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Publication numberUS1454388 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 8, 1923
Filing dateMar 10, 1920
Priority dateMar 10, 1920
Publication numberUS 1454388 A, US 1454388A, US-A-1454388, US1454388 A, US1454388A
InventorsLauren Lars Waldemar
Original AssigneeErik Emanuel Ericsson
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Folding bucket or the like
US 1454388 A
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May 8, 1923.

L. w. LAUREN FOLDING BUCKET OR THE LIKE Filed March 10 1920 Ire/v era/Wm Patented May 8, 1923.

omits p Lens WALDEMAR LAUREN, on oan ano, SWEDEN, nssienoaor {ONE-HAL]? 'rofljnam EMANUEL nnrcsson, or nosrn, onnsno, swnnnn.


Application filed March 10, 1920. Serial No. 364,695.

T 0 all whom it may concern: 1

Be it known that I, LAns VVALDEMAR LaumiN, a subject of the King of Sweden, res1din r at Rudbecksgatan 30, Orebro, 1n the Klngdom of Sweden, have invented certain I new and useful Improvements in Folding Buckets or the like, of which the followmg is a specification.

This invention relates to folding-buckets or the like made of water-proof fabric'or similar material and surrounded by a coiled spring which keeps the bucket in an extend-, ed position. According to th1s inventlon pms and hooks are provided at the bottom and upper rims of the bucket respectlvely and adapted to keep the bucket in foldable posit-ion, the said pins and hooks belng so located with relation to one another, that, when the bucket is in folded position, the said coiled spring is subjected to torsion and adapted to keep the hook in engagement with the pins. I

In the accompanying drawing Figs. 1 and 2 show, in side elevation and viewed from two different sides, a bucket arranged in accordance with this invention.

The mantle 1 of the bucket, made of waterproof fabric, is fixed in any suitable manner to a rim provided on a bottom 2 of sheet metal, and to a ring or rim 3. The lowermost coil of a coil-spring 5, which extends round the mantle 1, is located in a groove 4 provided in the bottom 2, and the top coil of the spring is located in a groove provided 1n the ring 3. The ends of the wire 5 may be bent around the next coil, as shown in the top part of Fig. 1. The coil spring may, however, be fixed in any other suitable manner. At the bottom 2 two pins 6, located opposite to one another are provided, the said pins consisting preferably of the ends of a rod, located under the bottom and extending through the bottom flange. To the rim 3 two hooks 7 are fixed adapted to engage the said pins 6, while the bucket is in folded posi tion, and thus keep the bucket in the said position. The pins 6 are so located with relation to the hooks 7, that, as the bucket is being folded, the bottom and the rim 3 must be rotated relatively to one another in the directions indicated by the arrows so that the coil-spring 1 is subjected to torsion, and

after the pins 6 have been placed in the hook 7, tends to keep the pins in engagement with the hooks. Thus, the security of the hooks not being unintentionally disengaged from thepinsis increased. As the pins 6 are being placed in the hooks, the pins may slide on the lower edge of the rim 3. Preferably,

the pins are provided with notches,which the hooks 7 engage and by which the hooks are held laterally. When the bucket is in unfolded position, it is supportedby the. coilsprlng 5, whichis made of sufliciently rigid wire, so that the bucket does not shrink. The bottom 2 is so arranged, that the same toget-her with the lower coils of the coil-spring enter the rim 3, when the bucket is brought into its folded position. r

In connection with the foregoing it is to be noted that the. groove in the rim 3 and the groove l are preferably provided by forming 'exterlor flanges on the rim 3 and the bottom 2. In addition it is to be noted "that the hooks are offset-medially of their ends while the inner ends are provided with open ings for receiving the looped ends of a bail I or the like 7.

Buckets arranged in accordance with the present invention may be used in boats, automoblles, as fire-lmplementand in any case in which it is of lmportance that the buckets when stowed in take up a minimum of space.

I cla1m: 1. A foldlng bucket comprising a bottom,

a top rim, a water-proof flexible body portion connected to the bottom and the rim, a coiled spr ng surrounding the bodyv and having its respective ends bearing against the bottom and the top rim and normally hold ing the bucket extended, pins projecting from p opposite points of the bottom, a bail andelements pivoted at opposite points exteriorly ll of the rim and having their upper ends shaped toaccommodate the endsot' the bail H and then. lower ends shaped to form hooks" for engagement with the pins subsequent to the compressing of the spring whereby toj.

hold the bucket in a foldedp'osition.

2; A folding bucket comprising a bottom, an external annular flange surrounding the outer edge of the bottom and forming I a groove, a top rim formed w1th an exterlor annular groove, a water proof flexible body i portion connected to the bottom and the rim,v

a coiled spring surrounding the bodyand having its respective end. coils seated in the grooves, notched pins projecting from-oppo;

site points of the bottom, hooks pivoted at op- In testimony whereof I have afiixed my posite points of the rim exteriorly thereof for signature in the presence of two Witnesses: releasing enga ement with notched pins and having their iilner end portions offset and LABS VVALDEMAR LAUREN provided With openings and a bail having its Witnesses;

looped ends engagea'bie with the openings in ROBERT AP EiienFN; the inner ends of the hooks. INEZ SVENSEN,

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U.S. Classification220/9.2, 15/DIG.900, 220/904, 383/104
International ClassificationA47J47/18
Cooperative ClassificationA47J47/18, Y10S220/904, Y10S15/09
European ClassificationA47J47/18