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Publication numberUS1459161 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1923
Filing dateNov 17, 1919
Priority dateNov 17, 1919
Publication numberUS 1459161 A, US 1459161A, US-A-1459161, US1459161 A, US1459161A
InventorsCharles F Roberts
Original AssigneeRoberts Mfg Co
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Cleaning device for paper-making machines
US 1459161 A
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EAMLMZR 2 Sheets-Sheet '1 Filed Nov. 17 1919 C F FEOBERTF:


June 159, 3%?33.

Cl. F. RQEERTS CLEANING DEVICE FOR PAPER MAKING MACHINES Filed Nov. 17 1919 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 t f li 7- l u teutec June lyil'rll j lliiiil CHARLES 1 EGBEBTE, 3F LUCKY BET, NEW YGHE, ASSIGNOB T BOEERTS MANUFAC- TUEIUI'IG 66., GE llrUfiKlPfiET, NEW YORK.

GLEANIHGDEVIGE F93, PAEEEJEAKXNG Application filed Hovember 1'2, 1919. fierial us. 338 53.

To all whom it mug concern: proper condition to take up an even cont- Be it known that L CHARLES F. llosnn'ns mg Of pulp. :1 citizen of the United States, resiriing at Uther objects are to improve shower pipes L l m i th gounty f Ni a and of this sort in other respects hereinafter set 5 State of New York, have invented or new or h.

and useful Improvement in Cleaning De- In the drawings: vices for Pepeuls laking Iilochines, of which g. 1 is a front elevation partly in sec the following is a specification. tion of a paper making machine of the wet $0 This invention relates to shower pipes or type provided with a shower pipe embodyanalogous devices used in connection with in the invention.

paper making machinery for the purpose of g- 2 is a fragmentary side elevation cleaning the rotary pulp screens employed llhcr eof, partly in section. v in wet machines to separate the pulp stock lg. 3 is a plan view, on an enlarged scale, es from the water and transfer it to the felt of the shower pipe and its actuating and on. which the paper is couched or for cleanpporting devices.

the felts or other carriers used in paper g 4, 5 and 6 are transverse ec i n ki lnaQhiner elevations, thereof. on an enlargedsclrle on I in devices of this sort as heretofore conines M, 55, and 6-6 respectively Fig. 3.

structed, a pipe substantially as long as the paper making machine shown in the 0 rotary screen is generally employed, in rawings, and hereinafter called the wet which numerous small holes are drilled machine, preferably includes a vet or tank ulong one side thereof through which the A 0 eceiving the mixture of pulp and spray 3371191 or other fiuirl is ejected onto r; erotary cylinder 0 Screen 9 Which anti through the screen. This method is PEVOIWBS the nk A d g th rs the p lp objectionable in that :1 large ouaniitfi of and O S ills ater '60 pass to the inside, Water is used einl this water a: led to that {T0111 h nQc t is discharged in any suitable which is introduced with the bull) into the y: 3 C(mch C Over which passes a felt machine. Muses such an once" of water in D O which the pulp is deposited by the the (lischu Hill znnrler than it dilficult to cy i de gui e rolls (Z for the felt, and so whim m 1 5 3 W g em i d (,hgg'eiffl a heater E which to 2. certain extent cleans t-rnother objection is that sonic of the holes Slit? fi f 'B it reaches the cylinder B to in the: pipe become cl: ed u so that the ak up the pulp. The wet machine asdesc i -"r s 110i pr perly. c'rnnerl. causing in scribed terms no partof the invention sntl 3e periectiozu; in the paper produced may be of any usual or suitable construo- 35 line object of ihis invention is to overlon.

come these objections. by proclucinge shower One embodiment of the shower pipe for hernur relatively small number of glischarging water or other fluid for washv large :1 pcrtures or nozzles and to so conln%che cylinrler B is shown in the drawings struct the rlcvicc that the shower pipe can an is preferably constructed as follows: 49 he movcrl to and fro in front of the screen A main pipe 10 somewhat shorter in so as to thoroughly spray ell parts of the length then the cylinder B, is provided with sur'fucc ii'IGIEOi. i a plurality of short lateral branch ipes 11 ,im rher object is to consiruct the device having discharge nozzles 12 at their outer so i i the Watcnstesm or other fluid may ends disposed adjacent to and directed 'tobe disclzurged onto the screen from the relawards the cylincler B.

lively lew moving-g nozzlesar a greatly in-- This main pipe 10 with its nozzles 12 is creased pressure sullicient to thoroughly adapted to be moved to and fro in front cleanse the screen and free it from all for and approximately parallel with the revolv- .,1u!) cign substances. 1 ing cylinder B in such a manner that all Another object is to construct the device parts of the screen surface thereof will be so lhut it may be used to force steam or subjected to the action of the jets of water min-r fluid through the felt to keep it in or other fluid end will be keptthoroughly iii? ciean and free from icreign nmiier and for this purpose the shcvrer pipe 1S preferaeiy mevahiy mcunteci upon a suitable case 1.5,,

which, in the construction shmim is substciitieiiy channel shaped and which mm be readily sccii'ii to the vet or Washer A 0? in any ether desired. pcsiixicn.

The means shown in (he drawings mic moving the main pipe and the iiezzics 12 relatively in ihc cylinder may he 0'? any suitable consti.uccicm. that shcwn in ifiie iiiavvings including a, shaft 20 erehiy jourimiezi in heeiings 21 secmrcii to ihe beac l3 and provided with. egirei gmovcs c1;- tcnding sir-meld. the sheath in cppcsii e dimetiOHs' and havingrtheir cm'ia ccmiecici 2c form e continuous fzhrcmi which a key or pcri 23 is aciap m engage e216: 'bi'evci. This. key is pivc-iteiiy cc'mieciei ie 1' swivelicd in a nut or 2 which cur-- rounds the shaft 20 end is siidehie thevecn and which serves i0 hcici. the key engagement in the g rccvcs 22 iJQILSQ quently when the Shari, :20 is rotated ebcui its axis, the cpirzii grecves viii (reuse the key 23 ie move back and. forth ieiigchwise-ef the shaii, carrying ihe cut Wiit-h iii. The nut is suitebiy cimccteciwith fihe pipe 10, thus; causing the. pipe fie reciprocate lengthwise of the base Any other suitable means "for moving the ehewei" pipe to and im reiativciy t0 the screen may he empicyeci. D

The ccnnccticn between. the shower pipe 2 and the recipiccatmy nut 2% may be (if any suitahie kind. in the ccnsi'inciicn shown for this purpose one end cf ti'ie shower pipe 10 passes through an aperture in an upstanding}: flange 9 6 cm the nut and this endv cf the pipe isiprovided with an eibmv c2 pavi- 52'? and a nipple secured thereto and. which extends an angle :0 the 's of the pipe and passes thrcug'h an apcii'mc in a flange 9:9 dispcseci at'zm angle to the Henge :27. The other end of chc nippic is cicscd by a cap 0? .cthei" suit able (j'iflbiulfi. This ccnstmction pmvides a, simple means f0? preventing the shower pipe 10 from rotating or tiuninp; rciaiively 6c the nut 2 The net is preferably pmvii'ieci with sheulchirs or parts which siidahiy em gage the edges cf the flanges of the base 13 end time hold the nut against turning and acts is guide the same in its mevcmcn; lengthwise cf the base.

The cmi of fihe shower pipe Tammie from the nut is pi'cfcmhiy su'pnorimi 2 cm siege or support SO compi'hing' :1 cic'mp i" head 31 ihe pipe 1 #0 secure flame t0 fiche carriage, and oppcsiie (immiuiirdiv C Zi'01'1(ii3'l;f icg's 352 which s'ifimcidic aim'mcrt 01 base 13 The iOWSl ends of ifhe ccnn ctcai by a trimsvetcse cheap 33 A m. Q under the base 13. Relieve: 3

jcurnciicu on a haiit 35 hiveing hemicgs i311 in proper the legs 3.2), are adapted to beer and ti'avci on the upper edges of ihe flanges of the case 13 It will be seen from the foregoing the: ii the shaft is retained, the shower pipe will he moved i0 and fro in from cf the cyiindev by Lhe engagement of the key 23 with the spimi grooves and i1; will he guided. (in the case 13 at; one end by the nut 24" and at the mile? and by the can'higge Any euitahle mcanemay be used to i0- mm the snaf'is- 20, such for msmnce, 2i,

spz'ccizct Wheel 38 which is secured on outer end of the shaft and is coma: ted by c sprocket chain to another 5pm" Wheel ii) en che sheik cf the ceuch 2' F01." supplying iveer 01 other fluid to he shcwcif pipe 19 end nczzics 12, :1 fiexihic pipe or conductor 41 is used which is connected to the shmver pipe by a pipe section and $0 a supply pipe 4:3 which preferably supplies Water under considerable pressure The suppiy pipe 13 he comsected either ate :1 mm 0: other fluid supply by means of e.- vaive 44- cc to steam supply under centre of e veive 45 us desired.

@K'Cifii." obtain the best results in means of the epparchis described, ihc water si'icuid he ciiscimii'ged from the nozzles and.

egcii t the screen at c reiai/ivciy high veicciicy. This is accomplished icy/greatly increasing the pressure of fishc Water supplied m the cieening device. For example, shcwci: pipes usually receive Water m a pressure cf ahcui; 20 pounds, but iii the incvable ciczming device described Water mey be admitted at a pressure of '60 pounds or mere By moving bile-jets of fluid to and fro as described and by the use cf high pressure a very their-(nigh cleaning cf the screen is efi cciled and this result is accomplished by a very materially smaller quantity of: water than is used by the stationary shower pipes heretofore used. The use 0f high pressure in the cleaning device ciSc prevents ciegging of the nczzies and ensures the cpemho'n'of the device ehaii times.

In wet, machines of the sort described it is very necessary that the felt on which the nip is deposiicci be kcp; in e condition in which it will reediiy and unifcriniypick i313 ihe pulp from the cylinder. Tc acccmpiieh this result the wet; machine shcwn in the drawings (sec Fix 2) is p'rcvieci with a scccnd ciccning evicc G which is const-z'ucicci and actuated substantially similarly to the one just described fciciceni g the cyiindec B The seconci cleaning" device is prciemhiv ccnnecced to a steam supply {not Shawn} by a pipe 9 enci the nczzlce are mi'iged adjacent the iffiii; if) iii a ccnvciiicnb ccim between the heater E and the cylinder 3, By ihis arrangement the felt z'eccives e finei steam. cleaning after ii has been cub-- jacked to the action of the hcetei. These me ial jets of steam or other fluid remove most of the foreign matter and fragments of pulp from the felt, and also raise the nap ot the felt, thereby ensuring the proper and ellicient operation of the machine.

The cleaning device described has the advantage of greatly increasing the eiiiciency of the wetmachine by efiecting a great saving in the amount of water required. This not only reduces-the cost of supplying the water, but also makes it possible to save a greater uantity of pulp from the waste water. the cleaning device is thoroughly reliable in operation and elfects a more thorough cleaning of the screen than Was done by shower pipes heretofore used and the construction of the cleaning device and its actuating devices is such that it can be economically manufactured.

I claim as my, invention:

1. In a showering device for use making machines, the combination of a pipe having a number of dischar e nozzles through which a fluid may be e ected, and

on paper which are spaced-at intervals along said pipe, a rotatable shaft, a part connected to and movable along said shaft and to which said pipe is connected, a spiral groove on said shaft, and a key connected to said part and engaging in sand groove, whereby said part will slide along said shaft when said shaft is rotated and cause said pipe to reciprocate. I

2. In a showerin device for use on paper making machines, t e combination of a pipe having a -number of discharge nozzles through which a fluid may be ejected, and which are spaced at intervals along said pipe, :1 base on which said pipe is mounted and relatively to Which'the pipe may reciprocate, a shaft havingl-a double spiral groove and which is mounted on said base,

and means connected with said pipe and engaging in said groove and which cause said pipe to reciprocate relatively to said base,

3. In a showering device for use on paper making machines, the combination of a pipe having a number of discharge nozzles throiig-h which a fluid may be ejected, and which are spaced at intervals along said pipe, a rotatable shaft, a supportin member on which said shaft is journallec, a part connected to and movable lengthwise of said shaft by the rotation thereof, and to which one end of said pipe is connected, anda carpipe adapted to move on said supporting member, to forms guide for said pipe, a spiral groove extending in. opposite direc tions around said shaft, and a key pivotally connected to said sliding nut and having a part engaging and adapted to slide in said spiral groove when said shaft is rotated, whereby said pipe is reciprocated.

5. In a showering device for use on paper making machines, the combination of a pipe having a number of discharge nozzles through which a fluid may be ejected, and which are spaced at intervals along said pipe channel shaped, a base on which said pipe is mounted and relatively to which the pipe may reciprocate, and which may be secured to said paper making machine, carriages on which said pipe is mounted and which are adapted to slide lengthwfise of said base, mechanism "on said base and engaging a carriage for causing said pipe to move to and fro in direction substantially lengthwise of said base and a drivingnonnection between said paper making mhchine and said mechanism. Vl itness my hand this itth day of November, 1919.



O. C. Snirnn'r.

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