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Publication numberUS1449294 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 20, 1923
Filing dateJan 21, 1920
Priority dateJan 21, 1920
Publication numberUS 1449294 A, US 1449294A, US-A-1449294, US1449294 A, US1449294A
InventorsHeard Respess
Original AssigneeWurldsbest Rainshield Ventilat
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US 1449294 A
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Mar. 20, 1923.



application filed January 21, 1920.

To all who/ml 'it 711mg/ con-cern.'

lle it known that l, Himno llasrnss, a citizen of the United States, and resident of the borough of Manhattan, city of New York, in the county of New York and State ot New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in a. Ventilator', of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to ventilators, and its object is the production ot a ventilator that can be easily located in place in the window frames or other openings ot buildings and the like. lt is provided with openings that are protected by hoods, by means ot' which a full flow ot air can be obtained through the ventilator, but prevent rain, slect and snow passing therethrough when the ventilator is in proper operative position. A. perforated or Wire screen may also be provided to protect the openings ot the ventilator to make it insect proof. The ventilator may be made of one plate with the openings and hoods pressed therein and of a predetermined size to tit the opening of a window. Extension members may be supported on the plate, so that the ventilator may be adjusted to openings of various widths.

Fig. 1 shows an inside elevation of a window frame with the improved Ventilator, both having portions thereof broken away; lP ig. 2 shows the outside elevation of the ventilator; Fig. 3 represents a section as on the line 3, 3 ot Fig. 1 and Fig. t shows a section on the line 4. 4 of Fig. 1.

A. window frame is indicated with the vertical side members and the bottom horizontal member 16.

rlhe ventilator consists essentially of an outer rectangular plate which has formed therein Ventilating openings 21 with the accompanying protecting hoods 22, the roofs` of each of which are curved at their sides 23 and at their front portions 24. Openings 24 are indicated at the bottom of the hoo s. The openings 21 are in parallel rows and the openings of one row break joints with the openings of the next adjacent row. The said openings 21 are preferably made by pressing out the material of the plate 20, the hoods 22 resulting from the process of pressing out. ln this instance the plate 2O has formed therewith the U shaped upper lange 25 and the U shaped lower ange 26.

Serial No. 353,058.

'lhe ventilator so far described with or without the flanges constitutes a complete operative device. that can be fitted to a window frame between the lower sash and thc bottom of the trame or between thc upper sash and the top of the window frame, or it may be used for various other openings in a space requiring ventilation.

0n the opposite ends of the plate 2() are shown the similar extension members 28 with the U shaped flanges 29, which latter are supported on the U shaped flanges 25 and bear against the flanges 26. Adjusting lips or lugs 30 extend from the extension members 28, and thereby the plate 20 with the said extension members 28 can be made to fit the openings of window frames of various widths. The plate 20 with the eX- tension members 28 constitute a second complete operative device.

' Next to the plate 2() there is slidably supported the adjusting slide 33 with the openings 34 which are the same size as thc openings 21 and canbe made to register therewith. A knob 35 is secured to the slide 33 by means of which the latter can be moved to different positions whereby the area for the passage of air through tbe openings 21 can be varied. rlhe elements so tar described that is to say the plate 20, extension members28 and the slide constitute a complete operative device.

@n the slide 33 there may be located a perforated or wire screen 38 which covers the openings 34C and performs the functions of any ordinary wire screen, preventing flies, mosquitoes and the like passing through the openings of the ventilator.

Horizontal strips 42 and vertical strips l 43 secure the screen 38 to the slide All of the elements of the ventilator described coact to constitute an operative device.

The operation and method of applying the ventilator to a window are apparent from the above description. It may be added that the curvature of the roofs of the hoods 22 prevents snow, dust and the like from collecting thereon and the coaction of the openings 24, 21 and 34 form the passages for air for the ventilator.

Having described my invention whatl desire to secure by Letters Patent and claim is:

1. In a ventilator the combination of an outer plate having Ventilating openings,

lltlll) lhoods with roofs curved at their sides and front portions in said plate for said openings, U shaped flanges formed at thel top and bottom edgesA of said plate, extension members with U shaped flanges at. their upper and lower edges for said outer plate, the latter U shaped flanges engaging the U shaped flanges of the outer plate and an adjusting slide bearing against said outer plate with its upper and lower edges extending into the U shaped flanges 0f said outer plate, said slide having openings that can register with the openings in the outer plate.

2. 1n a ventilator the combinationvof an outer plate having Ventilating openings, hoods with roofs curved at their sides and front portions in said plate for said open- Vand located between it and the extension bottom edges of said plate, extension members with Ushaped flanges at their upper and lower edges Vfor said outer plate, the latter U shapedA flanges Aengaging the U shaped flanges of the outer plate, an adjusting slide bearing against said -outer plated members, said adjusting slide having openings that can register with the openingsin the outer plate and a screen secured to the adjusting slide to cover the openings therein. Signed at the borough of Brooklyn, city of New York, in the county of Kings and State of New York, this,12th day' of JanuaryA. 1). 1920.


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