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Publication numberUS1455432 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1923
Filing dateJul 5, 1922
Publication numberUS 1455432 A, US 1455432A, US-A-1455432, US1455432 A, US1455432A
InventorsCarroll E. Dodson
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US 1455432 A
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May 15, 1923. 1,455,432

c. E. DoDsoN VANITY CASE Filed July s, 1922 Patented May l5, 1923.

@UNUED i STATES f PATENT @oFFicE- CARROLL Bonson, 'or Kniksirsv OITY, Missionar, Assrenoa sxfnnsnnnssien- Aivrnirrs, or Onu-Hann 'reunion rnennaonn COMPANY, `a CORPORATION.

VANITY onsn To @ZZ whom it may concern:

3' a citizenoi' the United States, andresident of Kansas City, county of Jackson, State'oi, Missouri, have linvent'ed a :certain new and@ luseful Improvement in Vanityr Casesgiof hich the following is-a complete specification., :if` 'i 'y This invention relates to vanity boxes or cases of that'class adaptedtobe carried in Va hand bagor thelike, andhas for. its kob-y yject the kvproduction of a device ofthe character namedhaving a mirror and two cos metio compartments susceptible of simultaneous'exposure and accessibility for use.

A further object is to produce a ydevice of this character of simple, compact,y durable and inexpensive construction and attract-ive appearance. f

4With .these objects in view, the invention consists in certain novel and useful features of construction and combinations of parts .as hereinafter described and claimed; and in order that it may be fully understood, reference is to be had to the accompanying drawing, in which Figure 1 is a perspective View of a vanity box embodying the invention;

Figure 2 is a perspective view o the vanity box in opened position;

Figure 3 is a vertical section taken throughy the vanity box in the plane of its hinges; and

Figure 4 is an enlarged horizontal sec-tion through the lower or bottom member of the box.

ln the said drawing, 1, 2 and 3 represent the lower, intermediate and top members of the box, the member 1 forming the bottom yand the member 3 the lid, and said members are hingedly connected by means of hinge plates 4 and 5, the former being secured to the member 1 by means of clamp. hooks 6 extending through the wall of the member as at 7. Hinge plate 5 is also provided with similar hooks 8 extending through openings 9 in the wall of the top or lid member 3, the relation between said members being such that the lid member is spaced from the rwith'a horizontal partition 19 having debot-tom member and isadapted for swinging in a vertical plane. n y

The bottom member and the intermediate member are also hinged together so that the latter may be swung in a horizontal plane after the lid member has been raised Application ledJuly 5, 1922. Serial No. 572,767.

to open positionto exposetheinterior ot the bottom member. Hinge members 10 are kprovided with clamp hoks` 13 extending through openings 14 in the wall of member A1, and a similar hinge plate llis secured in the same manner ,to the wall of the intermediate member 2, a pivot pin--12 extending f vertically through said hingey platesv 10 and 11- to provide lor the relative movement; of said members above,` referred'tog.

, The intermediate member is formed at itsupper edge` with a reduced portion 15 wall` of the topfor lid member when. the latter isiclosed, the parts Zbeing so propor-v tioned that the exterior of the box as a whole shallfbe perfectlysmooth and of uniform diameter except where the yhinge plates ocour, it beingpreferred to provide the reduced portionl of the intermediate member with a notch as at 16 for the accommodation of the enlarged or hinged points of hinge plates 4 and 5 to avoid any noticeable vwall of the intermediate member is Jformed with a protuberance 17 for engagement with a cavity 18 formed in the inner face oit' hinge plate 4, there being a spring or yielding relation between the parts due to the character of the material permitting said protuberance and cavity to engage with a snap and hold with Sufficient firmness to guard against accidental swinging movement of the intermediate member. The latter is also rovided with an external proturberance 17a or engagement with an internal cavity formed'on the wall of the top or lid member, by pressing the said wall Outward as at 18a, so that when said lid is closed down upon the intermediate member, the engagement of said protuberance and cavity will serve to provide a spring catch for preventing accidental opening of the lid member.

The lower or bottom member 1 is provided pending marginal legs 2O to rest upon the bottom of said member, and said partition is provided with an opening 21 to form a chamber for holding a cake of rouge 22 and a rouge puff 23. It is also provided with rfor` fitting snugly in thelower edge of ithe `will be provided for the accommodation of ff the1v articleswhic-h -it is deemed advisable shall be contained in the bottom member.

The intermediate member is adapted to contain a large cake of powder as aty 29 land aipowde'r puff 30. ithin the lid so as. "to be exposedfwheni the same -is raised, is a mirror 81, the same being shown as held -in place by a retaining ring 32tted snug-ly and frictionallywithinsaid lid.

From the above description -it will` be ap- .vparent thatl Iwhave produced avanity boX or case embodying the features of advantage v `l`setforth as desirable in the-statement of the object of the invention,fand-which may ybe'modified in some particulars within the V:spirit and scope'ofthe appended claims.

I claim: 1. A'vanity box comprising va bottom member, a hingeplate projecting upward fromvsaid member, a lid member having a hinge plate hinged to :the first-named hinge .plateand adapted for movement in a vertical p1ane,an intermediate membervpivoted to ltlie bottom .meniben and. adaptedfor' horizontal swinging movement to expose the in- -terior of said bottom member or to cover said member, and means for latching the inter- 'mediate member fagainst accidental movement when forming a closure for the bottom member.

2. A vanity' box vcomprising '.a bottom member,: a hinge plate vprojecting upward from said=1member,. a' lid member. having a hingezplate hinged. to the`rst-named'-hingel lplate-and adaptedfor movement .in a kvertical plane, andan intermediatev member pivoted to the bottom member and adaptedfor 4horizontal.'swinging,movement to expose the linterior of; said bottom vmember ortoV Vcover said member, saidirst-named hingezmember and thefwall of they intermediate membenhaving a cavityand a'protuberance -for engagement ovhen. the intermediate member is occupying a position upon and covering @the bottom` member.

.InA witness whereof I- hereunto alix my signature.


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