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Publication numberUS1457598 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 5, 1923
Filing dateDec 27, 1921
Priority dateDec 27, 1921
Publication numberUS 1457598 A, US 1457598A, US-A-1457598, US1457598 A, US1457598A
InventorsOsborne Raymond G
Original AssigneeOsborne Raymond G
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Protecting reenforcement in concrete and the like
US 1457598 A
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.ilpplicabivn filed December :27, 153-223.. Serial No. 525,193.

0 cl!- ili/ mm may some Be is known that a. citizen of line U Los Angeles, in the county of Los Angeles nl State of Gelifornis, have invented cernewv and useful Improve; ven'cs in Protecting Reenforcements in Concrete and the like, of which the following is a specifica tion.

This invention relates to the protection of tr e reinforcingelemenis, such as reinforcing steel, in reinforced concrete, and similar bodies; and the invention provides a reinforced concrete structure wherein the reinforcingsteel is more completely protected from deterioration-ills acfiion of the elemerits electrolysis, etc, than is the case in he best current practice. "iihile reinforced concrete has been used with fairl good resuits under v-er lirficulb conditions, such as in the presence or Water, in i lie form of concrete piles, etc, it has been found that the reinforcing steel is very to rust.

This also is the case in all kinds of reinorcecl concrete structures, cxposerl to orcite-cl Stet-es, resirling at dinery weather conditions; encleltliough my invention has great advantages as applied generally i0 reiz forced concrete or the like,

its advent-ages are perhaps more marked as applied to sucis Walls etc,

ace-ion o;

trucmres concrete piles, a subjected to the waster air end to pipe err- -reli action, etc

action, or any chemical tronselk: reinforcingsteel, is accoman increase of volume, which results in cracking the en- Once the concrete de lZZllBQCiQlil steel is more final elestruction siIruc -bur is greatly liesreinforcing steel from to prevent cracking of concrete, several methods commonly used. roofed by proper mus making dense i ome Waterproofcoating the reciting: res sicel by itself im'oervisris be to Water;

aimed at proccncrete bocly impervious as er ,ilZi-Iifl, it lies I. Bernese G. ()seormn,

result that the concrete of of obtaining an absolutely uniform mixture.

Furthermore, the use of waterproofing compound mixed in concrete usually lessens the strength of the finished structure and also has a tendency to decrease the strength or" bond between the concrete and steel. W'aterproofing the steel iitseli by giving it a surface coverin prior to putting it into con- Crete has severel disadvantages such as that bending'islie ro is will cause the surfacing i'o crack orbreek oil and also the: the surfacing is apt io be locally broken or removed. during the haniling of the steel. And, furiliermore, ighe'fieinting of the steel with a protective cost-usually lessens to e very great clegree, if-it does not destroy, the bond be tween the concrete and the sieel; with the the structure is liable i0 develop ciaclrs before the proper proportion of eheloed'is borne by "cl 1e steel.

lily method provides for the Waterproofing of reinforcing steel after it is imlaedcled and after the concrete has set This according to this invention, is sccornplisherl by actually depositing; a coatof ivaierproo ing material on the surface of the imbeclded steel after the concrete has see, or by depositing in the interstitial spaces of the concrete, around the reinforcing steel, :1 suiilciene amount of Waterproofing material to form a Waterproof envelop around rlie seeel, Such zone of wiser-proofing in the concrete, surroundin the sreel, may be either clirecily ail jaceni; tne steel, or ii may be further out, and nearer the exterior surface of the concrate, In any such case Elie steel is thoroughly protected against water andatmospheric action anal is entirely protectec from chemical change of all sores.

Suppose, for instance, We take a reinforced concrete pile as an illustration anti describe how its reinforcing steel may lie, accorcling to this invention, Waterproofed; and ofescrioe the final quality of the re- 5111mm product. Such description Will suffice to set out the whole of the invenfiion,

linen 1S llvnii'eil. ihe pi' lerahiy agf l ".ml holly nwy he enlhjeclierl to a prom that lnm vars substantially the heating-1 m a }l-(ii'()l.1. hml v up in such :1 lenipei'ii'inw will @Xpnl n large propoi'tinn (ii' the air cenminfll in liS inlm'siiiinl spaces. 01 ml" the Water. or iiilllilionnlly. but not nev- 'ly, .1. portion of the Water of combi- On anrl than allowing the lvnm'l h0 lj1 .0 cool in illf: presence of 21 liquid waterproofing sub mice. such for insliinve. as hezitml asphalt. ll'pnn min-ling. lhe sncinn the ii'iteis. .zzil 52711098 draws rho wacm'- proofing snhslnni-o l'hi'ongli the interstitial spaces lli causes them in he more or. lf-HF: 25 filled i llm hurl) is allnn'erl in cool down i; ll macvni. While still in the presi to a Fnffi ence of i ii I the bony a waterproofing substances. and

is been ii'iitinlljv hezilml enoilL i 1 and ll liIS porosity, 2n l the flnnliiji (ifthe 3G liqiinl are snflil'ienz. it? inlm'slifml s aves will e complnanly lllQH will: lhv waterlf, however. Hie 0onhofly is rmnm'wl 'l'rrini thv PIPFI-(I'TWQ he wa'lei'prnofing snlislnnm iiP'lOi'Q it has coolei'l to any great exton'l. alien (he Wale"- prooliilgz' snlislunce that has entered the interstitinl spaces will he (h'awn iin'lh er into the hotly f conciirlvzwing the mile? inteistitinl 573C953 then more 1' lbs nnfill-m'l. with the waim'proo'ling hstanve. 91. h

using only 12 immle 11in initial high tempor- 91 [Hill conFoqnQntlv having 'nnljv a inml- :i'riie amount 01 SIMUOD in hv interstitial spam lhen oi" crnnise ltlie Waterproofing coin-rein mliul (lentil amnmi ("he reinforcing n Jen pnz'cni ("H2110 lliml "thnse poilii b not directly @ngngm 'l'iclesy in other words. the li gn passing inwardly through the ll'l'iifiiSu 1 spar-0s. will come info Contact will) 211m coat the reinforcing feel (in all those s1 face pails are exposed to the in'fiei' slitial spaces on all those suirl ace lhal could he reached under any cnnclitions by water or air passing: thi ugh tin: lllilBY- siilinl spaces. The hoinl ()f the com with lhe sleel is not materially inler will). snc-h honcl having been mall-e and (r. W

lllUlLl'l before the waterproofing malaria introduced. Thai; bowl is cause-(l by the minim-able concretQ particles sontucting W illl l bonding with the surface of the The Waterproofing material, when intm ducal, fills all of the interstitial spacs's ii'OlllHl the particles that make actual-(ii veal (Omar-t nnil bond with the steel; Jill llim'ei'in'c. Without nmlei'ially (letmc from the (liiQQl 00ml of the conci'eie will 'l'he steel. they entirely waterproof the steel by actually {TOiliilDg' the otheywise expc sml surfaces of stvol. it lhe same time the, :nlli'. .'nn of the asphalt 01* other waterpinn 5- ing oinponnrl to the steel. mill also to the surrounding concrete n iticles, may increase the strength of the bond between the steel and concrete.

llhei'c all the free water has liven initially anp'cllml "from the cmwrcte, the asphalt zhvn 7 has a very great tuinlinnv l0 impregnate llm wnci'clc Wholly and this is particularly line where n purl m the walvi 0i ('()Il'1lilll{llion has also hevn oxpvllml. in thong instnncs ilie asphalt (mill in fill the '(fll(l$ and impregnate thv cement its; i: so lilllPl'). so that the mncrelo. if broken or en? open. slim completely black and the steel itself to hs mmiplelely coated with ilw is gill; lirectly against her, the nwilmll .i the seei RS a. coating i may introdn'ce on v snliiricnt :i ihnli substantially to ingg more lhnn "0 mat Hm siii'fzac-es "i Steel, 01' to fill. if an}: W1): little lloplh a "the s irronnlling (,(HlClQti. lint (J1 "he iii M3 hand, in practice. will he preferred in lllllfillllll sullicivnt asphalt to fill U18 s; i'mimling' interstitial voids to at least 1 (as for instance to the line L); if net or any other reason. to {ii'OT/lflfi a sniiiuim z surplus of wat-rprooiing nmlterial in he Elli? that exposed surface ii the is cnvsrmll Cw, if desired, the waters ing malarial may he introduced in Sui menses quantities to fill all of the interstitial spaces further out or clear out to the exterior sur- Iace.

In a case Wheret'he reinforcing layer has not. been allowed to penetrate into the concrete as deeply as the reinforcing elements,- it will still be seen that the reinforcing elements are protected against external conditions, because. no fluid, (water or air) can pass in through the concrete and reach the steel; all of the interstitial spsces, even the most minute in the cement itself, being filled.

I do not wish my invention, either in its aspect as process, or its aspect of finished product, to be limited specifically to the particular type of process herein explained; because the process may be carried out and the product may be produced in other mans ners.. For instance, whereit is desired to put the protective coating directly on the exposed surfaces of the reinforcing steel, that protective coating may be carried into and through the concrete and against the steel by a liquid carrier that will dry. For instance, asphalt carried by a volatile hydro,- carbon. ma be introduced, by creation of a vacuum mteriorly; and the drying out of the volatile hydrocarbon will leave the asphelt coating on the exposed surfaces of the steel. And also, as Wlll readily be seen,

substances other than asphalt may be used-g.

such as coal-tar, pitch, pa'reilin, wax, etc.,- in fact any substance having the necessary qualities as herein set out. And also it will be seen that any such protective substance may be carried into the concrete by any pres sure act-ion,--that is by any means whereby the interior pressure is made lower than the exterior pressure; and this may be done by raising the exterior pressure, or lowering the interior, or both, provided always that the contained air and Water are expelled from the voids. Also the protective substance in liquid form may be introduced by capillary action alone or in conjunction with pressure, whenthe contained sir and water" have been removed.

In whetever manner the final 'prcdnfiiis.

produced, there results a reinfo concrete or other structure in which the site-- forcing elements are completely protected,

not only sgainst the action of water. and

electrolysis, but also against the notion of air; and one in which the strength'ot the concrete and the bond between the cencrete and the steel are both very greatly incrmsed. .l have explained how the efiectiveneee of the bond is increased; endl have also toned And thus my product is one in which not only the reinforcing elements are thoroughly protected, but also one in which the ultimate strength of the structure is materially incressedl I claim 1. A reinforced concrete structure wherein the interior-1y exposed surfaces of the re inforcing elements are treated with'a pro tective substance and the'i-nterstitiel spaces around the reinforcing elements are filled with such substance.

2. A reinforced concrete structure where in the reinforcing elements are directly coated with protective substance only on their surface portions that are not actually contacted an'd'covered by concrete particles.

3. A reinforced concrete structure wherein the reinforcing elements are directly coat- .ed with a protective substance on their sur-i

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