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Publication numberUS1447500 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 6, 1923
Filing dateApr 26, 1920
Priority dateApr 26, 1920
Publication numberUS 1447500 A, US 1447500A, US-A-1447500, US1447500 A, US1447500A
InventorsAinsworth George R
Original AssigneeAinsworth George R
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Lighting fixture
US 1447500 A
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Mar. 6, 1923.

' 1,447,500. G. R. AINSWORTH.


ar. 6, was



Application filed April 26, 1920. Serial No. 376,620.

vices which are designed to provide for illu minating a room by semi-indirect light and which at the same time will illuminate the shade mounted .upon the fivture. The inventionis more particularly adapted for use in connection with floor lamps or portable table lamps.

Devices ofthi-s character with which I am familiar are all so very expensive by reason of their construction. as to be beyond reach of any but the wealthiest class of people. My invention has for its object to provide a device which will be so simple in its construction that it can be manufactured at a very slight expense, thus making an improvement available for all classes of people, with the attendant, beneficial results from the use of this class of lighting.

My means of accomplishing the foregoing objects may be more readily understood by having reference to the accompanying drawings which. are hereunto annexed and are a part of this specification, in which- Fig. 1 is a side view partially in section of my improvement applied to a standard lamp socket.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary detail view of the device.

Similar reference numerals refer to similar'parts throughout the entire description.

As shown in the drawings, the device comprises an electric socket 1 which is of the standard construction such as put out by standard manufacturers of sockets, and is provided with the thread 2 acent its end, and which fits the standard 2}" or 3:1" holder. v I

Upon the reduced portion 3 of the socket 1, I mount a split ring 4 which is of suiticient thickness to bring its outer wall above the apex of the threads 2. About the split ring 4, I mount an annular member 5 which fits tightly over the split ring and is provided with a curved lower wall as at 6, adapted to engage the shoulder 7, Where the reduced portion 3 terminates.

In the annular member 5-, I mount a plurality of radially extending rods 8 which may be secured in t-he'annular member 5 by threads, solder, or any other suitable or convenient means of fastening may be employed. These rods 8 extend outwardly and may be constructed to carry a shade 9 which may be of any suitable or desired configuration or construction.

A standard holder 10 is screwed upon the threads 2, forcing the annular member 5 down tightly against the shoulder 7, thus holding this member and in consequence the shade 9, firmly. Upon the holder 10 which is provided with the usual set screws 11. is mounted a shade 12 which is preferably constructed so as to direct the maximum light flux emitted by the electric lamp bulb l3, upwardly, although it permits a portion of the rays, as indicated in the dotted lines, to pass through and down to the reading or working plane.

It will be apparent from the foregoing description that by this simple device, it becomes possib to transform any of the ordinary portal le lamps, either table or floor, when equipped with a standard socket, so that it will be susceptible of producing a desirable type of illumination, and without requiring any changes whatever in the construction of the standard of the portable or floor lamp and Without materially increasing the expense.

Having described my invention what I regard as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. In a'device of the character described, the combination with a standard electric lamp socket having threads adjacent one end, of a split ring mounted upon the reduced portion of the socket, an annular member mounted about the split ring adapted to engage the shoulder on the socket, a shade holder having threads fitted to and coinciding with the, threads on the socket which abuts against the annular member, and means secured to the annular member to support a shade, for the purpose set forth the shoulder on the socket, and means car- 3. The combination with a standard electrio lamp socket, of an eleotrie bulb mounted therein,- a shade enclosing said bulb adapted to direct a part of the light rays upwardly, a shade holder secured to the socketon which saidshade rests, a second 10 shade surroundingthe socket, shade and lamp bulb, an annular member mounted on said socket intermediate the shade holder and the shoulder on said socket, expansible and comprelwible means mounted on said socket on which said annular member 1s tightly fitted, and means secured thereto I

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U.S. Classification362/304, 362/413, 362/307, 362/414
International ClassificationF21V17/00, F21S6/00, F21V17/12, F21V7/00
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