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Publication numberUS1449233 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 20, 1923
Filing dateFeb 8, 1921
Priority dateFeb 8, 1921
Publication numberUS 1449233 A, US 1449233A, US-A-1449233, US1449233 A, US1449233A
InventorsRobert Kuhn
Original AssigneeRobert Kuhn
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Massaging apparatus with revolving eccentric sections
US 1449233 A
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'Mar, 20, 1923.

1,449,233; R. KUHN.


Man ill,

u y w v i a: l i. ii an ROBERT K'i'l'HN, 01E BERLIN, GERIJEANY.


Application filed February 8,

Serial no. inance.


To all whom may concern Be it known that l, Bonner KiiriN, a citizen of the German Republic, residing" at Berlin, Germany, have invented certain new and useful improvements in T-lassaging Apparatus with Revolving Ecceitric Sections for which Ihave an application in Germany, Mar. 24- 1914), of which the toliowing is a specificat on.

lhere have already become lrnown apparatuses for massage of the kind in which eccentric massaging bodies arranged upon a flexible shai t at determined distances apart. lVith such massaging;- apparatus it is only possible to massage at certain points, the tl" *'ibility of the which carries the mass? ng bodies, preventing in any cases a favourable action as the massaging bodies can yield instead of acting etiectively upon the human body.

This invention has for its hject to use a inassag an apparatus for suriace massaging in utilizing the well known eccentric SGi'iZlODS as massaging bodies. These eccentrio sections mounted, according to the invention, so that they are in close contact with one another and form together a continuous rigid massaging shaft, whose eccentric bodies produce a massaging action successively along the entire length of the shaft. It this revolving shaft 18 being" moved over a part of the human body which has to be massagedthe entire surface of the body situated below the shaft is massaged at the same time. The eccentric sections of the massaging shaft can all he cut out of one shaft or they can consist of separate sections which are tightly mounted upon a rigid shaft.

In order that the invention may be clearly understood 1 shall proceed to describe the same with reference to the example or con struction shown in the accompanying drawing.

the massage apparatus consists ot a U- shaped holder 0 in which the rigid snaiit a of the mass-a ing apparatus is mounted so e: that it can be connected with the flexible shaft 6. Upon said shaft n a hollow rod 7 mounted which has been turned on the lathe so same diai in such sections tie one quently tricity will that a number of adjacent sections r different eccentricity are produced. lhe several sections of said oi the human body which iasto be massaged, and said eccentric sections are dis- J. L

over the entire length of said rod,

the massaging action upon the correspondpoint or the human body will take place successively said she;

' along the entire length of at every revolution of the same.

p r1 U 1 r lne niassae'ing action is based upon the lie strokes which depends on the amplitude of the eccentricity oi the sections of the r massage share a od 70 and it may be called surface as with every revolution of the the nur erous sectlons of the rod 70 act simultaneously along the entire length J: L v or the s halt a.

The above described efi ect could also be obtained if the rod 76 was composed of a certain number ot'separate sections mounted 'on the shaft a tact wit shaft a. tions of wood.

so that they are in close conh one another and fixed upon said The rod 70 or the eccentric secthe same are preferably made from I claim improved massaging apparatus for surface massage comprising in combination with a "c -shaped holder, a rigid shaft revolubly mounted in said holder, a flexible drivi shalt, a

shaft connected with said rigid hollow rod of wood upon said rigid shaft, said rod consisting oi a number of sections of erent eccentricity, substantially as described and shown and for the purpose 9 in e SlltitlCe set forth. improved massaging; apparatus. for massage comp using in comhinatlon shaped holder. a rigid shaft revanted in said holder, flexible driving shaft connected with said rigid shaft, and periorated. sectlons of Wood whlch possess chfierent eccentrlcity mount- In testimony whereof I aflix my signature 1n presence of two wltnesses.

- ed'upon saidrigid shaft so that they are in ROBERT, KUHN the purpose set forth.

close Contact the one with the other, sub- Witnesses:

stentially as described and shown and for D. LUCIAN GOTTULES,


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U.S. Classification601/118
International ClassificationA61H15/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61H15/0085
European ClassificationA61H15/00B2