofvide a plurality of designated spaces, series 193?; 111 11111613 lfepresentingl the holespt a gQlf. cdur' each jo iwhich d m -r e Qn id paces, p u a yk otc em ters representing players each of L said spaces, each-pf saidspa cesbei ig;subdivided tifiesjon 131116: last-named spaces for eahg; chanaqte player. for each hole may beIrecQrdedQ i 2. gplf -scor'e card ICOIDRIfiSi- IIg ayrs heet holes jetagqlf course designated by the., v

e n fielei i f sai t 'pa es n snb 1 div d d to-spr v deia plurality i des na ede p l p ur l ty f: -.l ge ds en ifyin further] subcli vitleci "to j prfoyide 1- er na d p es-' orea h r fusa num eredi nd i en ifi d y the e Strokes?! whereby; e qh. "SUTQke -,Q 1. 911: Pl er bre h hole m ybe ee a s! or T@Q rd g e b 09m ora h e j .n a de i e s e ln the Sh e -k -t 1 cording the total results.

t m9nywh'e1f I fl xmy s netm h r y ach l, sl ic' k O @9 11; 1

ehar e eraii i

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U.S. Classification283/49
International ClassificationA63B71/06
Cooperative ClassificationA63B71/0672
European ClassificationA63B71/06D8B