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Publication numberUS1455504 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1923
Filing dateFeb 20, 1922
Priority dateFeb 20, 1922
Publication numberUS 1455504 A, US 1455504A, US-A-1455504, US1455504 A, US1455504A
InventorsDaniel E Odom
Original AssigneeDaniel E Odom
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US 1455504 A
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May 15, 1923. 4 1,455,504 D. E. oDoM BRUS H Fiied Peb. zo. 1922 Patented May 15, 1923.


Application led February 20, 1.922.",*Seria1 NoL5`3ii96v3. l i

' T 0 all. whom t may concern movement of the brush headin one direction Be it known that I, DANIEL E. ODoM, ay citizen of the United States, residing at Bennettsville in the county ofv Marlboro and State of South Carolina, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Brushes, of which the following is a specication, reference being had-,to the accompanying drawings.l y

This invention relatesto certain improve- 4 ments in brushes and it is an object of the to cleanse the same. y `,The invention consists inthe details of construction and in the combination and arf rangementlof the several parts of my im-` provedbru'sh whereby certain important ad-l vantages areA attained vand the device rendered simpler, less expensive and otherwise more convenient and advantageous Afor use, as'will be hereinafter more fully set forth;

The novel features of my invention will hereinafter be definitely claimed. 7 i n In order that my invention may, bethe better understood,I will now proceed todescribe the same with reference to' the accom-nv panying drawings, wherein:v y

n `Figure l vis a view in elevation of a brush constructed in accordancewith an embodiment of my invention, with the head extended into position to engagea phonographic record; v i

Figure 2 is an enlarged sectional View taken longitudinally through the devicefasy herein disclosed with the brush headin retracted position; i

Figure 3 is a fragmentary longitudinal sectional view taken through'the device as i illustrated in Figure 2; and

Figure 4 is a sectional viewtaken substan tially on the line 4 4, of Figure-3. l

As disclosedvinthe accompanying draw- P AT ENT 1 lo DANIEL E. onolvr, or BENNETTSVILLE, souri; cianoILINA.`

ings, `H denotesv a housingwhich, when'fin applied position, is supportedinrelatively close proximity to theltable T ofja soundre .producing device and which 'table is adaptedl toy have arrangedA thereon in a conventional' 1 manner a disc'r'ecord DI. `"The housingHis "v" 'disposed substantially vradially 'of l the ,table and is substantially I-shaped v'inf cross "s ec! tion with its intermediate/or webportion provided with the transversely spaced yverti-V cal walls l herein disclosed as'l integrally `formed with the baseustrip or member 2,v

"The head or upperportion 3 of the-"house 70 ing H is tubular and substantially rectangular in form. Theend portion of the' headB remote from the table T is closed byfth'e plate which also closes the spacejbetween.

the pl'atesl at theadjacent ends thereof. A side wall 23a-is 'provided with an elon:

gatedslot 5 extending longitudinally thereof f i and from aipoint incloseproximitylto the' i open' end of the housingalong the l,majyy'r portion of saidvhousinglf 6 denotes a brush lback continuedpbyfan '80 j L l extension orl h'an'dlef'?, said yback l6 and han? .f.`

die 7 being ofsu'ch cross sectional'.configura-l y tion as to snugly'ft'within theftubularfghead 3 cleaning elements 8,y 'suclr as' hairs', bristles or the like, and whichcleaning elements-7 ,.:f when the back l6 is moved"outwardlyfrom;` 'Y' within the housing H, "ha s contact fwithfa disc record l) mounteduplonthetablef'lfsoA 'i l the cleaning elements `8lvwill serve to clean that, as the table T and record Drevt'Jlve,

effectuallythe grooves of said record D so thatthe samemay be .maintaine`d in the best possible conditionto reproduce the"soundsl recorded thereon. f -,(g Aside marginal portion of the handle? is provided with a recess 9 in which itsfa .por-v non pf a' guide, ytitanio.v Theblotk )rois elongatedy rand vis `disposed through the slot 5, the 'upper and lower faces of said-'blockv in which, are receivedthe marginal portions of the wall 3)a of`the`head 3 deningtheslot 5. By this arrangement, thebloclov lOis supe.

ported for sliding movement in a iixedpath oftravel to either extend lor retract the?.

brushl back 6` andthe handle 7 associated therewith.

l Extending outwardly from the a handle l2 to facilitate thepropermanipuv 10o l l0 havingodizsposed therealong the groovesfllf le i j entended shank 14` which is also disposed through the `adjacent portion ofthe handle 7.` this means, the handle 7, together withA the back 6, is permitted to have slight lswinging movement with respect to and 1ndependently of the guide block and which swinging movement is permitted to corn-` i pensate for 'any inequalitiesl which vmay occur'in the horizontalpath of travel of a disc record=D being cleansed, so that the cleaning elements8. willnot impose undue resistance upon] the record D krto interfere rwith thel f requisite rotation of the table T..

c the back 6, to

,"VVhen the'cleaning elements are positioned 'Within the housing H, it is to be noted that @ether with the handle?, serves tojsubstantially close or seal the slot 5 so 2()V ""within the housing further prevented by effof'the head e;A

that ingress of dust or 'other `foreign, matter withinl the housing is substantially elimi- Rated. The'entrance of such foreign matter having the slot 5 positioned in the sidewall i' ,n l31Xtending acrossl the housing` H are `the pins yl5 rorthe like positioned for contact Withjthe' elements 8 so that the head 1s moved out of or intovthe housing H, the

i pins 15 will serveto effect the cleaning of the elements or bristles 8. A's particularly ,illustrated in Figure 2, it is noted that the pins l5 are located for contactwith the outer or free end portions of the elements 8 Whereybyan effective cleaning thereof upon movep o ment'of the back 6 vis assured From the foregoing descriptionfit is Atho'uglfitto bei obvious thatl `a vbrush constructed in accordanc'ewith my invention is pjarticularlywell adapted for use by reason i ofthe convenience andjfacility with'which itniay be `assembled and operated, and it will also be obviousthat my'inv'ention is sus- Y, outy my invention in `inafter claimed.

ceptibleiof some change and 'modification `without departing from the principles and spirit'thereof and for this reason I do 'not Wi'sh'tov be understood as limiting myself to the precise arrangement and formation l*of the several parts-herein 'shown in carrying practice except as here- I claim:` v y l l.' .cleaning V`device 'for asound reproducing record comprising a housing, aA cleani' ing" element Vmovable into and out of the housing, said element when positioned outwardly of the housing being in positionl to engagethe record to be cleaned, and means carried bythe, housing and coacting with the cleaningI element when said element is moved t to: cleansesaid cleaning element.

2. A cleaning device. for a sound reproducing record comprising a'housing, a clean;

ing element movable into and out of the housing, said element whenpositioned Vout-A Wardlyof the housing being in position to; engage Vthe record to be cleaned, and elements intersecting the housing at points spaced longitudinally thereof andy coacting y with the cleaning element when the same is moved into or out ofthe housing to clean `said element.

4 3. In combination with a turn table for a disc record, a housing positioned to one side of 'said record `substantially radially-of `the table, said Vhousing being substantially I- shaped in cross section, the head of. the housy ing being tubular, the intermediate portion of the housinghaving spaced walls, the" space betweensaid walls opening within the tubular head, an end of the housing being open, a cleaning element movable into 'and out of said housing, said cleaning element when extended overlying the record" posi-v tionedupon the table and contacting with the reproducing surface ofthe record, said cleaningelement including Aa head and handlesiidably engaged within the tubular head ofthe housing,fbristlescarried bythe head and extending between the:A spaced walls comprised inl theA intermediateportionfof the housing' 'when the cleaning aiment "is moved within the housing, rWall of the tulbular head ofl the housing ,'beingfprovided with a slot, an operating member 'extending outwardly ofthe lhead ofthe cleaningvelelr- .f

ment and disposed' through thel slo't'uin'tl'lfe headof the housing. v

4. In combination withfa turn 'tablefora disc record', a 'housing positioned to onef'sid of said record "substantially radially'of the table, said housing being substantiallyl I.' shaped in cross section, the head of the housing being tubular, the intermediatepo'rtion of ther housing'having spaced walls, theJ space between saidwalls openingwithin the Y tubular head, anl end of the housing"being` open, a cleaning element. movable'int'offa'nd out" of said housing, said cleaning :element ,wheny extended overlying thereeord positioned uponthe: table and contacting with the reproducing surface of the record,` said cleaning element includinga head and han` dle slidably' engaged'within the tubular' head of the housing, 'bristles carried bythe head and extending between,` the Vspaced walls comprised in the vintermediate, portion of the housing when .thejcleaning element is moved within the housing, a wall of the tubular headl of' the housing "being provided. Vwith a lis slot, an operating membereXtending'out-f wardly of the head of the cleaningelement and disposed through the slot in the headof the housing, the lbore .of the ,tubular head being angular in cross section and the handle and head of the cleaning elementsnugly fitf ting therein whereby said cleaningelement is held `againstrotary m'ovementQ y l 5. A cleaning devicefordisc phonograph records comprising a housing,a' cleaning element movable into and out of said housing, saidj cleaning element 'when extendedoveriying a record mount-ed upon the tab-1e `s1ot, an operating member for the cleaning*` and in Contact with the reproducing surelement extending outwardly of the housing"10 face thereof, said cleaning element includthrough the `slot, the head and handle of said ing a head and'handle, said housing being cleaning element When positioned Within the provided with a tubular head in which said housing Serving t0 Close 'the Slot.

head and handle of the cleaning element are In testimony rwhereof I hereunto affix my slidably engaged, a Wall of said tubular signature.

head of the housing being provided with `a i DANIEL E.

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U.S. Classification369/72, 29/DIG.970, G9B/3.94
International ClassificationG11B3/58
Cooperative ClassificationG11B3/589, Y10S29/097
European ClassificationG11B3/58B