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Publication numberUS1457198 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 29, 1923
Filing dateMar 17, 1921
Priority dateMar 17, 1921
Publication numberUS 1457198 A, US 1457198A, US-A-1457198, US1457198 A, US1457198A
InventorsUtley Arthur B
Original AssigneeUtley Arthur B
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Grappling device
US 1457198 A
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May 29, 1923. l' 1,457,198`

l A. B. UTLEY GRAPPLING DEVI CE Filed March 17. 1921 O l5 fg Z A ZZ a VVVVV JZ 1); V v V V V-Zf jf j] V V V V V VVVVV V V V k :JM/vento@ Patented May 29, i923.



Application filed Marchfl'', 1921.. Serial No. 453,113.

eign substances and objects from traps,

sewer pipes, curb boxes, hopper closets and the like, the construction of the same being such as to permit of its use in grasping suoli foreign objects for the Vpurpose of bodily removing them, or of holding a mass of fabric or waste in such a manner as to adapt it to be used as a pump piston to force a circu-l lation and the removal of accumulations by pressure; and with this object in view the 'invention consists in a construction and coinbination of parts of which a preferred embodiment is shown in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure l is a side view of the device partly broken awayto show the interior construction.

Figure 2 is a detail sectional view ofthe upper or handle portion of the'apparatus.

Figure 3 is a similar view of the lower or grappling end of the apparatus.

Figure 4 is a section on a plane at right angles to the plane of Figure 3.

The device consists essentially of a shank l of tubular form within which operates a stem or rod ll, the former terminating at its handle end in a grip l2 and the latter in a knob 13 or the equivalent thereof to permit of the relative longitudinal movement' of the shank and stem subject to the action of a coil spring la which is enclosed within the tubular shank and bears expansively against a collar l to yieldingly hold the stem or rod extended or to iinpel the same in the direction indicated by the arrow in Figure 2.

Pivotally mounted upon a sleeve 16 fitted upon the end of theshank are the jaws 17 having suitably rougliened or barbed faces l?, for effectively engaging an interposed object, and connected with the stem or rod and engaging the edges to efi'ectvthe swinging movement thereof is a follower 19, the latter having guide openings 2O to receive the downwardly deflected or divergent portions 2l of the jaws so that as the stem or rod is yextended under the impulse of the spring 14 the jaws are closed, whereas to open the jaws it is necessary to move the stem or rod and hence the follower carriedthereby in a v direction opposed to the impulse or' said spring;

in practice the shank ofl thetool may be made of any desired length, a` convenientlength being about siX feet to adapt it to be used in reaching a sufficient distance into a pipe or casing to bring the jaws into position to engage anyv foreign objects which may have lodged in a goose neckor trap or which may through carelessness or otherwise have been thrown into asewer pipe or drain, or a suilicient wad or bundle of fabric or waste may be grasped and locked be-v `tween the jaws to serve as a piston head to adapt the device f to be used as a pump with the sewer pipe or trap wall serving as the cylinder or barrel, to lthe end that accusol mulations may be dislodged by pressure ap-k plied by a reciprocatorymovement ofthe tool in the pipe or barrel.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new and useful is A-tool for the purpose indicated compris'- ing a tubular shank, a grip carried at the upper end of the shank, a stem passing slidably through the grip and centrallyv through the* shank and provided with a collar vat an in` termediate point, a spring in surrounding relation to the stem and enclosedA within the shank and bearing respectively against the grip and the collar, a knob carried at the upper extremity of the stem, a sleeve engaged with the lower end of the shank, jaws piv-v oted to the sleeve at diametrically opposite points and formed at their extremities with facing roughened surfaces forvengagement with interposed objects, the said aws being formed with divergent portions extendingl from the pivotal points to lpoints adjacent. said roughened faces, and a follower carried at the lower extremity of the stem and provided with guide openings slidably engaging the divergent portions of the jaws.`

ln testimony whereof I affix my signature. i


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International ClassificationE03B9/18, B25B9/00, E03B9/00
Cooperative ClassificationB25B9/00, E03B9/18
European ClassificationE03B9/18, B25B9/00