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Publication numberUS1456840 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 29, 1923
Filing dateSep 22, 1921
Priority dateSep 22, 1921
Publication numberUS 1456840 A, US 1456840A, US-A-1456840, US1456840 A, US1456840A
InventorsStephen Zsikay
Original AssigneeStephen Zsikay
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Foldable stool
US 1456840 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented May 29, 1923A. l



-V application med Seventer 22,6'1921.. seriali No. 592,383,`

ToaZZ/whomz'tfmay concern.

Beit known that I, STEPHEN ,-'LZsIKALv-,a citizen of Hungary.. residing atl?hiladel phia, in the county. ofy Philadelphiasjand State of Pennsylvania, have invented'fcertain new and useful Improvements in Foldable Stools, of which the following isa specification. n. j ...l

The primary. object ofthe invention is the provisionof a` stool adapted asi a` foldable sporting' chair readilypositioned ,for use when desired and easily'vdisassembled for, convenient .folding and packing. for transportation. 1;- .7 f -A kfurther objectof the invention. is the provision of a foldable camp .stoolwherein the flexible seat and separate leg vmembers are readilyV disassembled.- for compactassembly when desiring to carry the stool from `one :place to another, the same being readily set up for use whenever desired. f

4Astil'l .further-job'ect of the invention is the provision of a foldable stool that is easy and inexpensive to manufacture although possessing great strength and durability.

. With these general objects in view and others that will appear'as the nature of the invention is better understood, the same consists in the novel'form, combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter more fully described and shown in the accompanying drawing, in which like designating characters refer to corresponding parts throughout the several views.

In the drawing,

Figure 1 is a side elevation ofthe invention set up for use,

Figure 2 is au end elevation thereof,

Figure 3 is an enlarged detail sectional view through a corner portion of the device,

Figure 4 is a similar sectional view taken upon line IV-IV of Figure 3,

Figure 5 is a plan view of a portion of the flexible seat removed and broken away and f Figure 6 is a longitudinal sectional view of one of the spring thimbles employed with the retaining sockets of the leg members.

It being understood that my invention is of the general type commonly designated as camp stools; the invention broadly includes oppositely positionable identical leg members or supports 10 and 11 with a flexible seat 12 detachably connected between the upper ends of the leg members, whereby a substantially; 2hforizontalVseat .His, prov ided a when the legfinembers, are youtstretched in yparallel relations.l The leg member 10 `in-` cludes two.` rails 13 ,n substantially centrally lpivoted together by a y bolt14 for assuming either a foldedor an .-X-'shapedffformation fas sists Io fI identical, rails 13. ,pivoted together membersarese't up fforf usev with `the hooks mountedv upon the leg members in the mannerhereinafter described.

desired... The vopposite leg. membenll fconi 15 i securing .themj inp'arallel relations" -as shown in Figures@ yandf2, .a ,Strongsupport 11s provided for the seat' v12 detachably sov Each raill3 and 13, isprovided lwith an axial socket 19 in its upper end with a spring thimble 2O secured in the socket having a contracted slotted inner end 21 spaced from the inner end or bottom 22 of .the socket.v A cleat 23 is permanently secured to each endof the seat 12, the seat being flexible Vand formed of such material as canvas easily secured around the end cleats 23. Posts or spindles 24 perpendicularly project from the lower faces ofthe cleats 23 adjacent the opposite ends ofthe cleats and are adapted for slidably positioning in the socket thimbles 20. A head 25 is provided upon the free end vof each post 24 for positioning inwardly of and beneath-the resilient holding portion 21 of the thimble 20, with an intermediate ycontracted portion 26 of the spindle 24 engaged by said thimble portion 21. f v

. The spindles 24 upon each cleat 23 are properly spaced apart Afor ready insertion within the socket thimbles 20 when the leg f members 10 and 11 are positioned for use while the kresilient portions 21 of the thimbles retain the spindles 24 in the sockets 19 with the flexible seat 12 in stretched arrangement between the; cleats 23 at'the upper ends of the rails 13 `and 13 of theleg members 10 and 11. l l

When desired to transport the stool, the.

spindes 24, are readily pulled o-f the socket thimbles 20 and upon disconnecting the hooks 15, the leg members 10l and il are folded together the pivots 14 and 14 respectively, permitting the leg members to be placed upon the flexible seat 12 for wrapping around the leg members and in which position, the straps- 2? at one end of theseat 12 may be engaged by the buckles 28 at the opposite' end thereof` and providing a conveniern; manner of carry-ing the device'` suitable hand' hold or loop 29 is also preferably provided upon the seat 12 for grasping in" carrying the folded camp stool Whereverdesired,v y

From this description 'ofy theinvention, the complete operation thereof will be fully understoodincluding theV folding of the device for transportation and the manner of setting the same np for use as a stool or chair. While the' forni of the invention set forth is believed preferable, it' will be understood that minor rchanges may be' made therein without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention'.k

W'hat is claimed as new is:V

Av camp stool comprising a pair* of' leg members each inclindingV a pair of substantially centrally pivotally connected rails, rigid spacing connections adapted to detachably connect the' lower ends of thev leg members when set for use in parallel arrangement, "the"y rigid spacing connections each comprising a hook-shaped member pivseclired adjacent thelovver end of one of said rails forming apart of one of said legs' and adapted to engage spaced loops carried by one of said rails forming a part of the" oppositelydisposed leg, the upper ends of said rails having axially arranged sockets, spring thirnbl'es positioned in said sockets and having slotted and -contracted inner'ends providing arcuate gripping jaws, a flexible seat member, a transverse Y cleat carried each end of the-seat member, posts fixedto` and perpendieularly yprojecting from the opposite ends of the cleats, said posts having heads at their free ends and 'adapted for reinevablef positioning Within szridthirnblesl Whenthedeviee is set 'up for use with? theV heads retainingly'engaged by said jaws, 'strapse carried adjacent one end of said flexiblel seat', buckles carried adjacent the opposite end of said seat" and adapted forengagi'ng the said straps for holding the 'device in folded' arrangement, and a loop carri-ed by the said flexibleselat Vfor prow'fi'di-ng 'a Avhandle for the folded camp stool. j

ln testimony' whereof I afx signature,


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