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Publication numberUS1454267 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 8, 1923
Filing dateApr 12, 1921
Priority dateApr 12, 1921
Publication numberUS 1454267 A, US 1454267A, US-A-1454267, US1454267 A, US1454267A
InventorsHerbert D Challis, Samuel J Williamson
Original AssigneeHerbert D Challis, Samuel J Williamson
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Golf club
US 1454267 A
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Patented May 8, 11.923.`

` mrs-D( AArllvfl oFFlcE.




Application led April 12, 1921. Serial No. 460,686.

To all whom t may concern.:

Be it known that we, HERBERT D. CHAL- LIs, residing at Pittsburgh, in the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, and SAMUEL J. WILLIAMsoN, residing at Sewickley, in the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, both citizens of the United States, have invented or discovered certain new and useful Improvements in Golf Clubs, of which improvements the following is a specification.

Our invention relates to improvements in golf clubs, and consists, in a word, of a golf club with a glass head. The 1nvent1on is primarily intended to apply to putters, but manifestly is applicable to otherfclubs as Well.

Fig. I of the accompanying drawings is a view in medial longitudinal section of the head of a golf club of our invention with the adjacent portion of the shank of the club secured thereto; Fig. II is a view of'.

the same head portion of the club in end elevation; Fi III is a view in plan from above; and 1g. IV is a view in side elevation looking directly at the impact face.

'The head l of the club is made wholly of glass. In proportions and in size it is such as ti) afford the proper weight and proper disposition of impact face. Being formed wholly of glass the high resilience of the material becomes available and valuable, as is not the case with a club whose head is composite of several materials of which only the impact face is of glass. The head of our invention is made transparent over its upper surface and opaque or translucent over its sole or lower face, and across the sole is scored or otherwise formed a si ht line 2. The impact face 3which will be lnclined 3 more or less from the vertical, may be scored by etched lines or otherwise, as indicated in Fig. IV. i f,

The head may be secured to the shank of the club by'means of a collar or ferrule 4 formed conveniently of metalaluminum,

for example-bolted to and extending atl proper angle from the upper face of the glass head. An adequate bolt structure is indicated in the drawings. Into an upwardly tapering vertical opening 5 through the head is introduced a correspondingly shaped follower block 6. This block is provided with suitablyarranged pins 7 extending vertically when. thebl'ock is in place from its upper surface and entering correspending recesses in ferrule. These pins serve to prevent the head from turning from its position on the, shaft when the club isA assembled. A set screw 8 with head or washer 9 rabbeted into the head of the club from beneath bolts ferrule 4 to'head l, binding follower block 5 in its tapered recess, with pins 7 in engagement with the recesses formed in ferrule 4 to receive them. The end of the wooden shank 10 of the club is seated in the bore l1 of ferrule 4 and `may be suitably secured there,as by the pin 12.

The advantages of the club,` are primarily that consequent upon the high elasticity of glass; we find by experiment that the compressed rubber ball gets away more lrapidly from the face of the club wheny the stroke is made, and travels under a larger fraction of the force of the blow, than is true in the usel ofclubs of usual materials. The sight line, viewed through the' transparent head, is an aid to the player. In case of breakagel ofthe glass head (it is not easilyvbroken, and ordinarily will be carried apart from metal-headed clubs), it is readily replaceable with another: Ordinarily a supplyof glass heads will be ready in the handsof a professional or greens keeper to be bolted to the Shanks of clubs. The

ymomentum of the head as a unit, unbroken by any yielding of component part against 'i part, is concentrated in impact upon the ball. Excepting only metal 'clubs (com-l pared with which the elasticity. of glass is high), all golf clubs in use .have compound heads, in .which an appreciable fractlon/ of the momentum isV lost in the yielding of component part against part.

yWe claim as ourv invention:

1. In a golf club structure, the combination of a head having a vertical upwardly tapered opening through it, a shank-receiving ferrule applicable to the upper surface of the head, a block of corresponding shape with the said tapered opening through the l' head adapted to be introduced into the ta' pered opening in the head and being intro Y) duced to interlock with said ferrule, and A,a bolt member adapted to unite ferrule with head and to secure said block in position iny j said opening.

2. In a golf club structure the combina-v 'f tori of a of glass and h pered opening ferrule appli Lea/ree? head formed integrally of a block with head and to bring said block into posilo aving a vertical upwardly tation in said recess.

through it,`a shank-receiving iin testimony whereof We have hereunto cable to the upper surface o set our hands.

5 the head, a follower block adapted to be n- HERBERT D. CHALLS.

troduced from beneath into the tapered SAMUEL J. ILLIAMSN. opening in the head, said ferrule and block Witnesses: being provided with inter-engaging means, Room D. GAmY,

and e bolt member adapted to unite errue ROBERT E. Kmom

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U.S. Classification473/306, 273/DIG.140, 473/340
International ClassificationA63B53/00
Cooperative ClassificationY10S273/14, A63B53/007
European ClassificationA63B53/00P