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Publication numberUS1455492 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1923
Filing dateApr 8, 1922
Priority dateApr 8, 1922
Publication numberUS 1455492 A, US 1455492A, US-A-1455492, US1455492 A, US1455492A
InventorsJames Arthur M
Original AssigneeJames Arthur M
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Detonator magazine
US 1455492 A
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R n 2 Mw 5 17 am m. 5 5 MJ@ e m T 2a uf u IPIU, h t T, AW m m E2 W N2 um 5 MM, Ame J l .mn Mmm. .N Amm an DF May 15, 1923.

Patented May l5, i923..

en stare,

ARTHUR rvr. JAMES, orsor-rnsmowiv, rnnnsrnvnnrn.

DETONTOR .MAGAZINE application fue@ epm s, i922. sefiai no. 550,745.

T0 all w from it may concern Be it known that l, ART-nui: M; Janine, a

citizen of the United itates, residing atv Johnstown, in the county ot Cambria and btate of Pennsylvania, have invented new vand useful improvements in Detonatoi' Magazines, of which t-he following is a specidially disposed openings entering i'rom 'one of its ends to provide separate compartments for the detonator caps, thecompartments being closed by a revoluble member provided with a single opening designed, when the member is rotated to register with the several compartments t'o permit of the removal of the detonators therefrom, and when brought to another position to cover all of the compartments, spring means being provided for latching the closure member in its last mentioned position, said spring` means also engaging the said closure Vwhen the opening therein is brought opposite the voutlet of any ot' the compartments, holding the closure in such positionbut permitting the further turning thereof to bring the opening therein to register with the next and with the succeeding compartments.

The foregoing, and other objects which will present themselves as the nature of the invention is better understood, may be accomplished by a construction, combination and operative association oit parts such as isj disclosed by the drawing` which accompanies and which formspart of this application.

In the drawing n Figure l is a plan view ott the improve` ment, the revoluble closure being locked to cover all of the compartments.

Figure 2 is a side elevation with the parts arranged as disclosed in Figure l.

Figure 3 is an approximately central vertical longitudinal sectional View through the improvement, the closure being turned to bring its opening in registering alignment with one of the pockets in thefbody. l f

Figure et is 'a view substantially similar to Figure l, showing the closure m'oved to bring the opening thereoi irl register withone of the compartments.

Figure 5 is a plan viewot the magazine with theclosure removed. i

As disclosed by the drawing,the'ma'gazine preferably has itsbodyl constructed'o'f a bloclr which is round in cross section. The body l, iti-om one of its ends is provided with any desired number of spaced series oi" circuniicerentially arranged depressions, each ot which providing a pocket or receptacle for detonator cap. In the showing of the drawing, only one series ofppoclrets ory receptacles is provided. The pockets or receptacles 2. at the end ot the series thereof are spacedV a suitable distance away from each other, the said distance being greater lthan that between the remaining compartments or pockets. y

Centrally and pivotally secured on the said end ofthe body l there is a disk-like closure 3. rlhe pivot which connects the closure to the bodyis preferably in the nature of a removable element and the said closure -is in the present instance, provided with av single opening designed, when the closure is ro` tated on the b'ody, to register with the sev- .eral pockets or compartments therein.

l The periphery of Athe disk-like closure is.` `provided with a plurality o'lv equi-distantly spaced substantially tf-shaped notches, corresponding',v innumber to the 'pockets' or `receptacles 2. ,in addition tothis, the closurer 3 adjacent to the opening d therein is peripherallv provided with a substantially rectangular notch 6 of a more determined depth than the il-shaped notches 5. i

Let in a longitudinally arranged groove in one side ot the body rl there is a spring irod 7. The rod hasoiie of its ends secured in the said groove, its opposite end projectl ing a slight distance beyond the closure 3,

the said end of the rod being offset to provide a handle portion 8. When the,` rod is received vin the notch 6, the closure Sis arranged so that the opening 4 therein is dis posed over the space in the body l between the two end pockets or receptacles 2. yThe spring rod, when received in the notch will lock the closure from turning on its pivot 9. rlhus it will be noted that it is necessary to vioo be brought therefrom by the tilting of the magazine. The closure cannot again be laccidentally turned, but a determined pressure on the periphery thereof by the operator will cause the spring rod to move out of the referred to notch 5, allowing the closure to further turn until the said rod engages the next notchy which brings the opening in the closure in register with the next recepi tacle or pocket.

It is believed that the foregoing description, when taken in connection with the drawings Will fully set forth the construeh r tion and advantages of the improvement to those skilled in the art to which such inven` tions relate. The device complies With the laws of the vseveral States, which make it lnecessar that miners rovide insulating magazines in which the detonators are carried. The device is of an extremely simple nature, may be cheaply manufactured, and' the closure for the magazine cannot be accidentally turned to bring the opening therein in register With anyl of the detonator pockets or compartments.

It is, of course, to befunderstood that the magazine is not necessarily round in cross section but may be in the nature of a square block that is rounded at the top to provide for the arrangement thereon of the round cover, in Which instance the cover is set back a slight distance from the sides of the block to more eectively protect the same against accidental turning.

Having described the invention, I claim l. A detonator magazine including a body having snaced circumferentiall arranged n l b pockets for detonators, a closure pivotally secured tothe body and having a single opening therein designed, When turned to 2. In a detonator magazine, abody havn ing spaced series of annularly arranged pockets for detonators, a pivoted closure for the body having an opening therethrough designed, When turned' to certain positions to register with the pockets and When turned to another position to close the pockets, spring means carried by the body engaging the closure for locking the same in its last mentioned position, and said spring means also engaging the closure for latching the same in any of its i'irst mentioned positions.

3. A detonator magazine including-a body y Whichris round in cross section and Which has a series of annularly arranged spaced depressions enteriiig from one of its ends and providing pockets for detcnators, a. k disk closure pivotally secured on the said end of the body and having an opening therethrough designed, vvhen the closurejis turned to certain positions to align with the pockets and when turned'to another positionv to close the pockets, said closure having a peripheral substantially rectangular notch and having V-shaped notches, which latter equal in number the pockets in the magazine, a spring rod on the body of the magazine to be received in y the rectangular opening when the closure is in its last mentioned position, and tobe received in the V-shaped notches to latch the closure on the body When the opening in the latter has been brought to register With the y pockets in the former. y y

In testimony whereof .l affix my signature.


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