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Publication numberUS1448259 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 13, 1923
Filing dateOct 7, 1921
Priority dateOct 7, 1921
Publication numberUS 1448259 A, US 1448259A, US-A-1448259, US1448259 A, US1448259A
InventorsCook Fred E
Original AssigneeCook Fred E
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Ice-cream-cone carrier
US 1448259 A
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Mar. 173, 1923.

Filed Oct.




- Application filed october 7, 1921.

Toa/.ZZ wltomz't may concern:

Be it known that I, F RED. E. COOK, a citizen of the United States, residing at Syraf cuse, in the county of Onondaga and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Ice- Cream- Cone Carriers, of which the following 1s a specification. Y

This invention relates to improvements in ice-cream cone carriers, and has for' its object' to provide a novel, simple, light and inexpensive device of the class, for supporting and carrying a plurality o f the cones, the latter being arranged in a circle concentric to a handle. And a further object is to provide a cone-carrier, which is .constructed entirely of wire in two parts which are held together in a novel manner, and wherein one of the members of the device. performs the functions of a handle by which thedevice may be carried, and also a base by which the device may be supported 1n the upright position whether loaded or empty. v

I attain these objects b the means set forth in the detailed description which follows, and as illustrated by the accompany l indrawing, in whichigure 1 -is a top-plan view of the complete device. And Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the same, the dotted lines showing the manner of applying the ice-cream cones.

In the drawing, 2 represents the base, consisting of a relatively large circular loop formed at the end of a wire 2, the said loop being disposed in a horizontal plane and l servingas the sole support for the complete device, when the latter is not being handled. From the loop 2' a ortion of the wire, as 2, is extended radial y towards the center of the loo afterv which it is bent to provide a vertica stem 2b, which is disposed at right angles to the plane of the loop 2', and then the top-end of the stem is formed into an angular loop or hand-grip 2, as best seen in Fig. 2.

The support or holder for the cones 3 coinprises a sin le piece of wire 4, whichis folded and ent upon itself a number of tlmes, for providing a half-dozen or *more radially disposedl integral arms 4', whose free outer ends are formed into substantially circular loops 4a, into which the cones 3 may be disposed and held by gravity, as shown in Fig. 2. The loop-arms 41 are preferably made exactly alike and equidistantly spaced, and the said arms are all preferably serial iro. 506,052.

disposed a common best seen 1n Fig.

horizontal, plane, as 2. In constructing the cone holder, the wire may be fashioned and bent around or over a suitable form, in a well-known manner, for effecting the shaping, Iwell asthe spacing of the loop-arms, and the ends of the wire 4 are preferably positioned, as shown at 4" in Fig. 1,-adjacent the center of the holder, 4c of the arms converge. The short bends 4 approach closely to the vertical axis of-the carrier, and provide 'a clear opening in which the vertical stem 2b of the handle' is disposed (see Fig. 1). and handle-stem are. placed in position, these parts are held rigidly in place b similar discs of tin or other suitable meta 55, which are of suitable diameter to overlay the converging bends 4c which the discs are preferably soldered. The discs 5-5 are perforated centrally to receive the stem 2b, and the solder (not shown) also rigidlysecures the stem in place.

the cone-supporting arms are 80 In practice, first formed-up, and then the wire 2b is inserted between the bends 4c, preferably before one or the other of the loops 2 and 2c are formed. The discs 5--5A are also slip ed over the wire 2b before the hand Vor loops 2-2 are formed. By disposing the ends of the wire 4 close `to the center of the holder, as herein shown, the said ends are securely, held in place by the discs.

My cone carrier isextremely simple, light 9@ and compact, and may be produced at slight expense, and affords a convenient means for carrying the cones, without danger of the melting cream comin clothes or hands, an is so slight, that it may be given away with the cones, or it may be retained by the purchaser and repeatedly used for carrying subselient purchases of the cones.

aving'thus described my invention, what 100 l. A cone carrier, includin a wire bent upon itself `to provide a lurality of integral radial arms, the outer en -of lsaid arms comprising circular loops formed ,from interme- 105 diate portions ofsaid wireaiid adapted to receive and support the vcones by gravity, and a wire disposed vertically betweenthe inner ends of said supporting the device, and

where the inner ends @o After the cone-support of the loop-arms, to

oot ne into contact with ones the cost of thecarrier @e arms, having .integral loops at its opposite ends for carrying and 1w ed to support the cones by gravity, the inner ends of said arms being spaced around the axis of the holder, a vertically disposed' member inserted centrally between said inner ends and` having its opposite ends formed into integral loops,and discs overlaying the inner ends ot said arms and engaging said member for holding all of said parts togethen 3. ln a cone carrier, a-holder for a plu` rality of cones, comprising a numberl of in tegral armsl disposed in a common horizontal plane and converging towards the vertical axis of the holder, a member disposed inthe line ot said axis adjacent the inner ends ot said arms, the lower end of said member beneath the arms having a loop disposed par--y allel to the said arms, the `upper end of said member above the arms heing'formed into a'hand-loop, and a perforated plate disposed concentric to said member and said inner ends for holding said arms andsaid member. rigidly in place.

t. A cone carrier comprising a holder formed from a single wire bent upon itself to provide a plurality of radiating arms integrally joined at their outer ends 1n pairs Maaate by loops adapted to support the cones, an upright member extending axially between the inner ends of the radiating arms above --and below the same, andv means carried by said upright member for supporting and concealing the inner ends ot said arms.

5. A cone carrier comprising an upright support, a holder. ormed from a single length of wire extending radially from the inner ends of said arms in ixed relation and connecting the same to said support.

d, A cone carrier comprising an upright support, a holder formed trom a 'single length of wire extending radially from the support to provide a cone-engaging part thence returning toward the support and a e in.;

again radiating therefrom to provide anothercone-engaging part and then returning toward the support, and a pair ot cooperating disks or plates carried by the support and engaging above and below the inner ends of said arms to support the same in fixed relation.

lin testimony whereof li-aiix my signatureo FRED E. (300K.

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