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Publication numberUS1457582 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 5, 1923
Filing dateNov 7, 1921
Priority dateNov 7, 1921
Publication numberUS 1457582 A, US 1457582A, US-A-1457582, US1457582 A, US1457582A
InventorsValentine Lewandoski
Original AssigneeValentine Lewandoski
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Combination furniture
US 1457582 A
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June 5, 1923.

V. LEWANDOSKI COMBINATION FURNITURE Filed NOV. '7. 1921 2 Sheets-Sheet l Inventor June 5, 1923.

Filed Nov. '7, 1921 2 Sheets-Sheet 4 3 j r v I a 10 a v Inventor" (VA Lu W I Patented June/', 1923.

a. I This invention U l-TE .4


ooiunnvn'r on newness,

Application filed November 7', 1921. Serial No 513,464. f

Be it known that I, VALENTINE Lnwan- DOSKI, a citizen of the'Unite'd States; residing at Chicago, in the county of Cookand, State of Illinois, have invented certainnew and useful Improvements in Combination Furniture, of which the'following is a specification.

furniture and more particularly to a childs desk or table having seats connected thereto and adapted tobe folded ,under said table.

Another object of the invention is to.provide a table or desk having seats-onthe sides thereof and means whereby said seats may Like reference characters indicate like parts throughout the following specifications and in the several views and in the drawings in TVlllOlIl indicates a' desk ortable having seatsor benches 2 and 3 con? s-p'ectively, by means of'link members 18,5 9;

10v andll, the inner ends of each of said members being pivotally connected to the inner surfaces of 's'aid legs'fand the *outer ends of which are pivotally connected to the legs 12 and 13 of bench 2' and 'lt'and 15 of bench 3, said links being adapted to assume substantially vertical positions or positions substantially parallel with the table legs when the-benches 2 and 3 are folded under thetableas hown in Figure 2. The legsi and 6, and 5 and 7, respectively, are connected together bycross brace members 16 and 17 which members are,

I in turn; connected up to a central brace .18

upon which the, edges 19 and 20 of the seats 21 and 22 of said benches, when folded'under the table seat, the links 8, 9, 10 and 11, respectively holding the ends 23 and 24 on a plane horizontal with'said edges 19 and 20 when the benches are folded under the-table.

Dowel pins 25 and 26 are provided in the links 8 to 11 and in the ends 27, 28, 29 and 80 of said benches the latter to engage the relates to improvements in.

I "men-tof the seating member." I nected to thelegs {Land 5 and Band 7frelinks, in "ea-1 the benches to limitift-heir' downward movement and the ,former'to engage the tablelegs to limit the inward'1novement-of said links. In a device-as above adescribed the benches are alwayshe'ld in position relative to the table and so that they cannot. be turned over and furthermore when not in use said benches may be I readily folded under and withinthe space occupiedby the'table' an d'co-nsequently out v of the way. i I

Having "described invention. that l which I claim is new and desire to procure by Letters Patent is 7 1. In combination, a table, seating tingswinging of the seating member into position'be'neath the.table,'and stop means,

carried by the seating member and engage the swing of said seating member;

member, a connecting link betweenthe-table and said seating member, said link permit' able with said connecting link for limiting h I ried" by the connecting link and engageable connection withth'e table andsaid seating member said link having stop meansfcooperable with the table for limitingthe swing of the-link with respect thereto; and means carried by I the, seating member andcoop- J erable with said linkforlimiting-the-swing ea g member,"

a seatingmember, aconnectmghnk having pivotal with the tablefor limiting pivotal. 'move- L In combination,atable fframe having y aysupporting member, aseat having a sup- I I porting member, .a link connected with said' supporting members adjacent their, lower" ends, said link permitting swinging of the ioo seat into position beneath thetable; stop means for limiting the swing of said seat,

saidstop means includingmeans carried by 7 the connecting link and adapted to beswung into engagement withthe tables-upporting member; and means carried by the seatingimember and'adapted to be swung into engagement with said link.

p 5. In combination, a table, a seating men] ber, a connecting link having pivotedcone 'nection with the table and with said seat el able ing member, the-link and saidsestingmembertb eing adapted to be rotatedcin.thesame direction about their respective pivotal connections to position tliecseating member under the table.

6. In combination, a table asserting-111cm berg a connecting link having pivoted connection with the tZL OiQ.RbiOllB'wPOlDt and'nfithsaid seating member at another point, the

: link and saidsesting member being adapted to 'be'swung inxthctheir respe "tion the seating member under the table,

7 same direction about etrie pivotal connections towposimiscarried int-the link sndcoopstop 1 m h the table for lllnloll'lg the-swing of the link with respect. theretoyand means carried 1 by -t .7."1n= combination, a table hering supporting members at its :OPPOSUJG ends; a seat iaring supporting members, :ss-id seat bei ing. adapted to :be swung between the; table supporting members into inverted position under the table, connecting links 19 irotally cconnected at their inner-:en "supporting member iLCljfiCGlli} the lower ends thereof, andiat their outerendsto the lower links and iOydilHi stop means carried With the table ends of theseat supporting members; said seat being. adapted to: be: swung 111* the same direction about i their respective pivotal connections to position the seat inemb er -8. ;Ii1-CO'111l3iI1Eli,l0n, a table, a seatingniember beside thesame and a linkagedinterconnecting thetWo-for swinging movement of the seating member by-two successive rotations about different axes into inverted i iosition; :u-nder the'tabie.

9. In combination, atablehavi-ng suppering members atfi s OPPOSUQB' ends a'bracmg member arranged therebetween, a seating member, a connection between said seatsesting member and coop- ,erable-iwith said link for limitingthe swing oi i the seating :mem her about its pivotal connections to the links, substantially asodescribed. f I

stantially 180.

- 13. In combination, 1 a; seating member sing r member and said-table for gui ding said seating me sber in swinging rot tlie seating surface of said seating member into 111- verted osition of thevseatin member n 3011 said bracing member along the inner edge of said-seating member, and means for supportingthe outer edge of the seating surface.ciiSaidyseating member in substantielly the same plane as the inner edge of said seating surfacezjin said inverted: =position.

210. ,In combination, a, 7; table, s a seating :membeiibeside'the same, and a linkage i11- terconnecting I the two 'forswinging moveinent ofisa-id seatingmember by tWOSUC- -cessive rotations-7. labciuti different axes into housed. position under the table.

11.: In combination,- a stable, a SQiltlllg rin'emberspaced;thereatronn links pivctally connecting"; substantially the lower ends "of adj scent-:- legs: :of i said tsbleiandgseat, stop means limiting, the rotation of; Said seatingmember With -,respect -;to said. links, and stoprvmeans limiting vthe rotation ofwsa id links With respect to saidatable.

12; :In eombination,.- a -table,oi a v seating 111161111361? spaced -therefrom,links pivotally connecting substantially theqlorver ends {of adJacentwlegs of said table: and seat," stop means limiting the rotation of said seating wmemberwith respect to said links and stop means limiting thee-dictation of said-links withrespect-to S21lClji2tbl8, said stop means --l:imiting the total rotation of said seating member with respect to said table to subhaving a top and? legs; a tablejhaving legs ad acent said membery anda linkage between said table; i and 7 said member permit ting itssrotationtfirst about any aXis-adjacent the-:Iilowerends of the legs nearest the Etable to-turn'it on its side, :andthenabout an axis aeent the lower: ends =01 thejnearest table legs for movement upside down.

under said table 1 testimonywhereof "I i-flfifiX my signs turevinthe presence oftiro-Witnesses.



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