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Publication numberUS1450827 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 3, 1923
Filing dateJul 3, 1922
Priority dateJul 3, 1922
Publication numberUS 1450827 A, US 1450827A, US-A-1450827, US1450827 A, US1450827A
InventorsWood Sidney C
Original AssigneeChautauqua Hygienic Inst Inc
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Bath tray
US 1450827 A
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RASQSZ 7 S. C. WOOD BATH TRAY Filed July 5, 1922 l l A 1 r l.



Patented Apr. 3, i923..

ift-zata s v rar-11 nl i s :a



Application led July 3,

To all whom t may concern.'

Be it knovvn that l, SIDNEY C. VVooD, a citizen of the United States, residing at Jamestown, in the county of Chautauqua and State of New York, have invented new and useful Improvements in Bath Trays, of which the following is a specilication.

My present invention has reference to a bath tray designed to be attached to a bath tub for supporting a person in a convenient reclining position when given a vapor bath, vaginal douche, enema, or other treatment.

An object is to produce a bath tray comprising a canvas or other fabric body having means whereby the same can be adjustably attached to the rim of a bath tub to provide a comfortable support for the head, body and limbs of a patient when positioned thereon at convenient angles for various treatments.

A further object is to produce a bath tray head portion of the tub, said body being provided With a plurality of transverse and a single longitudinal reinforcing strap at the center of the angle end thereof, all of said straps having adjustable hooks on the ends thereof to engage the rim of the tub, While non-yieldable elements are embeddeo` in the edges of the body between the transverse and reinforcing straps thereof, to prevent sagging of the body when in operative position but permitting the same to assume positions most convenient 'to the patient reclining or sitting thereon.

lt is' a still further object to produce a bath tray Which shall be adjustable when attached to a bath tub, which is effectively reinforced to support persons of v rying Weights, and Which is of a construction that will permit of the same beingfolded to produce a small compact package for storage or conveyance.

It is a still further object to produce a bath tray that shall be of a comparatively simple construction, cheaply manufactured and marketed and thoroughly effective for the purposes for Which it is devised.

The foregoing, and other objects which Will present themselves as the nature of the invention is better understood, may be accomplished by a construction, combination and operative association of parts such as is 1922. Serial No. 572,431.

disclosed by the drawings which accompany and which form part of this application.

In the dra-Wings:-

Figure l is a perspective vieiv showing the improvement in applied position on a bath tub.

Figure 2 is a bottom plan view with parts broken away and parts in section` Figure 8 is a perspective vieiv showing the tray folded.

As disclosed by the drawings, my improved bath tray comprises a body o? canvas or other suitable fabric. The body, broadly indicated by the numeral l one of its ends substantially Li-shaped to provide the head portion 2. The head portion 2 has its angle edges folded upon itself and stitched together, as at 3. The head portion 2, at the juncture of the body l, has secured upon its under face by stitches e a transversely arranged strap 5, the same being also preferably constructed of fabric, and on the ends of the strap 5 there are adjustably secured hooks G, it being noted from the drawings that the strap 5 extends a suitable di beyond the edges of the sheet l. A n

L@ stitched to the strap 5 and to the head portion 2 of the sheet l there is a longitudinally extending strap 7, the-latter projecting a suitable distance beyond the head portion i?. and having adjustably secured on its crd a hook 8.

Un the under face at the outer end or body sheet l there is a transversely strap El suitably stitched to the and to the edge of the sheet vliinh if upon itself at this end thereof. Tl 9 also extends a convenient distance b the edges of the body sheet and has a ably attached. to its ends hooks l0.

Approximately centrally between the straps 5 and 9 there is stitched on the under face of the body sheet l a transverse strap ll, the same har-.ring its ends extending a suitable distance beyond the edges of the body strip and having attached thereto adjustable hooks l2. lll of the straps are secured to the fabric sheet by tivo lines of stitching, as clearly illustrated in the draW- ings, so that the straps in addition to providing supporting means for the sheet also serve as reinforcements therefor.

The edges of the sheet are folded upon themselves under the body, the said folded portions being secured to the body by double rows of stitching, indicated bythe numeral 13. These folds provide pockets for light cross sectionally rounded rods la, The rods may be of wood` aluminum, or other light material.

The fabric body l is of a less length than that of the tub on which it is arranged. By providing the body with the V-shaped end this portion thereof can be properly received in the rounded head end of the tub. The V-shaped end or head of the body permits of a pillow being arranged thereon and over the rounded end of the tub for the coinfort of the patient when reclining on the bddy. lVhile the body is not of a. length to wholly receive the legs of the patient thereon, the same is of such length to permit of the feet of the patient resting on the outer edge or foot end of the body when the patients legs are bent at the knees. By providing a body of such length, ample space is left between the end and the foot portion of the tub to permit of the feet of the `user being received in the tub so that the feet of a person may be washed without necessitating the immersion of his body in the water or without the employment of the ordinary seat generally used for this purpose.

The body portion of the sheet is centrally provided with a line of spaced longitudinally arranged openings each of which being reinforced by a rivet l5, while the portion of the sheet between the straps 9 and 1l, in a line with the central rivet l `theiein is provided with additional openings that are also reinforced by rivets 1G. The reinforced openings provide means whereby water or othr fluid will escape from the sheet into the bath tub.

las disclosed in Figure l of the drawings, theihoolrs on the respective straps are adjusted with respect to the body sheet l and brought over the rim of the bath tub 17. The adjustment of the hooks permits of the body sheet boing arranged at any angle when supported in the bath tub so that the tray can be successfully used for administering douches, or enemas, while in addition thereto the tray is also designed for use in giving vapor baths to a patient, shampooing a person as well as a support for infants when being washed, and as a matter of fact the tray may be conveniently used for a great many other purposes.

The tray, as stated, is adjustable so that the same may be brought to any desired anthe rods let in the edges of the tray holding the saine against folding or buckling, while the arrangement of the straps between the rods permit of the body being folded to a small com )act )ackaffe for storave or con-v 2:;

veyance, as illustrated in Figure 3 of the drawings. I

Having described the invention, I claim l. A tray designed to be arranged n the top of and to be supported from the rimmed edge of a bath tub, comprising a fabric body of a less length than that of the tub, said body having a V-shaped end designed to be received in the rounded head portion of the tub, equi-distantly spaced transverse straps stitched to the under face of the body and extending beyond the edges thereof, adjustable means on the ends of said straps to engage the beaded edge of the tub, a longitudinally arranged strap disposed centrally beneath the V-shaped end of the body, projecting therebeyond, stitched to the body and to the transverse strap adjacent thereto, means on the end of the said longitudinal stra-p to engage the bead at the head of the tub, and non-yieldable reinforcing elements embedded in the edges of the body between said transverse straps, all as and for the purpose set forth.

Q. A tray for bath tubs comprising a fabric body of a length less than that of the bath tub having an angle end to be received in the rounded head portion of the tub, equi-distantly spaced transversely arranged straps stitched to the under 'face of the body and projecting beyond the edges thereof, adjustable means on the ends of said straps to engage the sides of the rim of the bath tub, a longitudinally arranged strap secured to one of said transverse straps and stitched centrally to the under face of the angle end of the body and extending therebeyond, ad. justable means on said strap for engaging the head portion of the rim of the bath tub, said body having its edges between the transverse straps folded under the body and stitched thereto to provide pockets, and a rod member received .in each of said pockets.

ln testimony whereof I arflix my signature.


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