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Publication numberUS1447954 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 6, 1923
Publication numberUS 1447954 A, US 1447954A, US-A-1447954, US1447954 A, US1447954A
InventorsPaul Vv
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pelham manor
US 1447954 A
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' soya bean oil are bo led and heated with Patented Mar. 6, ldfid.



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a vegetable oil which is particularly adapted as a'froth-producing material in the flota tion process of recovering metals.

In the manufacture of paints and varnishes, various types of drying oils such as linseed oil, tung 011, china wood oil and resins, gums, pigments and other materials to form the finished products. In these heating operations, the fumes are driven oil from the boiling and heating kettles which'consist of vapors and volatile oils and some com paratively permanent gases- These fumes heretofore have been exhausted through stacks and were a great source of annoyance to the community around the paint and varnish factory because they were very noxious and gave a disagreeable deposit. Examiner tion of these fumes has'shown that they contain an oil distillate formed-from the drying oils which may be se arated from the other constituents of the umes by condensation. This distillate is an oxidizable oil which is well adapted for use in the flotation process of recovering metals and for other purposes. To recover the oxidizableoil, the fumes being driven off from. the heating kettles are collected in fume-collectors and passed. through a series of condensers. densers may consist of tubes which are cooled by means of air, cooling liquids, refrigeration materials, or a combination of two or more of these. The distillate from the drying oils is oxidizable'and air maybe led into thecondensing tubesto oxidize the fumes while they are in the hot state so that the distillate will be oxidized to a grea er or less extent whenit is condensing. In accordance with the amount of airadmitted to the condensing tubes, a greater or smaller amount of the distillate. will be completely oxidized when it is recovered from the corn The con-' o xIDIzABLE om.

Application filed October 3, 1918. Serial Ti le. 258,738.

tail description of the method of and apparatus for recovering the improved distillate; The improved oil distillate will condense at temperatures below 75 F., and a relatively larger proportion of the fume will be condensed as the temperatures are carried down to 0 F. and lower. The distillate which has been condensed at temperatures below 75 F. down to 32 F. is a comparatively stable liquid and below temperatures of 32 F. the distillate isa semi-solidv- The maximum boiling point of the distillate is not materially above 75 F.

The stable liquid distillateat tempera tures between 35 and F. is an oxidizable vegetable oil which may be used with oer-- tain kinds of minerals in the flotation separation process to produce a light foam or froth for carrying the metallic particles and sulfides in the minerals. The agitation of the oil distillate particularly by means of air as well as by mechanical agitation, serves to break up the oil-to form a comparatively light and thick froth which is particularly adapted for carrying certain types of metallic and. sulfide particles.

The oil distillate'which is called linorienated oil, may be oxidized "by means of air or other oxidizing agents so that it can be converted into a semi-solid or solid condition int? been thHSJlQSCIllOQ a What is Claimed as i new is: v

1. An oxidizable oil comprisinga dis-, tillate of an air-drying fatty oil which has a condensing point below 75 F. and congeals to a semisolid condition at a temperature below 32 F.

2. An oxidizable oil comprising a dis tillate of linseed oil which has a condensing point below 7 5 F,

3. A21 miidizable comprising a partially axidimd di "r'llate of am air drying fatizy oil. A21 omdizabie oil comprising pma tbimlly @zidized disiifiat/a 01 linseed oil.

5.- An ozzidimbie oil comprisin a mixfiure 50;? oxidized and mon-axidized dlsfiiliams of Kins sad oil. 1

". An oxidimbfie 0H inflame of an mil whic'l cnmpxising dishave hereunto set my hand.


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U.S. Classification554/24
Cooperative ClassificationC09F7/00