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Publication numberUS1456977 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 29, 1923
Filing dateMay 24, 1922
Priority dateMay 24, 1922
Publication numberUS 1456977 A, US 1456977A, US-A-1456977, US1456977 A, US1456977A
InventorsGeib Bernhard D
Original AssigneeGeib Bernhard D
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Fountain brush
US 1456977 A
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' May 29, 1923.

B. D. GEIE FOUNTAIN BRUSH Filed May 24.' 1922 Patented May 29, 11923,


FOUNTAIN BnUsIL Application led May 24, 1922. Serial No. 563,293.

To aZZwiom/tmag/ concern.'

Be it known that I, BERNHARD D; Ginn, a citizen of the United States,fresiding at Cleveland, inthe county of Cuyahoga and State of Ohio, have invented certain new andY useful Improvements in Fountain Brushes, of which the following is a speciiication.

This invention relates to fountain brushes, and particularly to that type in which the head of thebrush is connected to a hose or the like. Such brushes will be found "especially suitable for washing motor vehicles, but of course are capable of a variety of other uses.

The object of the invention is to provide improved means for connecting the brush material yto the brush head. further object of the invention involves the use, ras the brush material, of short sections of rope, which can be quickly and easily assembled by looping the same into the face plate of the brush head, after which the ends of the rope sections are untwisted or raveled, to

' form the face material of the brush. A further olojec-t of the invention is to impro-ve the construction ofthe face plate andy themeans for attaching the same to the brushhead.

In the accompanying drawmgsFig. 1 1s a side elevation of the brush, complete. FigQ y.

sion being denoted at 7.' This'may consist' of an elongated piece ofwood, the handle portion having a bore 8 connected by a cou pling 9 to a hose 10, and communicating` with a groove 11 formed in the front or inner side ofthe head 6 and extending alongl the same, said'side of thel head being flattened to receive the face plate.

This face plate consists preferably of a hollow casting, which may be madeof aluminum or other metal, the front plate thereof being indicated at 12, and havingflanges l 13 at its ends whereby it may be attached to the head as by bolts 14, another bolt 15 being also conveniently used at the middle, for the same purpose.y A gasket r16` isinserted be?,- l' i" tween the 4plate andthe head, to make water-tight joint,lthis gasket having afslot-fzjyi 17 which registers with the Vgroove in the!" head. The face plate is hollow or bo-X like. in form 'and its interior is divided Aby a .series of cross Awalls ory partitions 18 into 'c orrefl sponding series ofcross recessesuor spaces, i

and at each sideor end of each' recess isA ai indicated at 20, and in assembling the same 6o hole indicatedat 19'. The 'rope sections arel y each section is looped through the holes 19k the bend extending across in the recess'betweenthe partitionslS; These ro-pesections may be quickly and `easily inserted beforeA the face plate isfastened tothe head. Then,

vthe free ends of the rope sections are I raveled oruntwisted, or.. will in, the course of 'use become untw1sted, forming -a iibrous 7o l body of considerable volume, as indicated at t' 'l 21, whichl produces the material ofthe brush il y face, and by its expansion prevents therope f l sections V from working out of the face plate.

Water supplied through thehose 10 passes through the passages 8 and 11and thence into the recessesof the face plate from which. l

it leaks or escapes through the holes 19 saturate .the brush4 material.

I claim:

face plate'secured .to the' head, said Vface plate 4having openings inthe front thereof and spaced crossV partitions behind said front,and brush material extending through lA fountain brush comprising ahead having a water passage therein, a hollow` said openings,.with loops in thespaces `b etween said partitions. l

2. A'fountain brush comprising a head having a water channel extending along the front thereof,- a hollow face plate secured tov the headandv covering said channe'hlsaid.`v

face plate being open atthe rear to said v ,I l

channel and having cross recesses vand openingsl at opposite sides of said recesses,. and brush material looped through said recesses and openings. 'i

3. A fountain thereof, a hollow face plate secured to the brush comprising-- a head having a Water channel along the front.

front of the head and covering said channel, In testimony whereof, I afix my signature said face plate having spaced Cross parmin presence of two Witnesses.l tions orminff a row of cross recesses the front of the glate having openings at 07pp0- BERNHARD D' GEIE' 5 site ends of each recess, and brush material Vitnesses:

having bends extending through said open- JOHN A. BOMMHARDT, ings and recesses. Bnssm F. PoLLAK.

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U.S. Classification401/290, 15/229.2, 401/291, 401/289
International ClassificationA46B11/06, A46B11/00
Cooperative ClassificationA46B11/063
European ClassificationA46B11/06B