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Publication numberUS1447918 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 6, 1923
Filing dateSep 21, 1921
Priority dateSep 21, 1921
Publication numberUS 1447918 A, US 1447918A, US-A-1447918, US1447918 A, US1447918A
InventorsZacher Warner F
Original AssigneeZacher Warner F
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Changeable sign
US 1447918 A
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Mahfi, 1923'. v mam w. F. ZACHER CHANGEABLE SIGN Filed Sept 21, 1921 V Warner E Z acher.



Patented Mar. 6, 1923.



Application filed September 21, 1921. Serial No. 502,090.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WVARNER F. ZAGHER, a cltizen of the United States, residing at 'Fargo, in the county of Cass and State of North Dakota, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Changeable Signs; and I do hereby'declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same. I

This invention relates to a changeable sign or exhibitor. A I a The object is to provide a novel, improved and simplified construction having individual interchangeable letters or display panels to enable different signs to be provided at will, usually electrically illuminated, and of the equivalent construction to that hereinafter described with reference to accompanying drawings, of one practical embodiment, and then claimed.

In said drawings Figure 1 is a front elevation of the improved changeable sign;

Figure 2 is a plan view thereof;

Figure 3 is a cross section on the line 83 of Figure 1;

Figure 4 is a detail view of the sign frame proper with several panels placed therein;

Figure 5 is a detail perspective view of one of th fastening strips, and

Figure 6 is a detail perspective view of the fastening block member for the panels.

Referring specifically to the drawings wherein like reference characters designate like or similar parts, a casing A is provided of any suitabl shape and made of any desired material, preferably being a composite metal and wood structure. This casing is adapted to be illuminated in any suitable manner, as by one or more electric lamps 7 to which current is supplied by wires 8 in circuit with any suitable source of current supply.

At the front, said casing A is open and along its edges at the sides and bottom is provided with a groove or channel 9. At the top, the casing is cut away at 10 to a suitable distanc in the rear of the channel 9.

An opaque or transparent sign B is adapted to be removably disposed in the channel 9 for illumination from the lamps 7. This sign B has a frame 11, rectangular in shape, one end of which at 12 is pivoted to the remainder at 13 and adapted to be detachably fastened thereto by a hook13 engageable with an eye 14 on appropriat parts of the frame. Said frame 11 comprises side and end bars as shownbeing ofchan nelformation or U-shaped in cross section so as to pro cent panel 17 of, any desired color or material is disposable in the grooves 16a Also disposable in said grooves 16 are individual sign panels 18some of which have letters 'vide grooves 16. A transparent or transluor other data provided thereon as at19, preferably by stenciling so that the rays ,oflight from lamp 7 may vpenetrate the same. Others of the panels 18 are plainand serve as fillers as shown. lThese panels are preferably disposed in rows one upon the other and extending longitudinally of the frame. Two rows may be used as illustrated in F igure 1. The ends outermost of the panels 18 of the rows are disposed in the adjacent grooves 16. Disposed on the adjacent ends of said panels 18 are substantially U-shaped resilient clips 20. Thes clips are preferably of the same size and of a length equivalent to the width of the panels. The clips 20 of the transversely alined panels contact as shown. Due to the provision of the clips 20, the panels 18 may be maintained with their outer ends disposed in the grooves 16 against displacement. Fastening of said panels 18 in such manner is further secured, by means of a block or fastening strip 21 which has a longitudinally extending groove 22 therein. This block is slidable longitudinally either in front of or in rear of the panels but preferably in front of them as shown, with the groove 22 receiving portions or adjacent flanges 20 of the clips 20 projecting beyond the panels 18 with the free longitudinal edges of said flanges in frictional contact with the upper and lower walls of the block 21 at the groove 22. The block also serves to maintain all of the clips 20 in alinement and avoids relative lateral movement of the panels 18 at their meeting edges when arranged in rows as shown.

It will be understood. that the panels 18 may be selectively used to build up an appropriat sign within the frame 11, while the end or closure 12 is open. After such sign has been built up, with the clips 20 intermediate the adjacent ends of the panels of the sign, the appropriate switch or switches for the lamps 7 are closed. The light from the lamps 7 passes through the letters 19 and the panel 17 and thus produces an illuminated slgn.

Changes within the spirit and scope may be resorted to.

Having thus described my invention What I claim is 1. A sign having a frame, two rows of panels, means to removably mount said panels therein. clips at opposed ends of said panels, said frame in combination with said clips being adapted to retain the panels, a fastening member having a groove, and said clips having portions receivable in said grooves in frictional contact with the walls thereof.

2. A sign having a frame, two rows of panels, means to reinovably mount said panels therein, clips substantially U-shaped in cross section straddling opposed ends of said panels and being in contact, said frame in combination with said clips being adapted to retain the panels, a fastening strip having a groove, and said clips having portions extending into said groove with their adjacent terminal edges in frictional contact with the walls thereof.

3. A sign having a frame consisting of channelled bars, one of said bars being a movable closure, means to secure said closure against movement relatively to the remainder of the frame, sign panels in two rows having their outer ends removably disposed in the channels of the bars, retaining clips for the sign panels insertible intermediate the opposed ends of the rows of panels, flanges on said clips, a fastening strip having a groove into which said flanges xtend, and said flanges frictionally engagingwalls in said groove.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


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U.S. Classification40/576
International ClassificationG09F7/08, G09F7/02
Cooperative ClassificationG09F7/08
European ClassificationG09F7/08