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Publication numberUS1451802 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 17, 1923
Filing dateDec 28, 1921
Priority dateDec 28, 1921
Publication numberUS 1451802 A, US 1451802A, US-A-1451802, US1451802 A, US1451802A
InventorsAndrews Leslie G, Theis Raymond R
Original AssigneeAndrews Leslie G, Theis Raymond R
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Key holder
US 1451802 A
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Apr. 17, 1923. 1,451,802

L. G. ANDREWS ET AL KEY HOLDER Filed Dec. 28, 1921 '53 IIal l l i v D l I IN VEN TORS .611 /f/VDREWS AWD By @RWE/3.


?atented Apr. l?, i923..

ltllllllpllll@ lli.


Application filed December 28, 1921.

To @ZZ fic/toni 'it may concern Be it known that We, linsLrn ANDREWS and RAYMOND Trims, citizens of the United States, residing' at Lincoln, in the county oi: Lancaster and State oit Nebraska, have invented certain new and useful lmprovements in Key Holders. of which the following a specification.

This invention relates to key holders and has for one oi" its objects to simplify and improve the construction and increase the elliciency and utility of devices of this character.

lilith this and other objects in view. the invention consists in certain novel features ot construction as hereinafter shown and de-v scribed and then specifically pointed out in the claim, and in the drawings illustrative of the preferred embodiment ot the invention.:-

ligure l a side elevation oi the i1nproved device closed.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the improved device in open position.

rlhe improved device includes a casing* or folder preteralfily formed trom leather or the like and folded intermediate the side edges along' the line l0 as shoivn in 2, to toi-m a rear or back member l2 and a Yliront or cover member ll, and detachalil).v coupled by one or more snaps or glove fasteners indicated at 13.

.attached to tie back member ll ot the folder is a casing' or shell lll a` flexible Windingr element such as a chain, a portion o'l which is represented. at l5. l

Attached to the outer or tree end ot the flexible elementl l5 a key holding device preferably 'formed from a single section ol? Wire bent. into three portions. tivo straight portions 33 and le in parallel relation and a third portion bent into a plurality ot key receivingloops The portions 33 and 35 are connected at one end by a curved portion 36 and the adjacent end of the portion 34 is spaced frozn the curved portion. as shown. The opposite ends of the portions 34- and are coupled by an eye 38 to receive the outer link 87 ot the chain l5. The :Free end ot the portion 33 ot the key holder is preferably curved away 'from the member 34, to provide an easy means for inserting the looped ends of the keys.

To insert the keys, the latter are threaded Serial No. 525,415.

by their eyes upon the portion and around the larger loop 3o and then consecutively into the loops 35, each of the latter being designed to hold a key, as illustrated in liig. 2.

The keys are thus held in separated condition, and each independently accessible as required, and held `from accidental displacemont by the yieldable portion 34.

A holding hook 39 is attached to the portion 12 ot the folder, to retain the key holder in position when the folder is closed.

The keys are thus entirely concealed Within the folder, which resembles an ordinary tlat purse. and may be carried in the pocket Without inconvenience.

The keys are not only protected trom moisture trom the body, but the material of the pockets are likewise protected from abrasion by the keys, and at the same time each key is readily and independently accessible.

lllfhen a key is required, it is only necessary to disconnect the snap 13, open the folder and Withdraw the Wire holder, the chain l5 perroitting` the Wire holder to be removed bodily to permit the required key to be used.

The folder may be carried in the pocket, or mounted in any suitable manner upon a ,garment` tor instance by loops indicated at il() upon astrap fi-l., the latter attached in any suitable manner to the garment.

rllhe preferred embodiment of the invention is disclosed in the drawings and set. forth in the speciiioation, but it will be understood that modifications Within the scope of the claimed invention may be made in the construction Without departing1 from the principle ot the invention or sacrificing' any ot its advantages.

Having thus described the invention, vshat is claimed as neuT is A.. key holder bent 'from a section of Wire into three portions, two portions in parallel relation. and the third portion further bent into a plurality ot spaced loops 'closed by the adjacent parallel member. the loops adapted to engage the eye portions of the keys and holding them in separated position.

In testimony whereof, We aiiix our signatures hereto.


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U.S. Classification70/456.00R, 224/162
International ClassificationA45C11/32, A45C11/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45C11/323
European ClassificationA45C11/32H