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Publication numberUS1455097 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1923
Filing dateNov 6, 1922
Priority dateNov 6, 1922
Publication numberUS 1455097 A, US 1455097A, US-A-1455097, US1455097 A, US1455097A
InventorsDoren John B Van
Original AssigneeDoren John B Van
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Pyrotechnic display device
US 1455097 A
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May 15, 1923. 1,455,097


John B.VunDoren byXZMMW Aflys.

Patented May 15, 1923.



Application filed November 6, 1922. Serial No. 599,216.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known thatI, JOHN B. VAN Downs, a citizen of the United States, and resident ofProvidence, county of Providence, and State of Rhode Island, have invented an Improvement in Pyrotechnic Display Devices,'of which the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawing, is" a specification, like characters on the drawing representing like parts.

This invention relates to an article for producing a pyrotechnic display.

The object of the invention is to provide 'a device of thischaracter which shall give a pleasing effect when set off either in the day time or at night, which shallproduce at the same time a plurality of different pyrotechnic displays and which may be economically and rapidly manufactured so as to be sold at a comparatively small price.

.The invention further and more specifically has for its object to provide a simple form of pyrotechnic, device which shall simultaneously burn sparkler composition and one or more compositions producing fires of one orimore colors.

These and other objects and features of the invention will appear more fully from the accompanying description and drawings and will be particularly pointed out in the claims.

In the drawing;

Figal is a perspective view of one form of device embodying the invention;

I Fig. 2 is a perspective view of another and preferred form of device embodying the invention;

Flg. 3 1s a perspective view of the. same device shown in Fig. 2 looking atthe opposite face thereof. T

Fig. 4 is a view in transverse cross section ofthe. device shown inFig. 1;

Fig. 5 is a view in transverse cross section of the device shown in Figs. 2 and 3;

Fig. 6 is a view in transverse section of another form of device embodying the invention somewhatsimilar to that shown in Fig l;

ig. 7 is a view of still another form of device embodying the invention and somewhat similar to that shown in Figs. 2 and 3. The device embodies a suitable metal holder preferably of thin sheet metal such as that employed in making ordinary tinware.

This holder is formed to present or is pro-- vided with means to retain adherent thereto an elongated body of a suitable pyrotechnic composition such as sparkler composition and also to present a suitable handle portion. This result is preferably secured asillustrated in the drawings by forming the thin of the holder is formed to present an elongated groove having a fiat bottom surface 3 and inclined sides 4 and in addition fian es' 5 extending laterally. at the top of the 1nclined sides 4. In Fig. 7 which illustrates the cross section of another form of holder the elongated groove 6 is V-shaped as in Fig. 1 and wide flanges are provided extending laterally from the top of the inclined sides of the groove. There are thus illustrated various forms which the' device may take and other forms may be provided within the scope of the invention as defined in the claims. a

The groove ineither form of the device is filled with anelongated continuous body of a suitable pyrotechnic composition and for that purpose thereis preferably employed.

the so-called sparkler composition which is ordinarily composed of barium nitrate, powdered aluminum, powdered iron and dextrine sizing. This composition when ignited burns slowly with a brilliant sparkling effect. This composition is preferably applied first because it is a water mixed composition and must be dry before compositions mixed with alcohol are added to the holder. This sparkler composition is held in place by adhering to the walls of the groove.

In, the form of device shown in Fig. 1 after the body of sparkler composition 8 is in place in the groove 2 of the holder there is added in localized bodies or spots one or more different colored pyrotechnic compositions. As illustrated these spots or bodies of composition are placed directly on top of the sparkler composition 8. As illustrated the spots 9 may be of the ordinary red fire pyrotechnic composition and the spots 10 of the ordinary blue fire pyrotechniccomposition. Such red fire, blue fire and other similar pyrotechnic compositions are alcohol mixtures arid are, therefore, preferably applied after the sparkler composition has dried. A a

To set off the device the extreme end is ignited and then the sparkl'er' composition" burns emitting the dry sparks which characterize this composition. As it"bti'r'ns'" and the spots or bodies of red fire, blue fire or other pyrotechnic"homposition are reached they are'igii'ited and burned thus giving off at the sai'ne tim'e the different colors along with the display of'the s'parkl'er composition. It is thus possible to have red, white and blue eflects. Other compositions such as thesoc alled, red meteor pyrotechnic composition composed .offrd fire composition and; powdered aluminum" make elfecti've additions to the 'tlevi'ce, v

Inthe preferred form of the device shown n F s-2,. ian 1 e 'par i 'pmp si is 'ap lied in the same manner as before "fil1- mg. i 1 ov at uwhe po .1 and 3. he, r us, col Py o hni mp tions areapp'lied on theopposite" face of the holder and preferably along the fiat'surface 14 'Thse' spots or l ocalized bodies of pyrotechnic compositibn are adherent to 'thsheet metal 'of fthe holtder and are readily ignited by the heat conducted from the bi rning sparkle'r composition through the metal holder, This arran einentikeeps the colored I pyrotechnic compositions entirely "separate from the;sparkl'erfhomposition and insures the hu'riiing of ea c'li'separatiely and the maintjenaiice at'the' saine'time of the characteristic display ofthe different compositions.

Ifdesired as indicated in the cross section shown in Fig; 6 the device'imay he'm ade'in the form shown in F ig. l with the colored pyrotechnic composition "as for e 'iarriple the red'fire composition 15 arranged inspots or as a' contin ious fbody' along one of the back faces of the holder and another composition such as a bluefi re'composition 16 similarly arranged inspots'ior' as a contin u'o s 'body alongthe other inclined face, Still another arrangement is illustrated in""FigI. 7 where the cons ruotionj of a'holder is similar to. that shown inlFigr 3 bufi'withthe flanges 7 of greater wi'dth. In this case the colored pyrote'chiiic composition such; as therecl' fire composition 17 and 'the bluefire composition 18 may be arrangedinspots or as continubus bodiesalong the face of these flanges. The T article producedby the invention is readily and cheaply made and provides avery'zbrilliant and spectacular pyrbtclinic' display andis particularly suitable for celebration of Fourth of July and other holidays by children and others.

Havin thusfdescribed my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

l. A pyrotechnic display device com rising a long narrow longitudinallfro 'jv'ed sheet metal holder, a cohtinuoiis 'b'o'dy of pyrot'echnic composition in the groove 'ztlldi adherent to the holder, and a plurality of lo caliz'ed bodies :of pyrotechnic composition adherent to the holder bn the ia ce oppdsae the groove and successively ignitable b the heat conducted through the meter-6" the holder from the burning composition in the groove. i

2. A pyrotechnic display'devi'ce Ctii1iprising a long -'narrow loiigitiidihally grooved sheet metal holder, a contihuous body ofpyro technic' sparklercompositioiiiin thefgroove and adherent to the holder, anda'PpluraIit of localized bodiesof different colord p' rotechnic' composition adherent to the he crap on the face opposite the groove andsucce'ssive'ly ignitable by theFheat conducted through the metal of v the holder from [the burning sparkler composition fin the groove. 3. A pyrotechnic display device co-ihprising an elongated-E r'oveemetal hol den a continuous body of pyrotechnic coin "ositihn in the groove and 'adherent'to the hol er, and localized bodies of pyrotechnic composition different; from that in the'l g roove a ssoci ated with the holder and ignitable friihi th'e Burncompositiolifinthd-grohve. J i v 4. A pyrotchhic' display article"cliInpI iSQ ing a long narrow longitudinally grooifid' sheet metal holder and a continuous bo dygfof pyrotechnic composition "id-came in the. groove and adherent to the holder.

'5. A "pyrotechnic display: device "compris ing along narrow longitudihally g lbo'v'dsheet metal holder, a continuous body, of-pyrotechnic composition in t1'1e"g roove and her'ent to the' holder and l'ocaliz d"bodies;of' different pyrotechnic compositions separat d from each other, adherent"to thehtilder a d in positions to be i g'nlted bytheheat generatd' by the burning'composition f in the groove, f V In testimony whereof, I have si gfled' iiiy name to thisspe'cifi cation. ii


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U.S. Classification102/360
International ClassificationF42B4/00
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